BA: 460cc. Nagor. Textured. Dual placement. Nu Clinic. Before= 32B, H=5 ft 5, W= 10st 7pds, Waist 10.

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I am feeling so excited right now. Been watching...

I am feeling so excited right now. Been watching videos on Youtube regarding post-op tips. I am currently a size 10 waist, B cup, 5 foot 5 inches tall. Getting 460cc Nagor implants round. I have two bras to wear for post op. They both do up at the front which will make life much easier! :O) xxxxxxx

Photos with and without 460cc sizers

Hello, I just thought you may want to see what the sizers looked like under a top! Because I spent hours and hours trying to figure on Internet what mine would look like before I tried on the sizers with the surgeon. My height 5:5, weight 10 stone 7 pounds. Waist 10, current size 32B. Getting 460cc nagor round implants, dual placement.

omgggg nearly the end of Monday....meaning 3 more whole daaaays!!!!

Had a call today from the clinic just to let me know that my breast augmentation time has been changed to 8am in the morning from 9am!!! Brings it even closer :o))) Ordered another Macom surgery bra in white as was trying my champagne coloured one on earlier and it's so comfortable. The flowery one i got from M&S broke so that's going back! Want to be really comfortable after the op! Found some comfy tracksuits to wear in my array of clothes! and will probably live in my onesie when in doors but might buy some pjs that do up at the front as saves taking everything off when need the bathroom! :o)

Sudden clothes panic :o)

Went into Primarni and grabbed some cheap jogging bottoms and zip up hoodies so I can lounge in comfort after the operation! Took back the Marks and Spencer bra. Just need to get my Shellac nail varnised removed as no nail varnish allowed before op, no make up, no nothing!!! No eyelash extensions either.... Going to look a bit dead. This doesn't feel real...can't believe the day is almost here! 3 more sleeps! :O)))))))))

Smooth or textured? Last min worries!

Just found out I am having textured but after reading surgeons advice on real-self most of them prefer to use smooth implants. I have been advised that mine will still look very natural.

My Operation is tomorrow!

A strange mixture of feelings today! Feeling like what the hell am I doing, feel emotional, happy, scared hahahhaa! Been doing last bits of housework making sure everything's ready. I think its starting to sink in that I have made the choice to change my own body and that's kinda scary! Have to remind myself that I have wanted this for a long time! It will be worth it! :O)

You know that feeling you get on Christmas Eve...well that's how i feel!!! Big Boob Day Tomorrow!!

I've literally spent all day watching boob job blogs on Youtube and I am throughly all boobed out! I am definately sure I have chosen the right size...not too big and not too small. 460cc will be a nice handful and a half when it is added to the little boobage I already have. I keep getting really excited now like a big kid! Going to Pall Mall private hospital in the morning! Trying not to freak out also!! haha! Will update tomorrow with my long awaited new pets! :o)

Morning! Leaving for hospital in twenty mins!

Well it took me like five mins to get ready! no make up etc hahaha wish it was like this everyday! Op at 8am takes about an hour to get there so leaving shortly. Got all my asthmas inhalors and anti-histamins as have to take your medication with you. Also my post op bra, breast wrap that the clinic gave me and myself! :O) Byeeeee little boobs!

Day one after OP! Didn't get home til 8pm last night. :o) feeling loads better today!

Hello ladies!! I have been dying to get on here and give you an update as I feel I have made a few friends on here and was excited to tell you everything haha! Well we got to the hospital at 7:45am and the best way I can describe the feeling is if you love rollercoasters like i do (apart from since the Alton Towers crash-put me off for a while) that feeling you get when you are so scared but you know you are going to love it is exactly what I was feeling the whole of that morning, the drive to the hospital and waiting in the hospital too! I went to a wonderful private hospital called Pall Mall in Warrington. I even had my own room! It was quite a luxury for me in there. Felt quite special and spoilt haha! So as you can imagine I was loving every minute! A lovely nurse came in and introduced herself and she was brilliant with everything! Then came in the anethestist. He asked me a few questions about allergies and things like that. Checked my pulse and could tell I was excited because my heart was going soooo fast! He was really nice and friendly! Then my surgeon popped in! and drew all over me haha! It was nice to see a familiar face. He's such a nice man too! and a very well respected surgeon. He has a lot of experience. So then me and boyfriend sat in my new bedroom watching telly. I kept freaking out then laughing trying to stay calm. The nurse came and put some stocking on me, some really flattering nickers and an open backed nightie just to show the lovley nickers off hahaha! I started to calm down the longer the wait took. Only about an hour but I knew it was going to take that long anyway as my op was due for 9am. Also a lady came and knocked on the door asking what we would like to eat and drink after the surgery. Even my boyfriend was well looked after. Then the nurse came. I had to put on my shoes, also my dressing gown so I didn't flash on the way down to theatre. Said my goodbyes to my boyfriend and trotted off to the lift. In the theatre room i was introduced to another guy who stuck some things on my back. He was chatty and friendly. Then the anethitist came in was again lovely. Put the needle thing in my hand....didn't hurt, the nurse was stood next to me with my trainers and then before i knew it the anethitist was putting the medication into my hand, told me to think of happy thoughts. I could feel a strange taste rise up in my throat and tingling go up my face and within 3 seconds i was gone!

