Full TT & Breastlift w/OUT Implants done on 3/20/14.

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Hello everyone!! I'm a 24 year old, proud mommy of...

Hello everyone!! I'm a 24 year old, proud mommy of two wonderful babies! (3 year old & 7 month old). I gained 45 lbs with each pregnancy and lost it both times within 4 months post delivery. I'm 5'0 and weigh 110lbs, which is actually less than what i weighed before baby #1. (i had gained 10 lbs on birth control before getting pregnant) My heaviest weight was 165, which is exactly what I weighed at the end of both pregnancies. (I was on bed rest after 25 weeks during both pregnancies too, which is what I like to blame the excessive gain of 45 lbs on... It couldn't have possibly been all of the Chinese take out and ice cream I consumed for 9 months- lol ) I started exercising 4 weeks after baby #2 and had lost 50 lbs by the time he was 6 months old. I attribute a lot of the weight loss to breast feeding. I exclusively breast fed him for the first 5 months, which burns around 500 calories a day. I was completely done breast feeding by Jan 2014, and after my milk dried up I was left with very saggy, deflated breasts. Add those boobies to the horrible stretch marks I was left with after baby #1, and you have one unhappy mommy. =(

My husband and I both agree that we do not want to add third. Therefore neither of us see any reason on postponing a mommy makeover. We know in order for me to regain my confidence a mommy makeover is a must. And we both feel like I should do it now while I'm young to get as much enjoyment as possible out of it. Diet and exercise can only do so much. The damage that was done to my body during both pregnancies is definitely something that can only be fixed by a PS. So as soon as i was done breast feeding the hunt for a PS began. After lots of researching I scheduled my consultation at Star Plastic Surgery in Novi, MI, which is about 90 minutes south east of my house.
They are a little more pricey than most places, but I figure you get what you pay for. I want only a Board certified Plastic Surgeon, and most PS in mid Michigan are not. ( most are Certified Cosmetic Surgeons who operate out of "surgery centers", not hospitals.) There are three different surgeons at Star Plastic Surgery, and I was scheduled for my consultation with Dr. Ellen Ozolins. Dr. Ozolins is a Board certified Plastic Surgeon, and she's a female. (Double yay! - I prefer female doctors. ) As soon as I met her at my first consult I fell in love with her. She is very sweet, well educated, and reassuring. When I went into my consult I had planned on getting a lift with Implants, however due to me already being a small D, she said implants definitely were not necessary since I do NOT want to add any volume to my breasts. I only want them to be nice a perky. They were DDs while breastfeeding and i definitely do not miss those huge uncomfortable, heavy things. A perky C or D is exactly what I want, and she said I would be able to accomplish those with a nice shape with out implants. So we agreed upon a tummy tuck, with a bilateral breast lift. I paid my $500 cash deposit at the end of my first consult to lock in my quoted price of $12,970. (They were running a special that week. It's normally around $16,000 for both surgeries done at once.) I paid my half down deposit around February 1st and scheduled my surgery for March 20, 2014. (I paid the surgery off in full on February 28) I had my last Pre OP consult yesterday and had my exam with their nurse. Everything went great, I got my prescriptions, signed all of the waivers, and met with Dr. Ozolins one more time to ask any questions I had. My surgery is in 2 weeks from tomorrow and I am super excited! I just want to be able to take my babies to a water park or beach with out having to hide my body and feel ashamed. Praying I will be nicely healed by the time bikini season rolls around in a couple of months (usually June here in Michigan) although with all of the snow we currently have outside it might be closer to August ;o)

2 weeks PreOp pics

Ok here are my 2 weeks pre op photos the hubby took for me . Try not to vomit. =[ weight in photos 110 lbs.

10 days until TT & breast lift. =D

So my tt and BL is in 10 days. Can't wait to say bye to these stretch marks. Here's a photo showing my weight loss progress. First photo is 4 weeks after baby #2, and I'm around 150 lbs, 3rd one is today, and I'm 109 lbs.


So at my last pre op appointment i was instructed to stop taking all vitamins. However I see tons of women posting how they continue to take theirs up until surgery, and continue them after surgery? Guess I'm just confused why I was advised to stop mine? Surgery is in 9 days! Eeeekkk so excited!!! =D

Supply Shopping! - 8 days until surgery!

So i have been working tons of OT the last 2 weeks, to make up for the time I have to take off for surgery. I work 3rd shift and so far hadn't had anytime to get to go supply shopping. Well after dropping the kiddos off at daycare today I was finally able to head over to the local Rite Aid and drop off my scripts and stock up!
Here's a list of the items I bought:
-Scar away silicone strips
-Extra strength stool softener
-Milk of Magnesia
-Sleep aid
-Gauze Pads
-Vitamin C chewable tabs
-Pre moistened Facial Cleansing wipes
-Antibacterial Dial Soap
Spent about $60 on supplies. I purchased a firm control Spanx high waisted tummy control garment last week for $55 at Khols. I have another firm control garment that I used once to wear under a dress. Its a size Med and I probably need a small, but i figure it will be good for right after surgery when I'm super swollen. I still need to get some Arnica tabs, but I couldn't find any at Rite Aid... Only 8 more days! Ekk! =D

7 days! =D

Finished picking up the last of my supplies today! And found a reclining lift chair to rent from the local Rent a Center. 30$/week to rent one but I feel it will definitely be worth it. (We don't have a reclining chair) I'm getting so excited! Can't believe I will be on the flat side in only 7 days! Time is flying by with all of this OT I'm working. I literally have only 1 day off in between now and surgery.


