Breast Lift and Augmentation Possible Tummy Tuck in Mexico N. Laredo Dr Treviño. Mexico, MX

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Ok so let me start off by my stats: 25 yrs 140...

Ok so let me start off by my stats:
25 yrs
140 lbs 5'3
Pre op 36B
Desired full D possible DD
So after much consideration I have finally decided to do a breast lift and augmentation. I am 110% of this procedure.... But since dr quoted me for the tummy tuck as well I've been really thinking about doing the tummy tuck as well. Only concern is, is it too much all at once. How long my recovery will be since I don't want to take more than 2 weeks off of work. Now I know that if I don't do it now I will probably never do the tummy tuck... I need some advice!! I will be posting pictures soon of the before and the desired

Date set

So my date has been set, February 15, I've been a nervous reck since the visit from the doctor. Today I called him to ask a million and one questions. He almost seemed annoyed by my questions But very informative as well. It's hard with the language barrier and I can't fully express with the right words. Anyhow he answered all the questions I had which ranged from how long m I going to stay, to types of pain meds m I going to receive and asked me to go in tomorrow to get labs etc...

So far

in my consultation he told me he would be doing 375cc over the muscle with moderate silicone implants no need for lift since my ptosis is very mild. I will be going with the tummy tuck as well and he marked me up to show me from where to where my incision would be..

Post op 2

So thank god everything went well as far as surgery and sty. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Like i mentioned before I went with450cc moderate round over he muscle I'm excited to see them again The dr showed me in the or room how they looked and ooommggg were they huge and perky. Oh yeah I was not under general anethisia only like a epidural but at a higher space to numb everything, no pain thank god and I talked through my whole 2-3 hr surgery lol.. I can't remember much of I what I spoke about but yeah... I did not have any pain until the night. I couldn't sleep it was extremely unfortable the pain level was like 4 on incision and what was bothering me the most was the drain that was pinching me like crazy it was and it still is very annoying because the stinging stays for like 5 minutes minimum but it's not the incision it's the drain in my pubic area. I have another drain my hip area and that one does not bother me one bit....the doctor put. A tape on me and I'm not allowed to take it off or wet it until 7 days when I see him again.. Gave me two antibiotics and my pain meds something to be able to sleep since I couldn't the night before and nausea ....

Some pictures

Dr. Luis trevino

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