The worst part was waking up. I never ever expected it to feel the way it did. I knew that there would be pressure but not to that extent. I could hardly breathe, hardly talk and just burst into tears. I remember hugging the anethitist and saying sorry for crying. Another lady kept taking my blood pressure and then I was wheeled up in the bed to my room where my boyfriend was waiting and mouthed to me 'are you ok?' in which i replied 'no' with tears down my face. I didn't know where he was taken to from that moment but he nearly passed out and the nurse took him off to a room. Bless him! such a sweetheart!

A new nurse who was wonderful too told me what was going on with my boyfriend and kept taking my blood pressure every so often. I was really worried about him and wanted to see him. He soon came back tho haha! I could not believe how much my chest felt like it was being crushed! Was so hard to breathe normally. The nurses propped me up in bed to release the pressure off my chest and gave me pain killers and that helped loads. Once I was used to the pain I dared to have a look at my boobs and bloody hell they looked humongous from the angle I was looking at! I had drains in each boob. They are like long tubes that went all the way to the end of the bed and they drain the saline solution from your breasts. I had them on for about 6 hours. Don't worry it really doesn't hurt at all when they take them out!

Mid afternoon the pain and pressure I had initially felt started to come back and i felt panicky because I couldn't breathe, couldn't talk without it hurting and don't even try to laugh hahaha! I learnt to laugh by just saying 'i am laughing' hahah. I asked for more painkillers and they gave me some and they worked so well. I felt OK ish again. They may have told the surgeon because he came in to see me and just squished my boobs around like they were squishy balls. I was suprised because that didn't hurt. But at least I know they are squishy! haha

After having been well looked after by some amazing people who obviously genuinely loved their jobs, we were ready to go. One of the nurses came out when we were waiting for the lift and said 'can I just say you are a beautiful couple'. I thought that was so nice. And I remember her telling me when my boyfriend got taken off because he almost fainted that me and him should stay together. She was such a lovely woman.

The drive home was a nightmare. Every bump in the road, every break, every wobble is a killer! My boyfriend had to drive so carefully! We went to Asda because the nurse told me to get some bras from there 2 for seven pound and that they are just as good as the Macom bras. I got a size 34 dd and 36 e. Got home thought yeh they will fit. No chance still too tight. My Macom bras couldn't even get close to doing up so I would advise get massive sizes for after your operation.

When we got home I had a parcel waiting from amazon. It was my memory foam neck cushion. £10 on amazon! You can sleep sitting up with it. I have never had one before and its the BEST THING EVEEEER!!! hahaha. I slept better than I normally do, although I woke up in the night to have some painkillers. My boyfriend has to push my back to help me get out of bed as it pulls on my chest muscles trying to push myself up. I can't reach up to even get the coffee out the cupboard. I can't even lift myself out of a chair yet. So make sure you have someone with you for a few days.

This morning I feel a million times better. Its kind of painful where i imagine the scars to be. I just took some tablets when i woke up so that i don't feel it as much.

Sorry this is a long review! Just so much to say about the day! Any questions, just ask away!

A little video so u can see properly

Good Morning! 3 days of implants!

Hey everyone!

I would love to say I am out of pain but I am still sore. The pain has changed though. On both breasts it feel like it is at the side of the breast by the bottom. Like a swollen feeling. The muscles feel tight and when I wake up I look like a hunch back and have to gently straighten myself up.

I haven't done a number 2 (hahaha sorry to have to mention this) in three days!! My belly is swollen like my boobs. It's getting uncomfortable now. If anyone has any tips that would be great. I knew the cocodamol tablets would cause this from other girls reviews. Another thing to be aware of is getting a numb bum from being sat on it for most of the day and night! haha! Because you can't sit or lay sideways my bum is getting the brunt of it all! :o)

I apologise that I sound a bit whingy in this one. I can't enjoy my breasts just yet. Once the pain has gone and i can properly see them I will be much happier! :o)

Breathing still hurts as it makes the chest rise. Still can't do much.

On the photos I have included the aftercare sheet from my surgeon. I would always go by what your own surgeon gives you but it's just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Any questions, please ask. xxxx

Sleeep Sleep and more sleeeeeep!

Hello everyone!

I have been sleeping so much! On and off all day yesterday. Slept all night. Quite enjoying getting some well needed beauty sleep!

My boyfriend has been my hair stylist, cleaner, waitor and nurse. He's been an absolute star! I'm so shocked!

Yesterday I had some strange gargling feeling in my left breast. Felt kinda nice but I looked on here and its completely normal to experience it. It has literally just started in my right breast just now haha! Also, I can breathe normally!! yipeeeeeee! Yesterday I suddenly noticed it wasn't hurting to breathe anymore and its stayed that way. Things are looking good!

