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I'm a 28 year old female with no kids searching...

I'm a 28 year old female with no kids searching desperately for a fantastic surgeon to give me a Brazilian butt lift in Australia. Im wondering if anyone can give me advice as to which doctor to choose or if they are also from Australia and have had this procedure. So far doctors I have contacted are Dr Ajaka from cosmos clinic, Dr Lanzer, Dr Barnouti, Dr Tavakoli, Dr Drielsma, Dr Choy and Dr Hodgkinson. Any help
Is appreciated! Thanks so much.

Weighing up the options :|

Ok I never ended up having consults with Dr Tavakoli (who is a board certified plastic surgeon) even though I would have loved to as his work is beautiful but his prices for this procedure START at $20000 which way too much!! I didn't make one with Dr Tim Papadopoulous (board certified plastic surgeon) either as he had no before and afters and a bad lipo review and I didn't make one with Dr Barnouti (board certified plastic surgeon) becuase I read some mixed reviews on his as well. I did however go for consults with Dr Ellis Choy (board certified plastic surgeon), Dr Joseph Ajaka (cosmetic surgeon) and Dr lanzer (cosmetic surgeon) Dr Choy and Dr Lanzer were both lovely as were there receptionists/assistants (Siobhan and brad). They gave me different quotes (Dr Choy $16000 and Dr Lanzer $15000) and both said they would perform the procedure under general anethetic and lipo however many areas I needed but both couldn't show me many examples of bbls they had done so I didn't want to risk paying that much and not getting a good result.

Which brought me back to the original clinic I was considering - cosmos in double bay with Doctor Joseph Ajaka (cosmetic doctor).
I've had two appointments at cosmos ($250 for the first which was supposed to cover to cost of my first garment if I went through with the surgery and the second was free) the first consult went for just over an hour and in which dr Ajaka had a look at me and drew over where he would take the fat from I have total faith in him taking fat what I was concerned about is him putting it back in to achieve the look I want. He had another doctor with him who is going to start working there at the end of the year and went over prices etc with me. At cosmos a bbl STARTS at $10000 IF you are under 60kgs (which I am not) so it started at 12000 with lipo to two areas and then each additional area was $2200 zz I needed lipo from 7 areas! Upper and lower tummy, flanks, lower and upper back, sacrum and I wanted my arms/chin done :( anyway.. Dr ajaka said he would not charge me for the sacrum but to do everything else not including arms was $17600 including arms $19900 and he would need to do it in two sessions (one at the start of the week and the second a few days later) as they perform this under twilight sedation. I didn't want that so opted to leave my arms out and do it in one day.

This brings me to my second consult, my second consult I was told via email I would have a blood test, before photos taken and garments fitted. I asked that they have more before and afters of bigger fat transfers then the website that I could see and they said ok, yet on the day no one knew about the email as the lady I messaged was away, so I didn't get to see any as they have some thing about showing u on the computer cos it shows the patients name which makes me a bit suss as they say they perform this more then weekly yet they couldn't show me extra photos.. Anyway I don't doubt they do it a lot as Dr ajaka has performed this at plastic surgery summits and whatever but I just would have liked to see some more pics: I can't stand how surgeons act like seeing photos of their work is like pulling teeth and I'm over it.

Anyway as I was stalking real self the other day I came across Dr Ron Hazani in LA and am now considering just scrapping Sydney all together and using my money to go to the states as it would cost about the same with flights and accommodation. I'm just worried about the flight home etc. I've been emailing Dr Hazani and am hoping to have a video consult this week so I can see exactly how much it will be and make up my mind. That's all for now just thought I would leave an update about my struggle lol :(

Much needed update lol

Okayyy so after much thought I decided not to go with anyone in Australia. Although travelling isn't ideal I would rather pay $18000 and get a good result then pay $18000 for a subtle result or a result where I have no idea what that doctor can achieve.

Since my last update I have had two online/phone consultations with two surgeons in California. The wonderful Dr Dass and Dr Hazani.