Only 3 more days! =D

Well today was my last day off of work before surgery. I spent the day at home relaxing, and spending time with my babies and hubby

3 more days! =D

Ugh That last update didn't post correctly! So lets try this again! I spent my last day off of work before surgery at home relaxing, and spending time with my babies and hubby

Trouble posting =/

Ugh That last update didn't post correctly! So lets try this again! I spent my last day off of work before surgery at home relaxing, and spending time with my babies and hubby


I spent my last day off of work before surgery at home relaxing, and spending time with my babies and hubby. We watched movies and ate horribly! UGH. =/ It was my last "cheat day", i hadn't had one in a long time, and I know it's nothing but low sodium and healthy choices from here on out! I went to the Rent a center 2 days ago and rented the reclining lift chair for 3 weeks. ($30/ week- already paid it off- was 99$ after taxes) Chair will be delivered this tuesday (surgery is thursday). I'm starting to feel really guilty for my hubby. He will be taking care of me, our 8 month old, and our 3 year old while I'm recovering. My mom and sister both live nearby and said they will stop over as much as possible to help. I will be staying one night in the hospital after surgery, so my mom will be staying with the kids. The overnight stay was optional but I figured one night of recovering at the hospital would be easier on me and my husband. The only thing I really have left to do is pack my bag for the hospital, and i probably wont do that until late the night before surgery.. I'm a great last minute packer ;o) Only 3 more days! YAY!!

2 days!

Surgery is in 2 days! Wow. So excited. Still doesn't seem real. I keep feeling like something of course will come up and it will need to be rescheduled.. Isn't that silly? It's like I still don't want to get my hopes up, and like I wont beileve it's actually happening until it happens. =/ Im just sooo looking forward to rocking a bikin again. I know i will still have stretch marks on my hips, one of which is alot worse than the other hip... I have been looking into some cute tattoos that i could get on my right hip to hide them... the left hip isn't as noticable so i will just deal with them on that side. Don't want to be too "tatted up" ;o) & Hubs is all for it lol I think I could shave my head bald and he would be supportive. He's always 110% behind anything I want to do. I am one lucky lady =)

My throne has arrived! ;o)

Well the reclining lift chair I rented, (aka: my new throne), was delivered today. Our 3 year old loves it lol it has a remote that controls reclining, lifting, heat, and massage. Hmmm. I might not want to give it back. The hubs says it's his to use until I go to surgery lol hopefully it makes my recovery a little easier since I will only have my hubby home helping me for 4 days. Then it will be just me there during the day. He will be taking the munchkins to their babysitter during the day while he's at work... Just over 1 day now. Currently updating from my office at work. I am a 12 hour 3 rd shifter... (7p-7:30a) . Tomorrow I am coming in for only four hrs (7p-11:30p) then going home to enjoy my "last meal" - no eating or drinking after midnight tomorrow !!! wow. Can't believe it's almost here! =D

8.5 Hours until surgery! =D

Ok so I have to leave for the hospital in 5.5 hours! wow! I just got home from working 4.5 hours at the hospital. Got some Tbell on the way home (i know- probably a bad idea) now I'm just sitting on the couch with my darling labradoodle murphy =) So back in college when I was going through college full time (Respiratory clinicals) , working part time, and had a tiny newborn baby, (all at once) I would go through bouts of irritable bowel sydrome. This would usually happen right before a major exam. The Dr. prescribed me medication but i haven't used it in years. Never had any trouble after graduating college. Well I knew it was stress triggered and apparently this surgery is making me nervous or something because all day I have had an IBS flare up. REALLY? now?! ughhh. So besides that today was fine. I work third so i slept half the day. I am super excited. I had a dream today that i woke up from surgery with a 6 pack LOL! That would be nice ;o) Well I have to be at the hospital at 7 am, and its one hour from my house. I've never actually been to this hospital so we are leaving home at 5:30a to make sure we have enough time in case we get lost or something... Surgery is scheduled for 9am. Hopefully everything will be running on time. I will be packing my kindle to read, (if I am awake enough), tomorrow after surgery. Well its almost 12:30a here. Kids and hubby are sound asleep so I am going to get a shower, get the bags packed (yes I am a last minute packer) and get the house in tip top shape. My mom is going to be here at 5:30a, take the kids to their daycare at 6:30, then drive down to see me before I go back for surgery. I haven't told my dad or in-laws.. Just my hubby, mom, sister, a few co workers, and a couple friends know about it. Okay, well off i go! Gotta get busy packing! I will try to update again in pre op! =D xoxo

In pre op!

Ok so I am in pre op with my handsome hubby =] Just got my IV in and currently under a warmer. Waiting for PS to get here to do the surgery markings. Eek. So nervous. Please send prayers. Really hoping they get here soon with something for my nerves. Just keep thinking about bikini shopping ;o) xo

17 hours POST op! Ouch!

Well I survived! Yayyy! Lol but holy moly. Way more abdominal pain than I was expecting. Geesh. And I'm not a crier. Like ever. Didn't cry during either child births but oh man! about 8 hours post op my pain meds wore off and I was crying like a baby. Seriously didn't realize how hard it would be to get around. The abdominal muscles are used way more than I realized. But other than the abdominal pain I am ok. Breast lift pain is very minimal compared to the other pain. PS told my hubby everything went wonderful. She should be by to see me later this morning... Hubs has been great like always. =] the nursing staff here at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai grace has been wonderful. From pre op, OR, and post op they have all been amazing. Nervous about the 75 minute drive home today. But gotta get home to my sweet babies . I hope the abdominal pain gets better fast because I totally wasn't anticipating it to be so intense. I'm worried I'll never be able to walk straight again. Hopefully that means I'm super tight and flat! ;o) so happy though to be on the flat side!

Made it home!

Well we made it home. Still in lots of pain. My mom is here with me while the hubby is off running errands. Breasts still don't hurt too bad. Lots of abdominal pain. Hopefully that will get better soon. Ok off to try and take a nap! Will update again later! Thank you soo much for all of your thoughts and prayers!!! Xoxo

2 days post op.

