5 days post op!- Novi, MI

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I have my MM scheduled for July 25th 2012. I'm...

I have my MM scheduled for July 25th 2012. I'm really excited and will post pictures of before and after when I get chance. I've really been inspired on here by many ladies that have already gone through the procedure, but have so many questions that I want to ask everyone. So hopefully, while sharing my experience will help others as well. I am scheduled for a BL, BR and a full TT, with lipo in the flanks. I'm currently a size 8 with very bad stretch marks and saggy skin and also flanks I cannot get rid of that makes me look like I have the infamous muffin top. I hide in jackets and sweatshirts constantly, even in the summer. I also have very larger breast, which I have always had. I'm almost a 34G, and am looking to be more perkier and lifted and to be a 34DD after the BL and RD. I have a wonderful 3 year old and I'm 27 and feel like I have a much older body for my age. I'm recently divorced and feel like this is a new beginning for me after my surgery. My PS was very helpful to my questions and I feel comfortable with her. I will be staying over night in a hospital after my surgery. Now that I've shared some things, I do have some questions:

Does most PS provide a pain pump for the TT?
What did you do to prepare before the surgery? Supplies, clothing, toiletries.
Any tips on making my life and my families easier? Like drain issues, getting out of bed, extra sheets?
What pain meds worked best and how was the over night care?
When did you start using creams for surgeries?
Did anyone buy their own compression garments or were those provided?
Did anyone buy their own bindings or bras? Or how were the ones provided?
When did you switch or why did you switch?
I've also seen bindings with silicone in the wrap for the TT to help with healing, has anyone tried those?

I'm hoping my BL and BR gives me perky full breasts, my PS said I didn't need implants, but I've seen on here that a lot of women have went with BL and a BA, maybe it's because I have enough fullness? I just have seen may pictures of a BL and a BR on here...

I'm really nervous about the sedation, I know a lot of people are, but it just seems like a long time. All my bloodwork has came back normal and now it's just the waiting game until my pre-op appointment!!

Well it's been over a month since I've updated,...

Well it's been over a month since I've updated, but I've paid for my surgery in full and am ready to roll! I have my meds (Celebrex (for swelling), nausea meds and Vicodin), my list of items I have bought for after care; gauze, peroxide, qtips, zip up old lady jammies, sports bras, granny pannies, pee pads, and even poise underwear, just in case I can't make it for whatever reason. The only thing now I have questions about is compression garments. I know I'll be sent home with a binder and sports bra, but I'm wondering if any of you ladies ordered a separate stage 1 and stage 2 CG? If so which ones did you like best? I know everyone is different, I'm just wondering what worked best for you and if anyone ordered more than one, since i'll be wearing it for weeks...I've been having the bad dreams before hand; for the past month now. Like: Eating after midnight and I can't have my surgery done or really graphic ones where my skin is hanging and cut off me....Weird, i know...I'm still really nervous for the surgery and the anesthesia, The hospital called and said the surgery is 5 hours long, and I don't go in until 10am and my surgery isn't until noon! I'm going to be so hungry before then. Thank you ladies so much for sharing your experiences with me, everyone has been such a great help and answering questions. I can't wait for my new body!

I keep having the weird dreams, not making it in...

I keep having the weird dreams, not making it in time of my surgery and such. My mom and boyfriend have been super helpful with this and have made it easy on my decision. I hope I'm not a super crabby person after the surgery since I'll be relying on them heavily, but in pain. The last surgery I had was when I was 16, for outpatient wisdom teeth and I don't think this will compare to what I'm having done in 5 days...yeah...5 days, but non the less, I am so excited for my results and to go shopping for new bras, underwear and clothes!!! Let the last weekend to my old self be great and here is to a new body next weekend!

2 more days and I will be on the other side. I...

2 more days and I will be on the other side. I took before pictures and am waiting to get home to post them. So besides the dreams I keep thinking about dying, I know that's weird, but I'm so scared for being put under for 5 hours. I wonder if I will ever wake up. Everyone tells me I'm crazy, and of course I am, but I'm getting really nervous now. Thinking about if I will be able to manage the pain or being unable to do anything. My sister is an ICU nurse and she said she was going to stay with me...I made the joke of "well at least you know how to do chest compressions if I need them." and then of course she said I wouldn't need them, but it makes me feel better than she has handled very sick patients and will be able to help me with things while i stay in the hospital.

Question for the ladies that have already went...

Question for the ladies that have already went through this; what did you pack to bring to the hospital with you? Or anything that helped you out for your overnight stay.

So I'm on the way to the hospital. I am so hungry...

So I'm on the way to the hospital. I am so hungry thirsty. My surgery isn't til noon. Hope I wake up on with no problems!

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I...

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I just haven't felt like it lol. My OR was running behind and was scheduled for noon. I didn't get in there until 3pm, and didn't get out of surgery until 9pm. 5.2 hours total....I guess I bled a lot during the surgery, something my surgeon didn't expect but all and all it was a success. I woke up during the surgery and asked for a cheeseburger to be put in my IV! LOL. I was so hungry, from waiting forever, not eating or drinking anything. I stayed the night and the nurses were awesome. They had me on dilauded every 5 hours, which really helped, then switched me to percocet in the morning. I went home around 1pm and the drive home wasn't the pleasant. The next day was my postop, checkup. Everything was looking good, except my belly button is a little infected, so i've been putting neosporin on that. I also learned that my PS, didn't have to sew up my stomach muscles! Which is why I haven't been in so much pain. So now as of today, I'm not taking any vicodin or pain medication. My incisions burn a bit, but are tolerable.
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