59 Years Old Finally Getting a TT After Weight Loss Surgery. Sandusky, MI

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Weight loss surgery (BARIX) done in 2/10/2000 (298...

Weight loss surgery (BARIX) done in 2/10/2000 (298 lbs) over a year and a half I got down to 140 and stayed there for about 12 years.
Revision done in 7/1/2014 after gaining some weight back weighing 207 when I went in for my revision. I am now 156 lbs and ready to have the excess skin removed.
I am getting my procedure done next Wednesday 11/18/15

TT surgery happening this Wednesday 11/18/15 *before pics*

These are a few pics of my journey.
My TT surgery date is Wednesday 11/18/15

TT with lipo and abdominal tightening update post surgery pictures one week after surgery

The surgery went real well!
I went to my first post op check up on Wednesday the 25th of November and had 2 of my 3 drain tubes removed.
Dr. DiNick cut my original BARIX scar out (up and down from ribs to belly button.. Football shape drawn on my upper tummy) and tightened my abs. Lipo on both of my sides and the whole lower tummy apron removed. Extra long Horizontal incision from hip to hip.

3 week Post op full tummy tuck update

I'm feeling pretty good at almost 3 weeks after surgery!
I can't stand totally straight upright yet, but it's getting better.
All 3 drain tubes have been removed,, Yaaaay!!

6 week post op pics of full TT with abs tightened and lipo

It's been 6 weeks since my surgery. I had a full tummy tuck with abs tightened and lipo to get rid of my "Love Handles"
I'm standing upright now and feeling great!!
I had a few small spots that 'broke open' that needed a little neosporin and bandages. They're almost closed completely and doing great.
I bought Mederma scar gel to start reducing and fading the scars.
I still have a few spots that feel numb on my tummy. I also am experiencing nerve pain/aggravation. I expected this to happen after all of the incisions that were made and having the skin pulled up away from my body to tighten the skin.
.... Hubby is loving the new look!!!
Novi Plastic Surgeon

Dr. DiNick has been very informative explaining every step of the procedure. I'm excited and confident he will meet my expectations! He's a board certified plastic surgeon and was highly recommended by a friend of mine that had a TT done by him.

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