Well not much has changed. Still lots of abdominal pain . I am now taking Vicodin and ultram . I was taking just the ultram at first because Vicodin has made me very nauseous in the past. But the pain was so intense I had to try it. And so far so good! Way way better. Yay! Just taking it easy. Our 3 year old went over to my in laws house for a sleepover so it's just my hubby and 8 month old here. My mom has stopped over a few times already to help out by cleaning and what not. Hopefully the abdominal pain starts to get better soon. I am hoping that All of this pain means I will have great results. Because these abs are sooo tight. Wow. Can't wait to see under these garments. =D

Rental chair! (aka my Throne)

Oops! I forgot to write about the rental chair I am currently using! I wasn't sure if it was going to really be worth the $99 for 3 weeks of use. I almost didn't get one because I had already spent so much money on the surgery and supplies, but my hubby said he thought it would be a good idea, and really pushed for me to get one. And i just have to say WOW! I am sooooo glad I got it. It has been amazing. Definitely worth the money. It has a remote control that controls reclining, lifting ( so I can get up on my own if I'm alone- HUGE - seriously so handy), heat (-haven't used the heat option yet), and massage which I had forgot it had. Then I was whining to the hubs about how much pain my lower back was in for being hunched over and he said "Well why don't you try the chair massage?" Gosh i love that man! It felt like heaven. I am so glad I rented this chair. In two days alone it has been worth every cent I paid. If you are going to be having a MM or TT I highly recommend calling your local rent a center and investing in one. You will not regret it.

Post op day 3!

Well last night was realllly rough. I had been hesitant to take vicodin because it has made me sick in the past, but the first day I was home from the hospital I couldn't take it any more and had them call me some in. Well it definitely helped but by last night I was super nauseated and had a horrible headache. It was the first time I told my husband that I regretted having the surgery. So I quit taking the vicodin and by morning I felt sooo much better. wow. I would rather deal with the pain than feel sick from vicodin. yuck. Idk how people get addicted to that stuff. It is like hell in a pill to me. lol I took some MOM before bed time last night and within 4 hours had a BM. (tmi but it was super watery!) is that normal with MOM? Or maybe from the antibiotics? Im standing straighter today and just feel all around better. I still haven't even had a peak under my CG's. My mom is a home CNA and is going to come over and help me shower sometime today. My friend is stopping by to see me today too so that gives me something to look forward to. I took work off until Friday, April 4th, (that gives me 15 days off of work ) and I really hope that's enough time. I wont be able to add any additional time off so I'm nervous that it wont be enough. But I'm only 3 days post op, hopefully I start feeling better soon. Hubby has been amazing. He has been soo wonderful in taking care of me and the baby. Our 3 year old went to her grandparents for the weekend and comes back today. Can't wait to see her. I hadn't planned on telling my in laws or my dad about the surgery, but as soon as my daughter got over to the in laws she told my mother in law "mommy has tubes in her belly" LOL so the cat is out of the bag with the in laws. Oh well. Sorry for any typos. Dont have the energy to proof read ;o) xoxo

3 days post op.

Finally got to see under my garments. Sooo swollen . Loving the boobies though! Definitely glad I did just the lift and no implants. Love the size and placement . Can't wait for the tummy swelling to go down.

More pics - 3 days post op

Swell hell =[

Comparison photo

Day 4 Post Op.

Well i have made it to day 4 post op. Hubby had to go back to work today so he took the kiddies to day care when he left and will pick them up on his way home. So it's just me and Murphy over here relaxing! (murphy is our 2 year old chocolate labradoodle) =) I feel better in spirits today but pain is about the same. My abdominal pain does seem better but my drain sites which hadn't been bothersome at all are now very sore. =( I'm currently rotating between the vicodin and ultram . The vicodin is way better for pain relief but too much makes me sick, so every 4 hours i switch between the 2. So far that has been easier on my tummy. My mom brought me over zantac to take before the vicodin too, to see if that helped prevent some of the tummy problems.. So Idk if it's the rotating or the zantac that has made the difference.. maybe both? My best friend is a Dietician and has helped me in my post surgery meal selections.. She recommends lots of protein and low sodium, so I am eating dannon light and fit greek yogurt 2-3 times a day, and yesterday my hubby and mom make a big crock of my homemade -low sodium- chicken noodle soup -i was the direction giver ;o) turned out great ! My hubby is so sweet, he was worried about me not being able to lift the big crock out of the fridge to warm some up, so he put me some in little Tupperware dishes that are lighter and easier for me to get to. He's the best =) I also have a tube of whole wheat ritz crackers and jar of PB next to me so every time I need to take a pills I eat a couple of those.. Hubby also went and got me some fresh pineapple and grapes, he also cut up the pineapple and put in in single serving dishes in the fridge for me to have easier access to. I think he must be worried about me being here on my own. He has only been gone 3 hours and has already called twice to check up on me. He even rigged up an extension cord so the i have my phone charger, and kindle charger right next to me in case either were to go dead while he's gone. I am so impressed with how amazing he has been. He is definitely a keeper, but I already knew that ;o) This month we will be celebrating 5 years together! My friend & coworker stopped by to see me last night before she went into work and that was super nice! =) & she brought me a gift =) a recovery robe from the gap! How sweet! its super soft, light weight and verry comfortable. I love it. I am so lucky to have such a great support group. I feel so blessed to be able to have this surgery, and to also such wonderful people in my life supporting me, it is truly amazing. Well now i'm going to watch some netflix on my kindle and enjoy the peace and quiet in my normally crazy, loud home! lol Hope all of my healing buddies are feeling better today too! :o) Happy Healing everyone! xoxo

Day 5 post OP!!!

WOW! I can not believe how much better I feel today! It's amazing the difference one day can make! I haven't taken anything for pain in 6 hours, and with the help of a little benadryl, I slept amazing last night ! My drains are still very tender today but I bandaged them up with lots of gauze to put some cushion around them, and that seemed to help. I have my first post op appointment today with my PS at 1 pm. Hubby is getting out of work early to drive me down there. Already this morning I was able to get up, change all of my dressings, measure and empty drains, get dressed, make some oatmeal and coffee- all on my own! woohoo! Big girl ;o) lol Last night I was able to cuddle with my 3 year old and watch frozen. Maybe all i needed to feel better was some cuddle time with my babies =) I am still super swollen but I can tell it has gone down some today, still have a long way to go, but progress is progress. I'm even going to attempt to make myself half way decent looking to go to my appointment today. I'm hopeful that she will remove one of my drains today. I'm only draining about 40-50 cc total in 24 hours. The right one is only emptying about 10-15 cc's a day so maybe that one can go =) well I still haven't got to see my incisions due the all of the steri strips so I'm hoping to get a glimpse of those today too! Well wish me luck! Hopefully I will have some new pictures to post after my appointment today! =)

First post op appointment.