Dr Dass's consult was $65 aud however he was amazing, easy to talk to, spent over 40 minutes on the phone with me, went over everything from medicine, to medical conditions, to where the surgeries are, how he performs them, what's included in the price and times/dates he does surgery. He was seriously so lovely I was so happy after having my consult with him, I also got to speak to one of his receptionist/coordinators Angela who was equally as lovely. I've seen some amazing work by Dr Dass however I have also seen a handful of cases with uneven lipo. He also is on the more expensive side of things with a quote of $10900 U.S. for everywhere cosmos was going to take fat from or $11900 U.S. inc. arms.

Dr Hazani on the other hand was a bit more rushed and hard to get a hold of. I actually emailed him before Dass, like over a month ago, Dr Hazani emailed me himself the next day saying I didn't have enough fat and needed to gain weight, he then told me to contact Debbie in the office.. Who I never heard from.. Weeks later I get an email from Gary his like finance guy who responds straight away, he put me onto Nayely who was way better then Debbie and got back to me all the time, she set up the consult with Hazani and we went from there. Since I first contacted him I took new pics to show I actually did have a lot of fat and he then said I look like a good candidate. On the phone I didn't get a chance to ask many questions however he gave me a very good price which was about 1000 less then Dasss first price and included arms and thighs. I have only seen two of hazanis patients who had uneven lipo, the rest seem very happy, I can't decide who does nice butts. But I really need to hurry and choose one! I was considering Miami for a while, dr Blinski or Ghurani, but it was all too much for me and I decided to stay with Cali. If anyone can give me any recommendations/opinions about Hazani or Dass I would love to hear from you! :) I want to book asap

Cosmos clinic

While updating I thought I should explain to all the Aussie girls why I didn't choose cosmos clinic or anywhere else here.

Firstly I could fly myself and my partner all the way to the U.S. Pay for 3 weeks accomodation, and have my bbl for the same price.

Secondly not one Australian doctor could show me any before and afters with good results and to see any results each consult was $250+ and a total waste of time, I did almost go with cosmos until I did further investigation. I found some uneven lipo cases and from stalking their websites and social media, false/misleading advertising.

Through my research I discovered Dr Joseph Ajaka trained with Dr David Matlock when learning how to perform Brazilian butt lifts and Dr Alfredo Hoyos the creator of Vaser Hi Def Lipo WHO does very nice bbls and lipo but I read he did his bbl training with Dr Matlock so idk? Anyway Dr Matlock is a Beverly Hills surgeon HOWEVER I do not know if he is a plastic surgeon, what I do know is his prices are outrageous (like cosmos) and his work on bbls are just ok (like cosmos). I also know he did a bbl on a little person on that show little women and she stopped breathing on the table and I looked at some of his reviews here which were average/not great.

Anyway while stalking the situation I noticed things.. One of the photos cosmos posted on their fb ages ago was actually a patient of Dr Matlock and they watermarked it as their own..... Now I don't kno if that particular patient is the one Dr Ajaka practiced on but it is very strange and unprofessional... Next thing I know they are posting photos that I know are from before 2013 saying they are recent bbls.. Then Dr Mitchel Kim who also works for them but is now at their gold cost clinic was posting the same pics and saying they were his 'recent work'.. So at this point I'm stressing out I didn't know who's work was who's.. I was going to ask at my next appointment... Which I organised with Rebecca (who is super lovely), I asked her to have more before and afters of bigger transfers to show me and she was supposed to do my blood test.. Well I get there and they've lost my file.. There's no before and afters to see and Rebecca's away.. Anyway the doctor popped in (I was being fitted by another staff member) and I was trying to explain to him I wanted a butt like one they had recently posted on fb (it's like a selfie in a girls bedroom not a clinic photo which I thought was strange..) anyway he said he could remember her but not her name and would ask Dr Kim who was there so this just stressed me out more thinking who actually did this? Why won't u show me more pics if you're doing this all the time? Etc anyway too much info not matching up is what ultimately made me decide to take my business elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong they do great Vaser and other treatments and maybe they could do a good bbl but I need a great one and I don't have the money or time to get it done and have to do it again.

