Rhinoplasty for Crooked Nose - Novi, MI

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I've just had a consultation for a Rhinoplasty,...

I've just had a consultation for a Rhinoplasty, having broken my nose 8 years ago. I had a consultation in Novi, Michigan at the Star Plastic Surgery Centre with Dr. Elan Reisin. This is something I've wanted to do ever since my nose was broken, but only now am I at a point in my life where I'm ready. Has anyone else had this same procedure done and what were there results like? How much time will I need off work?

Deposit done!

I've paid my deposit at Star Plastic Surgery in Novi, Michigan, so it's official that I'm having it done. I'm not nervous yet, as I'm waiting until the Spring to have it done, I'm just concerned about how much down time I'll need. I'm planning to take a week off of work and after that I'll have to use concealer...

11 more days!!

I'm sorry I haven't been on in so long, but my surgery got pushed back. My surgery is booked for Monday, July 28th. My Dr. is doing a closed Rhinoplasty (meaning he won't be cutting open the bottom of my nose and peeling back). He's going to shave done the "spur" on one side and try to push out the side that has collapsed in. He may even have to do a skin graft to help support. He told me to be realistic about my expectations. He said it wouldn't be 100% perfect. I had been taking lots of Vitamin C and my daily vitamins but have had to cut all of that out. Not allowed to take ANY vitamins because they may cause blood thinning :( Any advice on thinks to do to prevent bruising/swelling?

Post op day 2

I had my surgery yesterday morning and it went really well. Dr. Reisin shaved down the "spur" on one side of my nose, popped out the bone on the other side and used some cartilage from the tip of my nose to hold the one side in place. I had bruising almost immediately after, but I'd rather it happen now and slowly dissipate. Today one of my eyes is quite swollen but I have no pain. Just wish I could breathe through my nose better! I was able to breathe through it yesterday, but today it's more swollen. I'll be back to the Drs office Monday to get the cast off. Can't wait to see how it looks!!

Update with before and afters

It's been 2.5 months since my surgery so I'm way overdue. I'm really happy with my results and wish I had done this way sooner. For anyone thinking about this, some things to note:

1. I ate a whole pineapple prior to surgery because I was told that'd majorly reduce swelling. Not sure it helped.
2. Same as above with Arnica. I took it a week before and up until 2 weeks after.
3. During surgery your stomach will fill with blood that's dripping into your stomach. After surgery the first day I threw up blood probably 5 times. Don't worry, it's normal!
4. The biggest thing I didn't anticipate was the total loss of feeling. I could feel NOTHING in/on my nose for at least 6 weeks. It'd feel so itchy but scratching provided zero relief. Even still, the tip of my nose and nostrils are still pretty numb.
5. You don't need pain meds. At least I didn't. I was given Oxys and I took none of them. Try to avoid them if you can!

I think I'm at my max for pictures to upload so I'm going to upload a few more separately.

More pics..

Here are 4 before and 4 after photos. Dr said it takes at LEAST 6 months for swelling to subside, so it'll only get better :)

2.5 months after pics

2.5 months after pics

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