My Terrible Botox Experience - United Kingdom, GB

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I had tried Botox two times before and really...

I had tried Botox two times before and really liked my results. I had no side effects from it and was hoping to get it done again in my forehead to stop the frown lines as I had to look good for a family wedding that was coming up.

I was looking on the groupon website and i noticed that there was a great deal for £50 I could get a Botox injection worth up to £200 at the NU cosmetic company in Liverpool. I thought it was a good deal as previously I had paid £200 for the same procedure.

I made my appointment at NU and arrived at the clinic and was shown into the treatment room. The lady told me she was a qualified nurse and I asked her if I would need to go back for a top up, she replied 'oh no you won't need one with me' which later I thought to be strange as the previous two times I had gone back a week later for the top up.

She injected into my forehead in 5 places and this time, again different from my previous experiences it really hurt.

I then went home and stayed upright as advised and didn't rub or touch the area. That night I felt strange and by the next morning I felt really ill.
I had flu like symptoms aching all over and sweating but shivering at the same time. At this point I thought I had a virus so I tried to ride it out. Next day my throat felt as though it was closing up and I couldn't move my neck so I went to my local walk in centre and saw another nurse.

I asked her if it could be connected to the Botox injection and she assured me that Botox had no side effects and that I just probably had a throat and flu bug so I went home. I had never had a bug that had stopped me from turning my head. My neck was so stiff and painful.

That's when it travelled down into my arms and hands. I couldn't grip or pick up anything and that night in bed I tried to turn over and i was unable to move. I panicked and stated screaming to wake my husband.

I tried to stand up but it had then travelled into my legs and I couldn't walk and could hardly stand up. The next morning I went to a&e and saw a doctor. He took one look at me and agreed that it looked like I was paralysed due to the Botox and he thought that either I had been given an overdose or it had somehow had gone into my bloodstream and had travelled round my body.

I went home because no one knew how to treat me.
I was bedridden for 3/4 weeks unable to look after my children so my mum had to take time from work to help me. I wasn't completely better until 3 months later. I felt like I had been in a car crash with every single muscle in my body hurting. It was truly the most horrendous experience of my life and I just want to warn others for the possible side effects that aren't publicly known. I rang NU cosmetic who got the 'Nurse' to call me back and I told her my story. She told me that it wasn't the Botox and I probably had something else wrong with me. I knew that she was wrong as I've made a full recovery and have never had anything like this happen before. I've had viruses but have never been paralysed with complete muscle failure starting from the top of my body and travelling down till it reached my legs.
I was so convinced that I thought to search for others with similar experiences to my own, that's when I found this website!

I couldn't believe how many other women that all had terrible side effects from Botox. I was angry because I never knew about any of this and I'm sure if I had known I would have thought twice before getting it done.
Neither the NU clinic or the nurse ever called me back to check how I was doing.

One year on now and I'm glad to be fully recovered with no symptoms and I'm back to fighting fit!

Just hope that my message gets out to the public as I want people to be so carful and consider the side effects before jumping into this.
At the end of the day Botox is a form of the killer Botulism and we are injecting it onto our body's. Craziness if you think about it really!
Anyone reading this remember if you haven't got your health you have nothing at all and beauty comes from within x

NU cosmetic Liverpool

I got the voucher for my Botox from the groupon website £50 for a £200 injection

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