Updates galore lol

Thought I would also post some pics of what I looked like up until this year when I broke my ankle, got depression and stopped going gym lol :( I thought I would also add some more wish pics, I think I will suit the "slim thick" look and I think I want something in between a round and heart shape if that makes sense lol :{ also for anyone considering a bbl I've saved a stack of notebooks with different dolls reviews under the doctors names :) I tried to save ones with photos that might help make your lives a bit easier xx

Flights booked!

Soooo I did something super crazy last night and booked my flights to LA :| when I havnt even picked my surgeon yet lol eeek oh well no going back now I'm planning on making up my mind tonight :)

Loose, gain or maintain lol

Its just under 3 months until my procedure (excitement!! Lol) although somehow....(lol) in the last month my weight has just ballooned out of control. I'm forever having this internal battle about whether I have too much fat to get that nice flat tummy etc or not enough for a great butt. I also panic about my skin not stretching and all this fat being for nothing (I'm an over thinker lol). I havnt weighed myself in a few weeks but I think I must be at least 75kgs (165lbs) my current measurements are:
Waist 33"
Belly button 37.5"
Hips 40.5"
Butt 42"
Bust 38"
I've put up some pics and asked the doctors (I don't think it's been approved yet) however I thought I may as well put it here as well and see if any bbl vets have any thoughts/advice. The countdown is on and I'm super excited about the procedure and coming to the states :) I havnt booked my accomodation yet but have been looking at some air BnB places near Beverly Hills (mid Wilshire, west Hollywood, hollywood etc) any advice on where to stay would be a bonus! We will be able to do sight seeing the first 5 days then I have my bbl, I want to stay somewhere in walking distance of a supermarket/pharmacy if possible as I think it's pointless to hire a car the whole time we are there when I'll be stuck at home recovering.

Two days to go!!

Hey girls! So I havnt been on much lately as we have been so busy sightseeing and having a great time! There's just so much to see and do here in LA! My pre op is tomorrow tho and my surgery is 6am Thursday! Eeep are there any last minute suggestions for things that I will need beside what dr Dass will give me and I already have? I have q tips, maxi pads, disinfectant soap, iron, probiotics, centrum, pineapple juice, yoga mat and all my comfy clothes. I am going to get a plastic protector (I'm guessing they will have them at Home Depot?), some towels, Metamucil/fibre and order my bbl pillow (suggestions on which one would be great!) anything else anyone can think of? Should I get antiseptic cream? Extra pain relief? Of all things I left my pee Eze thing at home!! Will have to diy with a bottle lol

Made it to the other side

Hey ladies I've made it safe and sound to the other side! I don't wanna jinx it but I think I like what I see! :) but this pain and stiffness is no joke D: making sure I don't miss a dose of those pain killers that's for sure. Hope my other Dass sisters made it safe and sound as well. Happy healing everyone!!

6 days post op and extreme swelling?

Hi girls sorry I've been so MIA I've had a rough couple of days, dr Dass told me that my worst swelling days would be around day 3... Well day 3 was fine but by day 4 and still now at day 6 I'm huge. My swelling is all in my lipo areas. It's so swollen I'm sore all over, I've tried taking Advil and alternating with the Norco but nothing seems to help. I look like I almost have my pre op gut squished into this tiny garment :( I have my post op with Dass tomorrow but just wondering if anyone else experienced this I know Brina had swelling for a while :( I just want it to go away ps I've uploaded photos from after my first shower but I'm way more swollen then that now :(