I had my first post op appointment today. I even made myself look halfway presentable for the appointment. But only halfway decent because I wore my recovery robe down there. It's just too comfy to wear anything else on a 2.5 hour round-trip car ride. ;o) The appointment went really well! I was able to have one of my drains removed. It was the more bothersome of the two drains too, so double yay! =) I was finally able to see my incisions today! My PS removed all of the steri strips on my incisions before retaping them, and they looked amazing. I was actually shocked with how flat and nice they look already. She retaped them right away so i wasn't able to get any pictures but when it's time to retape in 2 days I will get some. =) I have to go back in 2 days to get my last drain removed which is a little inconvenient because my hubby has already used so much vacation time at work for my surgery and to take me to all of my appointments. i tried asking a few friends to take me and of course they are all busy that day, so either I will need to drive myself to the appointment (which is 70 minutes one way) , or my hubby will have to use more vacation time to take me, which makes me feel super guilty. ugh. Hopefully i will be feeling up to driving myself by then, but I doubt it.. =( I had the hubby take a quick pic after the PS taped me back up. the tape on one side was super tight and caused a ripple in the pic! The breast itself is not actually rippled though..that breast is also the one that had the mini reduction too so it's very swollen and everything is pulled tight on that side right now... I'm loving the stretch mark free belly! Dr. Ozolins is an amazing plastic surgeon! I'm soo happy I decided on her as my surgeon. And I am super happy with my decision to do the breast lift with out implants. =)

Post Op - Day 6

Well everything is still going good over here. Not much new to report other than awful lower back pain. Ugh. Woke up with a sore back and stiff neck. Sleeping in a recliner is really starting to get old =/ but it will still be a while before I'm brave enough to attempt sleeping in a bed. I was however brave enough to step back on the scale today! I made the horrible mistake of stepping on it the day I returned home from the hospital and let me just say that was a bad, bad idea! Don't do it. I left for the hospital weighing 109 lbs, and the day I returned I weighed 117 lbs. Holy swell hell! So this morning I stripped down and hopped back on...(drum roll please)... 107 lbs!!! woohoo! I haven't seen that number on the scale since I graduated from high school 7 years ago! And I tried on one of my cute, pre-babies, lace bra. One that I had been holding onto knowing it would probably never fit again, but it was just too cute to get rid of... It's a 34 C from Victoria's Secret and it fit perfectly! And it looked sooo good! Hopefully my breasts stay close to this size, and that they don't lose too much volume from any swelling subsiding because I love the way they look right now. =) I can't wait to be able to go shopping for new bras, clothes, and bikinis. I have dreaded shopping for summer clothes for the last 4 years and plan on making up for lost time as soon as possible! I hope everyone is feeling great and enjoying their new hot mom bods! ;o) xoxo & as always Happy Healing!!!

Post op day 8

Hello everybody! Currently finishing up post op day #8! Yay! Feeling so much better! Still have the abdominal soreness but it's way better. Yesterday I went to see my PS and got my last drain out. I'm so happy to be drain free. Everything still seems to be going great. My friends picked me up and took me to see the new movie Divergent with them tonight. It was really nice to get out of the house for a bit and see my friends. Only thing new to report is that I notice I've been a little itchy here and there through out the day. Nothing too bad or constant and not in the same spots. Must be that healing itch I've heard people talk about? I finally remembered to ask my PS how much total skin/adipose tissue was removed during surgery, and she said a total of 510 grams was removed from my abdomen. (1.19 lbs) She said that was a significant amount on someone my size. She didn't say how much skin was removed from my breasts, but so far I've gone down almost a full cup size. She also said I could resume driving as soon as I feel up to it. I have noticed that I've been extra sleepy the last 2 days. Maybe from my body working extra hard to heal? Not really sure. So excited that the hubby has the weekend off and I'll get to see the hub and kids for two whole days! It's killing me having to send the babies to day care during the day while the hubs at work... But my PS doesn't want me lifting anything (including the kids) for at least another week still. And everyday I'm home with out them here is breaking my heart. I would say that has definitely been the hardest part of the healing process. =( Ugh. I just keep telling myself the hard part is almost over, and that all of the tough times will be worth it this summer when I'm able to take the babies to the beach and enjoy our time time there together. Well ladies I hope your all doing fantastic! =) Will update again soon!

11 Days post op!

WOW! I feel amazing. Pain is basically GONE. Just little twinges here and there in my abdomen, and still feel slight bruised around the breast tissue. But that's nothing compared to what I was feeling just a few days ago. It so amazing to me how fast your body can heal. I never would've imagine when I was 2 days post op that I could feel this good only 9 days later. My PS still doesn't want me lifting the kids so they're still going to the babysitters during the day while the hubby is at work. I will be doing some organizing and spring cleaning today. But don't worry, I will slow down if I feel I'm starting to do too much ;o) I go see my PS tomorrow and I'm hoping she will clear me to return to the gym. Obviously I know I wont be able to do weights or abdominal work but I'm hoping I can start running again. Race season is starting and I don't want to take to much time off. I go back to work friday and I am super excited to get back to the hospital. (Crazy - I know) lol Well ladies I hope you are all feeling great and I look forward to reading your updates soon! =) xo

Post op day 12

Well nothing new really! Still feeling great. I went to see my PS today and she said she was very impressed with how well I'm doing for only being 12 days post op, and she wants me to make sure I am still taking it easy before I head back to work friday night. She also said to refrain from going to the gym or exercising until I'm 4 weeks post op. I suppose I can survive 2.5 more weeks of relaxing. ;o) My hubby took the day off and went down there with me; so after my appointment he took me shopping. I am so spoiled. I got a new dress, tights, 5 new pair of panties, 2 new bras (none of my old ones fit), a new bikini, and three new pairs of shoes. I was only going to get two new pairs but my hubby actually encouraged me to get the third pair! How lucky am I?!? I don't know of many husbands who encourage their wives to spend more money while out shopping. I am one lucky lady! ;o) he's the best! He really enjoyed helping me pick out my new bikini at Victoria's Secret. ;o) he actually found the one I ended up getting. And VS was running a special today and for spending so much on a bikini ($82 after tax)- I got a free VS umbrella. Normally $68! So all in all today was a GREAT day! =) Swelling even seemed better this morning! yay. I took some pictures this am, and later in the afternoon in my new bikini! I think you can definitely see the difference in swelling in my abdomen. It was kind of hard finding a bikini bottom high even to cover my scar. =/ bummer. Hopefully it fades and isn't too noticeable after time. I had to really search to find bottoms to cover it! ugh. Let me know what you ladies think! I'm very happy with my results and can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Ellen Ozolins. She's Amazing! =)

Before & 12 days post op

Just wanted to add the side by side pics of my before and 12 days post op. Also thought I should add a picture of my hubby since I am always writing about him! ;o) He is definitely my motivation to stay healthy and fit.

