Age 26, size 36AA to 36D with 390cc HP unders

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I have always had small boobs even when I was...

I have always had small boobs even when I was pregnant. I can't wear certain clothes and I struggle to find bras that are 36AA. I have finally decided to have a consultation and hopefully book my breast enlargement for February 2017. So excited! My consultation is on 22nd November. I'm unsure what size to have.


I had my consultation with Dr Shivram Singh in Birmingham and tried on the Natrelle implant sizers. I found the first size looked huge at first but then tried a larger size and checked in the mirror. These looked a good size when I got over the fact that I would have boobs! These were 335cc that would go under the muscle.

Decided to go bigger

After looking at pictures of the 335cc sizers and reading other women's breast enlargement stories I have decided I want to go bigger than this. I contacted NU cosmetics and they are booking me another appointment to see Dr Singh. I'm starting from an AA cup and as I'm 5ft 8 tall and quite broad I think I can go bigger. Looking forward to my next appointment :)

Going for 375cc

I had a second consultation with Dr Singh on 20th December. I tried on the 350cc and 375cc sizers. The 375cc looked best on my frame so I've changed to have that size. I'm really excited now!

Surgery moved to Sunday 5th Feb

I had a phone call from NU cosmetics to say the surgeon couldn't do Wednesday anymore so my operation has been rescheduled to Sunday. I'm getting very excited about it now, I've had my details through and am having the op at Dolan Park Hospital in Birmingham. I'm pleased because I've heard good reviews of that hospital. Only 3 more days to go!

Before picture

A picture of me before my operation. Looking forward to Sunday!

390cc HP Nagor silicone implants under the muscle

I had my operation 2 days ago and the surgeon informed me that my implant size is 390cc which I'm pleased about! The care I had at Dolan Park hospital was amazing, the staff were very friendly, helpful and caring. I had my op at 2pm and stayed over night. I haven't been in too much pain, probably a maximum of 5/10 but I have to be careful with my arm movement. I've been taking co-codamol tablets every 4 hours to keep the pain level down. I was sick a few hours after my op due to medication so the nurse gave me an anti sickness injection which helped.
I've taken some photos, my boobs are very swollen at the moment but I'm happy with the results so far. I'm wearing a size 36D bra and my boobs are filling it :D I'm so happy right now!

4 days post op

I'm feeling much better today but the last few days were quite hard. I was sick a lot due to the co-codamol and have been quite sore, however I'm such more better now. Here are some pictures from today.

Pleased with the results :D

I'm 1 week post op and I'm loving my new boobs!

18 days post op

I'm pleased with my results, just got to wait for my right boob to drop so it matches the other lol

5 weeks post op

My boobs have dropped so they look even now. I'm loving the results and can't wait to buy a new bra next week!

7 weeks post op

My incision sites are healing nicely now. I'm extremely happy and can't wait for summer :D


My scars have healed nicely and now I feel like I've always had my wonderful boobs! Would definitely recommend having a boob job to anyone considering it, especially if your boobs are as small as mine were! Lol
Dr Shivram Singh

I would definitely recommend Dr Singh for breast enlargement surgery. He has years of experience and also works for the NHS. In my consultation he helped me chose the right size by taking my measurements, listening to my goals of wanting natural looking C/D cup size breasts and also allowing me to try on several sizers and take photos. I am 2 days post op and I am extremely pleased with the results so far!

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