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Hi Ladies, this is my 1st post. I came across...

Hi Ladies, this is my 1st post.

I came across this site a few months ago when I decided I wanted butt implants. I find Real self very informative with good support from other people who have had similar experiences. My surgery date is 6 days away so I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. I have decided to have my procedure done in London with Dr Borghini from Nu Clinic. I would rather be close to my surgeon for his full support. Iv decided to go with round implants as I am very active in the gym, and even though oval may look more natural iv read many reviews that they can flip, especially when working out. I don't want a massive butt just a medium rounded shape that is able to fill my jeans!
Would appreciate any advice and will update on my journey.

Finally got bootie!

So I had my surgery today with Dr Borghini, the pain was less than I thought just really aching being in 1 position! Wil update with pics in my undies soon.

Bleeding incision

I noticed that when I got home from having surgery I was bleeding, however I thought it was just my period, then I noticed that the towel was being soaked right at the back! Iv been worried sick all night. Waiting to for my surgeon to get in touch with me as it 6 in the morning!

4th Day PO

Walking is a bit easier now, even for walking like a penguin it's less painful. The worst is at night! So far it's very uncomfortable. Can't wait to get a decent night sleep. Compression garment is squeezing the life out of me.

4 th day

4th day PO

Round 2 From London UK to Miami!

Hiya, on September 11th 2015 I had my buttock implants removed due to an exposed implant. I only had them in for just over 4 months. The implant was literally poking out of my left buttock despite being placed intramuscular.

Since I had both implants removed my buttocks looks very deformed. The left incision has muscle contraction and has made a big dent in that area and both buttocks look lumpy with ugly scars! I wish I had never messed with it in the 1st place.

Anyway, iv decided to try again but this time using my own body fat as I don't want implants again. After reasearching Drs and feedback from people on Realself iv decided to fly out to Miami to Dr Fisher.
Iv seen a lot of positive reviews on him and have seen ladies with some amazing results.
To be honest, now, I just want my butt to look normal again! I'm not obsessed with having a bigg butt like I was before!
Will be flying out in September 2016 so that will give my scar tissue time to heal.


So Sad

So here's my update.
Since November 2015 I contacted Vanity regarding my situation about how I had my butt implants removed due to an exposed implant and how my butt now looks deformed with 2 ugly scars! I was informed by my co ordinator that Dr Fisher would definitely be able to help me. So I felt so relieved that I finally could do something about this issue that has been making feel more insecure. Iv done a lot of reasearching on Dr Fisher and in my opinion is a very good surgeon. So being from London I was willing to travel across the world to have him perform my surgery. So I secured my surgery date with a deposit and started to prepare for my surgery for 1 year which is today.
So I got to Miami on Sunday evening and went to do my pre op and consultant with Dr Fisher only to be told that he was not given all the full information from staff regarding my past implant infecton! He informed me that he was able to do my lipo but however was unable to transfer the fat into my butt due to the fact I will be at great risk of having another infectionton which would cause risk to my health and that he would not be comfortable doing the procedure. Hearing this I felt that my world has been torn apart! I feel so much anger towards myself for rushing into doing butt implants in the 1st place without researching about it and finding a dr who was experienced in this procedure. Looking back at previous piks of me there was nothing wrong with my butt it just needed pumping up at the gym but I was too lazy for that now this is what I'm left with! The co ordinator I was dealing with has left vanity also. I'm not angry with Dr Fisher at all it's just the unorganisation of the company as a whole. Dr Fisher was only passed on the cruishal bit of information on the day n had he received it earlier he would of told me beforehand.
I have 2 choices: Leave it alone or just go through with the lipo.
I decided to go through with just the lipo cos I gained a lot of fat for the bbl procedure and look way fat than the piks on my page, I have absolutely no shape in my torso at all. I can get full refund n go bak to uk to do lipo but it's not gonna make a big difference in price, So Iv decided to just continue with the lipo,
I'm not even gonna try n see other surgeons for a second opinion even tho there's may clinics Iv seen yesterday in Miami, I'm just gonna leave my butt alone.
Still Feel absolutely devestated I cannot fix my butt. I guess I jus got to accept and live with the consequences to the choice I made.
Anyway I'm due to go for my lipo procedure in a few hours, will give an update later on!
Dr Gabriel Borghini

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