9 days post op update

Hi girls so I've reached 9 days post op. Feeling much better physically, less stiff and more comfortable. Emotionally and mentally I've been a bit up and down. I put on some super stretchy leggings that I have with me and almost had a breakdown.. My waist is tiny and my butt is huge but it was too big :( and I was.. Wait for it.. Too curvy. I felt like a circus freak. My butt was measuring 46" my waist 32" before surgery my waist was 38.5" and my butt 42" so a huge difference. I guess that big a change is hard to take in but I was upset bc I felt like I couldn't go out anywhere.. I'd never find clothes that fit etc n I'm so worried about my job, what ppl would say, my family back home etc it all became too much. Well today I measured myself and I've lost half an inch :) everywhere so I was happy about that, my butt is still ginormous however the pics don't show how big. Don't get me wrong I much prefer this to my fat gross before body, idk I've just been going through a lot and I think because I've always been someone who's worked so hard to achieve my body goals with gym and dieting etc this was just a drastic change that I wasn't completely in control of and I'm just worried about looking like a freak, I thought that after surgery I would have an amazing body that would fit in with society etc but the way it is right now if definitely doesn't, u don't see anyone with curves like this just walking around.. I'm the odd one out : my partner loves it tho. He says to embrace it and I'm trying idk ppl arnt lying when they say this sx is a massive roller coaster. I'm sure I will love it when all the swelling etc goes down and I guess I can always loose a bit of weight :) I think it's just the initial panic and over thinking i almost always do lol anyways just needed to rant other than that things are going great and we're enjoying our time here in the states xx

2 week update

Hi everyone!! I made it home safe and sound :) the flight was hard work.. i sat on my bbl pillow with a pillow behind my back and got up roughly every 30 mins. The bbl pillow was ok... But I could feel my butt touching the seat lightly but I was honestly too tired to care.. 15 hours gettin up every 30 mins was torture I was extremely tired, I even knelt down at one stage and hugged my pillows and fell asleep like that for a while which was nice but really hurt my knees! Then there was the shuttle bus back home and coming home which took another hour and a half :( but anyway It's good to be home :) and I'm glad the weather has cooled down as the heat and this garment would just kill me. I took these pics the afternoon we got home, my feet swelled on the plane and everything else did a bit too but it wasn't too bad. You can see on my back where my bra fat was removed the swelling there is quiet bad and it's starting to go hard.. Also there's a couple of little lumps I can feel in my arms. I found a lymphatic massage place near me and the lady said I could go tomorrow for a short half hour session to help with the lumps do you guys think that's a good idea? Also I can start wearing my second stage garment tomorrow and I can't remember if I'm supposed to wear the foams with it or not? Other than that I'm feeling better about my results the lipo is smooth and the butt is looking more normal but still big :)

Almost 3 weeks post op

So tomorrow is the 3 week mark :) I'm feeling better every day but still obviously sore in my lipo areas and I still have a fair bit of swelling everywhere. My butt is measuring between 44.5 and 45. My waist 29. I switched into my second garment 5 days ago. One thing I regret is doing this in our summer cos it has been absolutely boiling here and covering up the faja and sleeves is not alright.. I have my first day back at work on Friday. Dreading it. My boyfriend is loving the results and the few friends/relatives I told said it looks amazing; like I'm photoshopped lol. I have a lot of burning sensations if I move fast or over extend my body, like Chinese burns. Massaging helps. I went and had a lymphatic massage last week but I wasn't sure about it.. The areas that are getting hard (my bra rolls and the back of my arms) she seems to think are from fat left over but I don't think so cos I can feel the lumps anyway I'm going back there tonight for another one and will explain it to her more also she rubbed my butt last time?! Really lightly but like I don't think I'll let her do that again. I've taken some pics it looks good mostly however in a particular light it seems to have dents in it?! I'm sure it's something to do with swelling but argh it's gross hope it sorts itself out and doesn't get worse

5 months post op

5 months post op (sorry for the vag lol)
Hey everyone so it's been a while since I've been able to update or even have the time to check my personal emails and come on this site, I've been subconsciously trying to take pics here and there where I can and I wanted more for my next update but I just thought what I have here atm will have to do because it seems i just keep getting busier and busier and am worried I'll never get around to it!

So overall I'm still super happy with my results, my lipo is smooth, I have no irregularities and my butt just feels like it's always been there! I've put on a little weight which has affected my waist to hip Ratio. My butt has remained a steady 44" for a long time now but my waist fluctuates from 28.5-32 depending on my eating and the time of day. I havnt started excersize yet and havnt been watching my eating. I've just been so flat out :( anyway this is just a little update for now I'll try put up some more after 6 months or I start having time to actually care for myself lol
No one yet :(

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