33 Year Old...Lost 130 Lbs...2 Kids and MUCH Needed Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Breast Lift and Implants!! - Novi, MI

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I was overweight my ENTIRE life. At the age of 23,...

I was overweight my ENTIRE life. At the age of 23, I decided to have the Gastric Bypass and lost a 130 lbs. I got married and had two kids. So the access skin I have is ridiculous...and lets not even get me going on what my boobs look like!!! I call them "Magdas" because they look like Magda's boobs in the movie "Something about Mary"!!! There is a scene where they show the old woman changing and it flashes her shriveled, flat, wrinkled boobs...and since that is what mine look like...I call them Magdas!!! :)

12 days till the big change!!!

I never posted any pictures, so here are a few of me now. I'll include my before the gastric bypass picture too! (I don't know why the pictures are sideways...) I will add "more accurate" before pictures before the surgery!!

8 more days!!!

I can't believe it...8 more days before my surgery! I can't wait! My husband went with me on Saturday to my pre-surgical visit! We decided to go a little bigger with my implants! I originally chose 350cc but my husband and I decided to up it to 400-450 cc's. Here are some current picture...and to be honest, it's hard to post them because I am do embarrassed and disgusted.

...and we hit a bump in the road...

So...Thursday I had a minor tooth ache that turned into a major tooth ache on Friday. I couldn't eat and latex with my head on my desk at work. I was told not to take anything except Tylenol which wasn't helping. So I got into the emergency dentist and had to have an emergency root canal this morning...4 days before my surgery!!! I was put on antibiotics which hopefully doesn't affect the surgery and I am only taking Tylenol for the pain...I have never felt pain like this...EVER! I have to add...I am a strong girl & my pain tolerance is high. I had the gastric bypass and never took any of the liquid Vicodin they gave me! I had knee surgeries and never needed pain meds, but this tooth ache brought me to tears! My husband freaked out because he was scared because I was crying! Anyway...I'm so excited for Wednesday and can't wait to get my new body!!!


I meant to say...I laid with my head on my desk! Not latex!!!


So...I had to postpone my surgery! It was scheduled for Wednesday the 3, which would have been my sons 2nd day of kindergarten! I planned it that way so I wouldn't miss his first day of school!!! Well...would you know my kids did not have school on their first day! Their school was the ONLY school on the state of Michigan that was closed due to a power outage!!! Can you EVEN believe it! So, his first day of school ended up being on the 3rd, so I had to move my surgery to Monday! I would not forgive myself if I missed his first day of kindergarten to get an optional surgery! So, Monday is the big day...I will update after!

Today is the BIG day!!!

I'm up and ready! I'm nervous and anxious! I pray everything turns out perfectly! I'm so ready for this, but not the nerves are setting in!!! Heading out and saying prayers!!!

On my way home...

I'm out and on my way home !!!! The new me!!!!!! I feel very swollen!!! Ugh

Day 1 post Op...

I'm doing great! I feel ok, not in pain but lots of pressure on my chest! Overall, I'm good!!!

Can I edit my date?

My original date was the 3 but just had it yesterday...can I change the date in my profile?

Info obtained!!!

My husband and my sister were with me for my surgery. My sister is a nurse and my husband...let's just say he should stick to painting cars!!! Well my sister just came to check on me and have me the lowdown of everything! First thing is the surgery center lost power an hour into my surgery which freaked my sister out! People in the waiting room were screaming but then the generators kicked on and it was fine! Then I guess because I literally had no boobs but skin the doctor had to put in bigger implants and two different sizes. My left breast has a 440cc and my right one is 425cc's! Other that that everything is great and I feel good!

Day 2 post op and day I got to SHOWER!!!

I finally got to shower! It felt so good! My sister is AMAZING and is taking great care of her baby sister! Here are some pictures from today! I go for my post op appt. tomorrow. What bra is good for after a breast augmentation? Any ideas???!!!! ????????????

PO day 6

It's Sunday and I am exhausted from a busy weekend! I'm finally laying down and resting! Here are some pictures I just took tonight! Btw...I WANT THIS DRAIN OUT!!!!!!!!

1st Bikini...EVER!

I bought my very first bikini! I'm still swollen, but here are some pictures!!! My husband and I were joking around saying we can't tell which side we like better...the side with the drain or the side with the huge bruise! ????????????
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I loved her when I met her and felt so comfortable right away!

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