2 weeks post op! - stitch ends poking out?! =/

Well today I was officially 2 weeks post op. I have been off of pain killers for the last few days, with the exception of bed time. I still take them at night, so I can sleep more comfortably. Everything seems to be going good. I have noticed a few little tiny stitches poking out here and there. Not really long enough to trim, just barely sticking out enough for me to feel them when I run my finger over the incision. My PS had trimmed a couple down at my last appointment, because I had 2 that i had noticed sticking out before I went in to see here. She had said that If I notice any more I could trim them if they are long enough that they are bothering me (which they aren't), but to basically just leave them alone and they will eventually dissolve on their own. I was just worried that the incision wouldn't heal properly with them poking out in the incision.. But she assured me it wouldn't affect healing what so ever. Hmm. Has anyone else ever noticed any little stitch ends poking out? It looks like clear fishing line.. Other than that everything is still going great. I return to work tomorrow night. I'm a little nervous but my first night back is only an 8 hour shift so it shouldn't be too bad. However the 2 nights after that I'm working 12 hour shifts. Ugh. I feel really great, but so far I haven't had to be on my feet for more than maybe an hour at the mall. And at my job (respiratory therapist - at a busy inner city hospital) you never know how your nights going to go. (I'll say a prayer to the respiratory gods that it's a slow weekend though) ;o) Annnd I will have to be switching my sleep schedule back to my 3rd shift sleeping pattern from the 1st shift sleep schedule I've been on the last 2 weeks. Ugh. Never fun. Well off I go! ** Please let me know if anyone has had any issues with the stitches poking through; and how you handled them! Thanks so much! =) xo

18 days post TT & Breast Lift.

Well where to start. It has been a rough few days for me. Last Thursday I noticed a spot in my incision wasn't healing as well as everywhere else. (Under my right breast- Where the incisions meet together.) This spot was slightly moist at my last Dr. apt. with my PS, and she had said to leave the tape off of this area so that it would dry out. Well I did, and yet everyday it seemed to look slightly worse. Well I went back to work Friday night- only an 8 hour shift. Work was fine. My assignment wasn't too bad. But Saturday I noticed a dramatic worsening to this area. I applied neosporin and gauze to the area as my surgeon had instructed should it become more problematic. I worked 12 hours saturday night, and when I got home sunday am the small area was completely opened and you could see the underlying stitch. I began to cry and immediately paged my PS. She reassured me the it is common for that area to sometimes not heal as well due to the location. (Which I already knew from all of the researching I did over the weekend.) She also said I was probably over doing it at work and needed to take the night off. (Luckily I haven't called off sick from work in over a year so I was easily able to. However, I hated to "waste" sick time though) =( So I called off Sunday night and met her at her other office first thing this morning. She examined the area and said that although it appeared horrible to me, it really wasn't that bad, and she expects it to heal up with no problems. It is not infected currently- and she wrote me an antibiotic script in case it was to become infected while she's out of town next week. (But she said the area already shows signs of healing and she didn't believe it would become infected as long as I keep the area covered with clean gauze and neosporin. I have started taking the prenatal vitamins I had left over from my last pregnancy, I restarted the vitamin C chew tabs I was taking right after surgery, and also began drinking Juven- a tissue building drink we use in the hospital for patients with wounds who are not healing as fast as we want them to. I am trying everything possible to speed up the healing process. I have been extremely depressed about this since Friday and it's basically all I think about. I am trying to be optimistic and stay positive but it's really hard because this sets me back from returning to the gym , and being the active full time working mom that's always on the go. I went through a day (Saturday) where I regretted having the surgery and just wanted to spend all day crying. I am still very happy with the results of my TT and breast lift, but this spot has me totally freaked out and super nervous. I just want to hit a fast forward button and be healed. =( I also feel embarrassed about this not healing properly. I have never been a smoker, and do not have any other health issues. I consider my self to be extremely healthy and thought I would heal great with no issues. So I guess I just feel embarrassed that this is happening to me. My husband keeps telling me how it's not a big deal and that the area is completely hidden in my breast fold and that everything looks great but I still don't feel any better =( I am just afraid from the pictures I've seen online that it could potentially get worse- and that is my biggest fear. I just keep praying to god for him to help this heal as fast as possible so I can return to my regular daily activities. Tomorrow I will be leaving to go out of town for two days for a Respiratory therapy conference so I am also sad about being away from my babies =( i will post some new ones showing my other progress at 18 days post op but I am too embarrassed to post pictures of the open incision. =( Ughh. I hope you ladies are feeling better than I am. I just feel so sad and overwhelmed with everything these days. ='( I just keep repeating "This too shall pass" and hopefully it does so quickly....

Open incision =(

Okay I guess I will be brave and post some pictures of the open incision under my right breast. =( I am so upset. Praying for a speedy recovery.

I love my Realself Family! <3

I just want to say thank you to my Realself family & who ever invented Realself. The positive encouragement I have received today was truly wonderful and I appreciated it so very much. Your kind words lifted the heaviness I was feeling in my heart and my heart feels lighter. I don't know how I would've got through this surgery and recovery with out my Realself family. Thank you realself for bringing all of us together! xoxo

Home from conference! 3 weeks Post op!

