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Im a 29 year old mom of two age 6 and 3(boys)and...

Im a 29 year old mom of two age 6 and 3(boys)and ever since I had my children I cant seem to get my belly to go away. Im 5'8 and my ideal weight is back down to 180 my highest weight has been 225. As of now I am at 210 which is my weight giving birth to my last child. I am confident that Dr. Lofman will do an amazing job and I am so excited. My pre-op appt is 1/16/13 and my surgery date is 1/30/13. Im getting a TT with MR as well as flank lipo. I have scheduled my time off of work and I am counting down the days til a flatter tummy.

I will get some before pics up soon and I will surely be posting pics and comments post op. I have not yet reached the nervous stage yet I am sure it will come as the date gets closer. Im more worried about recover than the surgery. I have a high tolerance for pain so thats not an issue I just dont think my boys will understand why mommy cant play with them like they want me to, luckily my hubby and sister will be here to help all 4 weeks I took off work. Well later for now ladies :-) Happy Holidays!

Hey guys here are the before pics. Im doing a...

Hey guys here are the before pics. Im doing a countdown now so 33 more days til im on the flat side posting new pics! Im so excited! I have to go get all my blood work done today and sent to my PS and then its just a waiting game. I will update again after my pre-op appt.

Well pre-op is tomorrow and they called today and...

Well pre-op is tomorrow and they called today and moved my surgery date up 1 day so the 29th I have to be at the surgery center at 530 am! Even though its just 1 day early im super excited because its that much closer.

Pre-op went good I got my meds and paid my balance...

Pre-op went good I got my meds and paid my balance. My PS said that after 6 weeks I could start working out but at 2 weeks I can do sitting curls with 5 pound weights. I have his cell and can call anytime with cocerns. I feel really confident in my PS that my results will he amazing and im doing the countdown just 12 more days!

Well surgery was yesterday and I think it went...

Well surgery was yesterday and I think it went really well. I havent seen it until I shower tomorrow and I will post pics. Im really sore but today was much better than yesterday. Im bruised up my back and sides from the lipo and my breast and pubic area is swollen as well. My appetite is starting to come back so I was able to eat soup twice today and some real fruit popcicles. Im afraid to eat meat just yet until after I have a BM. Im also experiencing some spasms in my lower abdomen but it doesnt feel bad its just weird. So far so good and I dont regret it :-)

I just finished my first post op shower with help...

I just finished my first post op shower with help from my husband. He even washed my hair which felt great. I am really happy with my results so far the incision is right where I want it and even tho I am a bit swollen I can see a 100% difference. The shower tired me out so Im going to take a nap for a couple hours after I ear since my appetite is starting to come back and the nausea is completely gone. I am loving the flat side ;-)

Well Im still feeling good and I skipped 2 does of...

Well Im still feeling good and I skipped 2 does of pain meds so far which is great. I
Moved around A LOT today! I was up and down the stairs all day and just walking around because I could. Now Im all swollen :-( which is no fun at all. Im still not in any pain and im laying in my bed with pillows behind me and my knees are bent. I wont try to sleep here tonight but it feels good to relax in here for now. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I plan to drink more water to help with the swelling I'll probably do 100 oz a day and no sodium. Well its time for me to watch my DVR shows with the hubby TTYL.

So I cried today :-( Im not unhappy with my...

So I cried today :-( Im not unhappy with my results or that Im swollen I cried because my husband still needs to help me shower in my shower chair. I mean Im sitting down it should not be that hard to get clean. Alas Im so weak that I get exhausted just getting my cloths off and stepping in the tub. I cried the whole time he helped me shower and wash my hair. Im tired of needing so much help and Im only 6 days post op. Hopefully it was just a bad day and I'll feel better tomorrow. I cant wait to sleep through the night Im sure that has alot to do with my mood as well. I hope I can get this annoying drain out at my appt Wednesday. Well thats enough complaining Im going to watch some tv or read a book I dont know anything to take my mind off of being sad. Ttyl

Well I feel much better today! My husband took me...

Well I feel much better today! My husband took me for a drive and I think I really needed the fresh air it felt great to get out of the house. Im still bored as ever check out my pics of my old school gaming since I have nothing else to do lol! Im almost standing 100 upright so im happy for that. My hubby has been exercising so hard lately lol he says he has to match my sexy this summer gotta love him lol. Post op tomorrow Im confident drain will come out its not draining very much at all. I want popeyes chicken so bad lol that shows my appetite is back but I'll just have a smoothie instead:-)

So today I had my one and only drain taken out at...

So today I had my one and only drain taken out at 8 days post op! I didnt even feel it except for the site itself was a bit sore. My PS is very happy with my results thus far and so am I! Im not a fan of my bb just yet but he said it will look great once Im all healed. Today was a good day even though IM EXHAUSTED!!