I am still in slight pain but I know it is gradually getting better. I think this week I will just hide away at home because I feel disgusting. My hair is a frizzy mess as my boyfriend has been tying it up for me and he has never done it before so as you can imagine its not looking great. I can't shower everywhere until this tape is off and it was very painful climbing into the bath yesterday to have a half body wash down with the shower. My bf has to brush my teeth for me too as it would be too painful at the moment to that also. But I am secretly enjoying being waited on hahahaa!;o)

Belly still swollen like a huge balloon! But going to try some tips given to eat more fruit, orange juice, prunes etc.

When I feel normal I am going to really appreciate it! It's going to be heaven!

Love all the support you get from people on this website. Thank you everyone for your kind messages. I really appreciate it

Tape off! 1 week post op! Oh my gosh.... I'm in actual LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

???????????????? I love them!

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Been a miserable mess all week and today was the day I had my tape taken off my boobs. Haven't seen them properly before so just felt like I had a big padded bra on.

I went in to see my surgeon this morning and he took my tape off. I couldn't bear to look at my boobs felt really scared hahaha! He took some photos after cleaning my scars and putting strips on them then covering them in a kind of big plaster. The girl asked me if I wanted to see them in the mirror. My initial thought was omg they are huge and I panicked hahaha compared to what I am used to seeing they were sooooooo big! Think it was the shock haha! Anyways everything is fine and I go back in two weeks to see my surgeon again.

My mum came round to help me by doing washing up and taking me shopping. I still can't shower or do my hair and make up yet. Anyways, I was dying to show my mum my boobs so she helped me undress and then it hit me. They look absolutely perfect!!!! They don't even look fake. The size matches my body frame. I think I was stood infront of the mirror for half an hour just smiling and laughing! Why the hell I didn't get this done years ago is beyond me! They are worth every penny and so worth the pain and misery this week! My surgeon has done such an amazing job! I feel so happy!!! Just want to show everyone! Hahaha!

They still feel hard. But will soften up soon. And drop slightly. And I have to wear my breast band just during the day for another week. Have to wear the sports bra for a lot longer.

Side of boobs getting squishy! And found perfect surgical sports bra!

Things are improving! Still in pain. Found a perfect bra called Yesmina on eurosurgical. It's a surgical sports bra and feels like heaven to wear.
I noticed today that I could press the outer side of my boob and its squishy!!! Big happy face! Can't wait until they wobble!

Wobblier and squishier. 1 week 5 days

Just noticed they wobble! 1 week 6 days post op

Explicit - Click to view

I thought the day would never come haha love them they are really starting to feel real now! Can't wait till they are squishy all over.

Nipples unbearably sensitive!!! Scar scared me! 1 month 2 days post op!

Over the past week my nipples have become super sensitive. I tried putting on nipple silicone pasties but took them off after a few hours, tried putting cotton wool over my nipples; that didn't help either. But this morning I wake up and the pain has magically disappeared! Apparently its all part of the healing process! Also my scar scared the life out of me when my steri strips fell off. Please see photo. I asked some surgeons on here their advice whilst I wait to see my surgeon and they told me not to worry it's just healing. However, booked in to see my surgeon tomorrow.

Kind of feel like I can't relax until I have the all clear! but I have to say that I love my new boobs so much and can't wait until I no longer feel any pain at all

My scar looks great now!

Went in to see Nu Clinic about my scar on Thursday and they assured me the skin should pull itself into place. I looked at them today and this has happened! So happy! Love the staff at Nu clinic. They even suggested to send them an email with photos whilst I was waiting for my appointment so they could get me a reassuring answer whilst I was waiting. It was just the way my scar was healing. Joanne and Debs at Nu Clinic are always so helpful and nice.

My First Bra :o)

Hello Ladies!! Well I went in to see my surgeon the other day and he was so impressed with his work. My scars are literally invisible now, my boobs are so squidgy and look so real! I asked him about bras and he told me not to wear anything with wire in, firstly because the boobs don't need the support because they are implants and secondly you don't want to risk getting double bubble. It is quite hard to find bras without underwiring and my surgeon advised me that all you have to do is take the wire out. I watched a video on Youtube on how to do this, ordered myself some embroidery scissors from Ebay for under five pound and when my bras came ,which I may add are a size 34F haha and I thought no way would they fit as looked like they were the size of my face but they did fit haha, I made a small un-noticiable hole so I could pull the wire out. So simple to do! So I am now in bras and I feel like they are almost healed. I have a numbness under each breast but my surgeon assured me this will disappear in time. I am a size 34F for now but when my scars are completely healed I can go down a bandsize and will be 32G.
gabriele borghini

My surgeon is very experienced and a lovely man. He has produced a work of art on my breast augmentation. I am so impressed. Thank You so much! Happiest girl ever here!

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