I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow!!! =D Wow. Time has flown by. I just got home a few hours ago from the conference I was at for the last 2 days. I went with two of my awesome girlfriends/coworkers, and we had an amazing time. But we did drink quite a bit of alcohol that evening, and my liquid courage led me out onto the dance floor. =/ It was super fun at the time, but lets just say the morning after my abs were veryyy sore. Ugh. Not too bad, but definitely bad enough for me to realize it probably wasn't the best idea. Surprisingly though my swelling was not bad at all. Just felt like I had did a bunch of crunches. Anndd I had a nice throbbing headache to go with it. Boo. Thanks a lot Jose. =( Oh well. Mommy doesn't get out much. lol. My breast incision is still open but I can definitely see that it's making progress. I am done stressing out about it and feel at peace with the situation. Thank you again to my realself fam! You ladies are truly amazing and I wish I could jump through the computer and give each of you a giant hug! =) **(So pretend this is me hugging you)** The conference was also the first time I have got all done up in cute clothes since my surgery. And I was LOVING the way my clothes fit. I had to get new jeans because I literally didn't own a single pair that fit! Yay. Bought 2 pair of size 25's! Never ever have I worn that small of a size since i graduated high school. THANK YOU Dr. Ozolins! I loved showing off my hot mom bod! I saw many colleagues at the conference who I hadn't seen in a couple years and I received many compliments on how good I looked. That felt so nice. =) Definitely helped raise my spirits after battling with the "open incision blues". Well I hope all of my RS sister are feeling great and healing wonderfully! I haven't been able to get on here the last couple days so I will be heading over to all of your pages now to check out your recent updates! =) xoxo

24 Days post op.

Hello! Not much new to update! My open incision has really progressed with healing over the last couple days. I can't even express how happy that makes me. I pray it continues to heal fast because I am dying to get back in the gym. I feel so tired all of the time and can really tell I'm starting to lose muscle tone =( ughhh. I don't see my PS again until the week after Easter and hopefully she will give me the green light to start exercising again. I have so much more energy when I'm exercising daily. And working 3rd shift, I can use all of the help I can get. =/ Well I will try to update with new pictures tomorrow! Happy healing!

25 days post op w/ new pic.

Okay I snapped a new pic this morning while changing tape and dressings. Not the best pic, but you can see the swelling has gone down some over my upper abdomen. I can still tell I'm swollen over the lower abdomen especially when I turn sideways. I feel "thicker" through the lower abdomen than I did pre TT. Well happy Monday everyone! I am off to sip on my Caramel Starbucks coffee ( straight from the keurig) before the babies get up! I'm usually off of work tonight but someone requested a vacation day so I have to go in for 8 hours (11p-7:30a). =( Which means when my hubby gets home at 3:30, it's back to bed I go. Boo. Okay, I'm done whining. ;o)

25 days post op pic

hmm pic didn't seem to post. Trying it again...

Silicone Sheets !

I will be 4 weeks post op tomorrow! Wow. I can't believe it. I feel wonderful. Basically pain free, unless I cough, sneeze, or laugh too hard. Yay. I started using the silicone scar sheets yesterday. They were like 20$ for a box at Rite Aid. I cut them down to strips and I only used about half of the box the cover my TT scars. I haven't put them on my breasts yet, as those are still healing; where as my TT is pretty much healed. My open incision has been doing a lot better, and appears to be in the final stages of healing. I am soo happy about that. Swelling seems to be much better the last few days. I had my hubby take a couple new pics for me yesterday when I woke up. I am no longer sleeping in my compression garment. It was killing my back. I wear my post op binder during the day when I'm at home, and my spanx high waist compression panties whenever I leave the house. But nothing at night. For a bra I am wearing a sports bra unless I'm at work, then I am just wearing a regular bra. I know I probably shouldn't be wearing an under wire bra at work, but I just can't work in any thing else. I hate the flat chest look I have in a sports bra.. I haven't needed anything for pain at work in over a week. I finally lost the couple lbs I gained back at, so I was back down to 105 lbs on the scale yesterday. I am sad that my PS said NO to tanning. She said it would make my scars much darker and to avoid all sunlight to those areas for a year. Booo. I am going to be one pasty white- white girl!! Wahhh. I thought about trying to tan and just covering the scars, but then I would have some super funky tan lines. Ugh. Idk If I can handle being this white for another week, let alone a whole year. =( I am so excited for summer to get here so I can start showing off my new sexy bod. My husband LOVES how amazing my results are. His sister stopped over yesterday, she's 18, and I was showing her my scars and progress because I hadn't seen her in a couple weeks, and as soon as we came out he was like "Did you show her your stomach?!?!" lol I think he's proud! ;o) And she said "Umm.. you look better than me and I haven't had any babies!" =D ( total lie though because she is super fit w/ a 6 pack!! ) lol Well I would write more butttt I have a cranky 9 month old who's demanding his mommies attention now! ;o) Hope you are all doing FAB! Happy Healing beauties!!! xoxox

Silicone sheets

These are the scar sheets I started using yesterday! $20/ box at Rite Aid! =D

5 weeks post op!

Hello beauties! Wow I have been SO busy lately with spring cleaning, Easter, and work. I am SO sorry I haven't been updating as much the last couple of weeks but there really hasn't been much new to update you on. I feel amazing. No pain, sleeping comfortably and just all around I feel really good. The only thing I have to complain about is the itching!! Oh my goodness. My incisions get so itchy sometimes. Not like dry skin itch, but like an under the skin, healing kind of itch. Ahh. So annoying sometimes. But I'll take that over the pain any day. ;o) I quit using the silicone sheets after only 1 day. They really made the itching worse. So I am back to just using the paper tape. I have been PMS'ing this last week and feel so gross. I have been eating more (SO HUNGRY) and on top of the bloating I feel like a huge blimp. Ugh. So I wont be posting any new pics until this bloating and few extra pounds are gone. ;o) (I hate Aunt flow!!!) ugh. I had an appointment scheduled with my PS for tomorrow but we both had to reschedule for next week.. I was hoping I would get the green light to start exercising tomorrow, so I am going to call today and see what she says.. I hate to wait another week until I see her. I am dying to start running. The weather is so nice and I am very eager to get the jogging stroller out and take my babies for some runs around our subdivision. They love it as much as I do. My open incision is sooo much better. It is almost completely healed. The power of prayer is amazing. Thank you all so much for your amazing support and kind words. You have no idea how much I appreciated it throughout that very stressful time. xoxo!!!!! I hope you are all having a wonderful spring and enjoying your new hot bods!! Summer is almost here and we can finally reap the benefits from all of the pain we went through! YAY. Every time I go to the mall I get so excited to wear all of the things I have been avoiding for the last 4 years! =D Happy Healing to all!!