So the last couple of nights I slept in my bed AND...

So the last couple of nights I slept in my bed AND on my side. I would expect some swelling but I took before and after pics and it looks the same to me no more swelling than usually. Most of my swelling is in my upper abdomem and I wondering if thats normal. I still have lots of swelling from all the lipo and a few tender spots as well. I have a bunch of questions for my PS Wednesday so I made a list or I will definitely forget. Well im 13 days po now and Im feeling better everyday, im glad I took 4 weeks off work I think I will be ready to go back on the 28th as planned. Im still very tight but I can stand upright after Im up for about an hour its like my muscles need to warm up first and then by the time im ready for bed Im hunched over some.

Well I had my 2wk po appt yesterday and everything...

Well I had my 2wk po appt yesterday and everything went great! I can start massaging my scar with coco butter and then next week I can start using scar therapy my PS likes scar guard cream and silicone sheets. He said that everything is on track and unless I neee him my next appt is in April!! I am clear for walking and light jogging. I can do sitting curls with no more than 5lb weights and then at 6weeks I can start my regular regimine as tolerate :-) I am very pleased with my results and I love how I look on clothes. Now my focus will be on my scar and getting it to fade. I'll get a pic my the scar up soon oh and I got the best waist cincer from walmart for only $10!!

I really need to get some new pics up! My scar is...

I really need to get some new pics up! My scar is healing very nicely its getting really flat and I love how I am looking. My swelling is not terrible and I can finally see that I still have my old bb he just moved it :-) Im not really sore anymore but I do still get tired easily. I go out if I want to and where all the shirts I thought I couldnt wear anymore. Its a great feeling and Im glad I had this surgery. Im still focusing on my scar and walking so far so good!

Ok so I went back to work today and I am...

Ok so I went back to work today and I am exhausted! I have a desk job why am I so tired. I am swollen but not to bad so Im happy about. The day went by pretty fast and aside from fatigue it went very well. I got tons of compliments on how great I look even though no one knows what I had done :-) they assume i didnt have an appetite which is actually true for the first 2 weeks. I went and got a mani/pedi and I generally feel good!

Ok so I have been so busy I have not had time to...

Ok so I have been so busy I have not had time to get on here like I wanted. So I have been back to work for just about 2 weeks everything is normal I swell some near the end of the day but nothing like during those first couple weeks. I have feeling back in my stomach almost 100% only numb area is my actual incision. Hubby is very happy im feeling better if you know what I mean ;-). As of this coming Tuesday Im clear for any workout I want so Im about to hit my pilates machine! Overall everything is good, im in NO pain at all and only sneezing gets me a tad sore but it quickly passes. My scar is doing amazing thanks to coconut oil and mepitac tape. My pre op clothes fit wonderfully it actually looks like I may need to take in a few things once im all done with swelling. The only downside is that due to no working out my legs are soo jiggly now and they are so weak I know I lost muscle mass for sure in my legs. Alas I will get it back very shortly. I just want to go shopping bad but I know I need wait til around 3-4 months to really see my results. My hubby bought me 4 new swimsuits that should be delivered any day now and I am fitting back into on of my favorite suits :-) all in all Im glad I did this!

4 and a 1/2 months po

Well its been quite a while since I have really had the chance to get on here and update my review. Well im feeling great and it gets better everyday. I still swell a bit here or there if I do to much. Im bloated in my pics but everything is wonderful and Im glad I did this for me. Im still a bit numb under my scar but nothing to worry about. Im able to workout when I want and Im back to my daily routine. I still have some swelling under my arms and on my flanks where I had lipo but that is going down consistantly. I cant wait to see what I look like at 6 months. Over all I have lost a total of 30 pds since surgery and all im doing now is toning. Its been quite a journey but I wouldnt change a thing :-) My scar is doing well, better on the left than the right. Im using scarguard MD and vitamin E oil and so far so good.

One year later!!

Hello ladies,

Well its been a year and I still love my results. I started at around 222lbs and I am now down to 167 when my goal was 175. My scar has healed nicely but the left side healed much better than the right so Im probably going to get a tattoo over it :-) my belly button is getting lighter everyday thanks to a steroid creame that I just started using 2 weeks ago. All in all it was a great experience and Im glad I didnt chicken out!
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I searched the web and talked on the phone to many doctors until I finally found and consulted with Dr. Lofman at Star Plastic Surgery. They are so wonderful I felt 1000% comfortable and I am sure that I will love my results. He has assured me that I can call him anytime post op and have as many appt as I need. The staff is amazing and I am glad that I was able to find them.

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