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The experience that made me finally get off my ass...

The experience that made me finally get off my ass and get the procedure done, was on a couple of occasions people actually thought I was pregnant. The people obviously had no common sense, but that didn't change how I felt about the situation. It happened twice in the last year when I gained a few extra pounds, it went straight to my belly:(. I have a very short waist, and got extremely stretched out with my two 10 pound babies. At the end of my first pregnancy the OB didn't measure me, I asked why. He said "Mia when your as big as you are it doesn't matter. You have the wheel barrow effect, since your so short waisted, your belly sticks straight out."

I also have a large belly button hernia as an added benefit... So, since my kids I've been on the weight roller coaster, bring as small as a size 6 to my current 10/12 size. Even when I was 120, I had the bag of extra skin.. So no bikinis for me in the last 10 years.. I'm really hopeful that this summer I can get a few new suits!! And no more people thinking I'm pregnant at 48!!

I just had my surgery & took a few before shots this morning.. I really like this blog as I've learned a lot of what to expect and seeing how great people looked I hope I get the same great results. Though I'm not telling any one but my closest friends & my husband.. I really don't think it's their business. Plan on going back to work are wear my Loose fitting clothes for quite awhile.. I told them I had a hernia surgery.. Which is true, I just didn't mention the tummy tuck too!

1day post op - Slept most of the day, but last...

1day post op - Slept most of the day, but last night was rough.. I kept itching everywhere.. Not only at the site of the surgery.. It was hard to find a comfortable position. Read the blog last night under itching and found out that Oxicondone, that itching is side effect. Doctor is prescribing me a new pain med. I can't get up on my own.. Need my husband to move my torso. Walking REALLY slow, look like a 100 year old man. I laughed when the instructions said not to walk up right, aint no way that is happening!! We don't have a recliner. So I'm sitting on my sofa with ton of pillows to keep the 45 degree angle.
Everything is still wrapped up, I'm suppose to do something with my belly button tonight.. A lot if dark purple bruses peeking out from under the garment. Ill post some pictures later..

Just a few black & blue pictures.. I'm swollen...

Just a few black & blue pictures.. I'm swollen from the lipo. 1 day post op.

Day 3 PO - felt a lot better today. Still hard to...

Day 3 PO - felt a lot better today. Still hard to get up by myself but doable.. One of my bffs came over and brought me lunch.. Have hardly eaten with no appetite. Got on the scale and lost 3 pounds, even with the swelling from the lipo..
My incision started to bleed slightly. Called the PS, said not to worry & take a shower.. We have a larger shower but small bench that I knew wouldn't do. So I had my daughter bring in one of the lawn chairs.. She was a little freaked looking at the incision and my belly button. The shower was wonderful, realised that a lot of my pain was coming from the lippo on my flanks, not just the belly area..
I took a picture, am worried that the slight lines to one side will stay.. Ill have to ask doctor tomorrow..

Had my one week appointment & posted a picture.....

Had my one week appointment & posted a picture.. I've been wearing yoga pants since the operation. Thought I'd get dressed in my normal jeans. On the scale, I weigh 7 pounds less than before the operation.. So I assumed that I could fit into my baggy jeans, WRONG.. . Realized I was swollen, but not how much..

Dr Lambie said i had one of the larger separation in my muscle, 3 inches. She told me to support my stomach, if i need to laugh or cough.. So not watching TV that will make me laugh. She took out the stitches on my belly button, I had a basil reaction & started to feel sick.. I didn't, thank God.. Still walking slow and am hunched over.. Got permission to drive.. Hoping to go back to work in 2 weeks.. Hoping those first few days I can handle sitting at a desk for 8 hours..

Did talk to 2 other ladies in the doctors waiting room who had the tummy tuck too.. Everyone seems pleased with Dr L's work.. One lady did the mommy make over, she had lost 100 pounds. She looked great, would never have thought she had lost that much.. They both had seen this website.. I thought I was lucky to stumble across it.

Bought a new compression garment. I put on last...

Bought a new compression garment. I put on last night. So much more comfortable than the one I got from doctor. This one has underwear with snap bottom and zipper on side.. The old one kept rolling up on my back.

I've tried twice to update this & it wouldn't do...

I've tried twice to update this & it wouldn't do it.. So I'm testing before I write a novel..

I'm back to work.. It's 16 days PO. The first day...

I'm back to work.. It's 16 days PO. The first day was hard. I'm still not walking straight up totally.. My gait also looks like s little old lady. My work only knows about the hernia I've been wearing a baggy sweater.. Even thought by the end of the day I was very swollen, propaly couldnt tell I had s TT if you looked..I actually have a bruse on my private moind(no idea what correct term is) Dr said this was because of all the fluid creating pressure on the area.. I've had a few sharp pains, but dr says that's normal.. I'm now off the drugs, that happened about day 13.

When I went to Dr Lsmbie on Wednesday, she said to stand against the wall & keep shoulder blades & butt on wall. I need to retrain my muscles to stand straight up..

Just happy it's Friday & have no plans so can rest up.. Kids just want to rent movies:) TGIF!!

Here are a few 2 1/2 weeks PO pictures.. Still...

Here are a few 2 1/2 weeks PO pictures.. Still swollen, still a little numb.. The nerves haven't all reconnected yet..

On vacation, in Gulf Shores. Really hard not to...

On vacation, in Gulf Shores. Really hard not to walk the beach or enjoy the waves.. Overall feeling a little better each day.. Though before I left I saw my PS and I didn't realize it would be December before all the feeling would be back.. She said the triangle of numbness would get smaller and smaller as the nerve connections grew.. I read that people had problems with salty food.. OMG I had a blacken white fish & it felt like I stuffed myself at thanksgiving!! Had to lay down. Then we went to Lamberts and couldn't eat 1/4 of my meal.. Course the meals are HUGE!!
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