5 weeks post op.

Okay here's a 5 week post op pic. (I will technically be 5 weeks post op tomorrow ) =] don't mind the extra couple lbs and horrible bloating I've got going on. Ugh.

39 days post op Pics.

Here are some new updated pictures. I love the side by side one. I Never dreamed I could have results like that in only 8 months. So thankful for my hubby for keeping me motivated!!!! =] I can't wait to see what I can look like after getting back to the gym... Maybe I could get a 6 pack for the first time ever in my life?! Lol wishful thinking ;o)

80s fest

My hubby and I went to 80s fest this past weekend and had a blast. Thought I'd share some pics ;o) hope you all enjoy a good laugh! Lol

Post operative care.

Well I am feeling slightly frustrated these last few days with the surgery center I went through to have my procedures done. Quite frankly I am not at all happy with the post operative care I have received. I was last seen there when I was 12 days post op, and have not been seen there since. I have had multiple appointments cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with my PS being in surgery. Which I understand stuff comes up and appointments need to get rescheduled. However, I expect to be able to get in at a different day and time within that week. And each time I get rescheduled I am told I can't get in until the following week. So my appointment that was originally supposed to be right after Easter was pushed back twice and was then scheduled for Tuesday May 6. Let me remind you that my last appointment there was on April 1st when I was only 12 days post op. I did meet my PS at her other office for an urgent visit when incision opened on April 7. That still puts almost 4 weeks in between visits. Needless to say I am not happy. I do not find this to be acceptable post operative care for the procedures that I had done (Full TT and bilateral breast lift with a mini reduction). After being frustrated the last 2 days due to yet another appointment getting cancelled I called today and asked to speak with the office manager. She was very apologetic about the situation and seemed upset that this had happened to me. She was able to put me on the schedule to see my PS tomorrow after she gets out of surgery. (An option that I was told was not possible when they called to reschedule me yet again 2 days ago.) I understand that my Dr. is very busy between working at 2 offices and performing surgery, but I feel that more of an effort could of been made by the office staff to get me seen by either my PS, or another Dr. at their office, as they have multiple surgeons who work there. I would have been fine with seeing another PS there to just have a quick check up and get cleared to exercise. I just feel that not seeing a pt. again from 2 weeks post op until 6 weeks post op is unacceptable. Luckily my open incision healed with out further complications, but I am also upset that with them knowing I had this issue they let me go so long in between appointments. Especially with out even calling to see how the situation was resolving. I am still very happy that I had Dr. Ozolins as my surgeon; and do not feel that she is what so ever at fault for the issues I have encountered with the staff in charge of scheduling. I am very happy with the results of my procedures, I am just disappointed with the postoperative care I received at Star Plastic Surgery of Novi. Hopefully due to me speaking up to their office manager about these issues will prevent them from treating another patient this way in the future.

6 weeks post op.! woohoo! =D

I am 6 weeks post op today!!! WOW! I can not believe it. Time has flown by crazy fast. I feel great and am thrilled with my results. I saw my PS today for my 6 wk apt and she gave me the green light to return to the gym! YAY. But the next few days will be super busy so more than likely I wont be able to start back at it until Monday morning. But Monday is a good start day I suppose. She said I am free to return to the gym with no limitations. She said I can do abdominal exercises such as crunches too!! But to just not push my body too far if I'm uncomfortable, or experiencing pain. My surgeon also said that everything was looking great and she seemed very happy with my results. I just love her. She is the sweetest lady ever and an AMAZING doctor. I'm very happy I chose her as my PS. (can't say that enough!!!!) I had the hubby take a quick pic with clothes on when we got done shopping last night. Its at the end of the day, which is when I notice I still get a tad swollen. I think you can tell in the pic. Well everybody, I hope you are all having an amazing spring and enjoying the nice weather. We are trying to get a start on the spring yard work but every night that we try it starts raining. Oh the joys of a Michigan spring. ;o) Happy healing ladies!!! xox

7 weeks post op.--Returned to the gym

Hello everyone! Happy spring! =) I hope the weather is nicer where you are than it is here in Mid-Michigan. Rain, rain, go awayyyyy. ;o) Well I returned to the gym two days ago... (Monday morning) and I went again today (wed morning). So far I've just done the aerobics class and light cardio. The abdominal work was a tad tough at first. I was definitely sore during the exercise, but I felt fine afterwards. However, I was in swell hell like no other when I got home! But by the time I woke up 6 hours later it was all gone. I am very excited to be back to exercising and would like to lose about 3-5lbs. I think the biggest thing I should do to achieve that goal would be to cut out on alcohol. I definitely like to enjoy a glass of wine, or a cocktail at night with my hubby and I know it's horrible for you. Ugh. All the good things are! ;o) jk! But Hopefully exercising again will help me go down a couple lbs... I went to a "little black dress party" a few nights ago for a friends birthday. I had to buy a size XS and it was so nice to be able to wear a skin tight dress without having to wear a spanx under it! =) best feeling ever. I was also able to wear an adhesive/strapless bra, which I never would've been able to wear before my surgery. I am so happy with my results , but I definitely can't wait for the tt scar to start fading. I will post updated pics sometime soon! Hugs and kisses to all & happy healing!! ;o) xoxo

Scar pic

Well I haven't posted any updated TT scar pics in quite a whole so here it is. Can't wait for it to fade... I went to the gym this morning so I'm slightly swollen.. Ugh. And Just feel all around yucky today. Thanks to Mother Nature/aunt flow. Bitches. ;o)

Pre op & 7 wks post op

Side by side pic.

8 weeks post op.

Ok I'm on my phone so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. It's late but I didn't want to miss posting on the 8 wk post op mark! So this morning I had some sharp shooting pain on the right/middle of my TT incision. Must be nerve sensation coming back or something? Holy ouch!!!! Went away after an hour or so and hasn't came back thank goodness! I am struggling a bit with my weight lately. I have gained a few lbs back and am sitting at 108 lbs. I haven't been eating the best and haven't been exercising as much as I am trying to ease back in at 3 days/wk to start.. Next wk I'm going to go to 4 days/wk and start really watching the calories. I can really feel the weight gain in my love handles. Blah. Hubby says I'm crazy lol I took some quick pics on my camera in the bathroom mirror. Not the best quality photos but I felt like something was better than nothing! ;o) I'll post better ones soon. I think hubs is sick of me asking him to take post op pictures! lol oh well!!! =]

10 wks post op.

Hello beauties! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and had awesome weather! It's been a busy couple of wks so I have been slacking on the updates. I'm sorry. So I'm on my phone so sorry about any typos. Will try and keep it short and sweet ;o) exercising is going good. I've been doing 3-4 days a wk at the gym and running at home too. I feel really good. It's soooo much easier to run since having the breast lift/ mini reduction. I love it. Abdominal exercise are still tough but I just modify when necessary . My family and I had quite the busy Memorial Day wkend. My daughter turned 4 on Saturday so we threw her a party, Sunday we went to the Detroit tigers mlb game, and Monday the kids were in our towns annual Memorial Day parade . It was a great wkends with awesome weather. Don't worry I will post lots of pics! ;o) lol and I will try and be better about updating I promise! =] happy healing to all!!' Xoxo

4 months post Op!

Well hello there everyone!! It's been way too long since I last updated! To say this summer has been super busy would be a major understatement . Oh my goodness! Two birthday parties for my babies, a bridal shower/ bachelorette party for my little sister, and her wedding. (I was the maid of honor so I was super busy helping her...) and my family and I just got back from our yearly camping trip. Oh and I work full time! Pheww. So busy. But let's see... I've been back to running/exercising for a while now. Still have post workout bloating in the abdomen. Goes away after a few hours.. The farthest run I've had so far this summer is 5.5miles. I Feel completely back to normal. I'm still very happy with my results. I do wish the TT scar was a little lower, but I know that's a common feeling among us who've have a TT.. I am super happy with my breasts. Mi think they have a great shape for not getting any implants. They are nice and perky and the exact size I was hoping to have. A size 32/34 C cup. I have to admit I have been a little more laxed on my diet this summer. Definitely enjoying some fruity summer cocktails on my nights off with the hubs. And with everything that's been going on I haven't been in the gym, or running as much as I should be. But michigan summers aren't very long so I'm enjoying the nice weather and spending time with my family. Trying not to be too hard on myself and just enjoy this niece weather. It's nice to be able to take the kids to the beach and not be self conscious about my body. My husband definitely loves showing me off. ;o) shopping is do much fun. Everything fits so much nicer! Only problem is I want to buy it all lol!!! I'm currently weighing in at 109 lbs. of course i would like to get back down to 105 but Im not gonna stress on the number on the scale for at least a couple more weeks. ;o) in the meantime I'll just be over here relaxing and enjoying summer time with my sweet babies and hubby! My little man just turned 1 last week! On my phone so sorry for the typos! Happy summer everyone! Xoxoxo

Wedding anniversary .

Ok so I know this is totally non TT/MM related but today is my wedding anniversary so I thought I'd share! We have been married 3 years now. (Together 5.5yrs) Love him more everyday. He was my biggest supporter during my mommy makeover journey and I'm so thankful to have him as a husband. Looking forward to 100+ more years with him.


Ok so today I started the home exercise program called Insanity... Here's is my day 1 photo. Hoping to have abs like the people in the commercials when I finish in 63 days! ;o)

11 months ago I began my weight loss journey...

About 4 weeks after giving birth to baby #2 my husband was sick of hearing me whine about still having to wear my maternity clothes. I refused to buy a size Large but I couldn't fit into my pre baby clothes. Every time I would have to get dressed and make my self presentable I would become extremely depressed and cry. In sure the post baby hormones didn't help ;o) finally he had enough and said "that's it. I'm done listening to this. You are starting your diet/exercise regimen today." I wasn't sure about it because I had just given birth 4 wks prior (vaginal birth) and my DR. Hadn't cleared me to return to exercising. My husbands reply was "you know your body and can tell if you need to stop or ease up. Do what you can do." So he took my "Day 1" picture and I hoped back on the exercise wagon and took off. This photo was taken around August 20th, 2013... The other one was just a few days ago... That's less than 11 full months in between. I think the side by side pictures speak for them selves. Results don't happen over night. They take time, persistence , patience, dedication, and motivation. 11 months ago if someone would've shown me a picture of how I'd look today is say that there was no way I could possibly look like this. But with many hours in the gym, lots of calorie counting, and some help from Dr. Ozolins I think I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. I feel stronger, and more physically fit than I did 5 yrs ago while I was working at Hooters before having my first baby. I am so thankful my husband got sick of my whining and gave me the push I needed to get back my control over my body and health. I am happy to say that I am 56 lbs lighter and 100% more confident. I currently weigh 109 lbs do therefore I've lost over half of my current body weight in only 11 months... I know If I can do it anyone can.
Farmington Physician

She is one of the nicest doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. (& I work in a hospital with lots of Dr.s) She is punctual, kind, intelligent, reassuring, and just all around extremely caring. She never made me feel rushed, and always answered my questions in great detail. I am so happy I chose her as my surgeon. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have cosmetic surgery. Should I ever need any cosmetic surgery in the future she would definitely be my first choice. =) However, as for Star Plastic Surgery center of Novi themselves I have not been impressed with the post op follow up care. I have had like 4 of my post op appointments cancelled/ rescheduled. And in my opinion the staff has not been friendly or accommodating over the phone in regards to rescheduling my appointments. I have not been seen in their office since I was 12 days post op, and I am now 40 days post op. They continually reschedule my appointments due to conflicts with her being in surgery. Anything in this review that I have gave less than 5 stars is in no way due to Dr. Ozolins. She is amazing and I think she is a wonderful surgeon, anything under 5 stars is a direct review of Star Plastic Surgery Center of Novi. Not of Dr. Ozolins. She is all around a 5 star surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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