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Ok..... So this is my first time... I am 27 days...

Ok..... So this is my first time... I am 27 days away from my procedure, and I couldn't be more happy. I am not scared or nervous at all... I am just ready to see my results. I am a mom of 3 beautiful kids. I have always been tiny, but after having my first child at the age of 16 I got extra skin and stretch marks that just wouldn't go away no matter how much I dieted or worked out. Now that I decided I don't want anymore children, I am finally ready for my two piece bikini body again and a smooth look in any form fitting clothes. I love my body, but I know I will love it more after my procedure and after this saggy skin is gone! I just cant believe that I am finally going through with this. I finally paid off my procedure a couple of days ago and I know it will be totally worth it!

23 days until surgery-- tummy tuck with muscle repair.....So excited

I am so excited for my surgery. Here are two pics before surgery... As you can see the saggy skin. I really don't like hearing I don't need a tummy tuck or I am already tiny. I honestly want my body back before kids... and I know I am going to be very happy after surgery.

Feeling a little sad today

Ok all...... so I am wondering if any moms are feeling like me now, or have felt like this before. I am not scared of the surgery or anything but I am starting to get very sad because on Friday I had my pre surgical appointment and my nurse told me I wont be able to pick my 14 month old daughter for at least 3 weeks. I know that is going to kill me. I am very close with all of my kids, especially my baby girl. :( This makes me sad that I will just have to watch daddy and other family take complete care of her. Idk..... have any of you other moms that had tummy tucks felt like this??

13 days Pre Op!!! Getting excited!

Ok so I thought id post some more post pics just so that the ladies can see more of the yucky need pre TT. 13 more days to go before I am on the flat side!

9 Days Until the BIG day

Hey ladies, I am getting so excited that my surgery is only 9 days away. Where is the time going? I cant wait to see the results. The only thing that I think about it this transformation. No more saggy skin! Good bye extra skin, Hello flat side. :)


Hi ladies..... so I am getting a little anxious, since tomorrow is my big surgery day. I will have my new body and tummy and I am just SO happy. It seems as if the days have just flown by. I remember thinking I had two months, and now its just a matter of hours before I will be getting put to sleep and having my procedure.... I am not scared, but I don't think I am prepared for what the pain will feel like. I guess if I can have 3 babies naturally then I can handle anything, right? Idk I've always felt like moms who've had C-sections were stronger because they had to be cut AND then still take care of their baby while healing. Oh boy, I want to just hurry up and get it over with before I have a heart attack just thinking. Is this normal ladies?? Yall keep me in your prayers, I will be at the surgical center at 9am tomorrow morning. I will share pics as soon as I can..... Wish me luck! :)

Post op day 1

Ok ladies so I made it ! I am on the flat side! Well at least the side with the binder. Surgery seemed like a breeze. When I woke up they gave me apple juice and I threw that up in the car. That was the only time I threw up. But right now the pain is hurting a little more than it did yesterday. It feels the worst by my hips because that's where my incision is. I also feel like my binder isn't that tight. But my dr said tomorrow 48 hours after she wants me to take a bath and gently dab my incision. Then dry it with a blow dryer. My dr ended up giving me a drainless incision. So that's a plus. I'm hunched over like an old lady but I know that's what to expect... Over all I still say that surgery was completely worth it!

Post op day 2

Ok ladies so last night wasn't as bad as the first night. I am feeling a little better than last night but still tired. Still no BM, I'm hoping to hve one later today. But here is a few pics so far. Still some swelling above the incision but it's to be expected.

Post op day 4

I finally had a BM!!! Thank God for that! I took abt 5 colace and some milk of magnesia and if def got me going, I mean I know it's tmi but it was like an explosion! I hve a buldge above my incision that I feel isn't going down but maybe its me. I'm tired as ever and I can't wait until this healing process is over. Can someone please look at my belly and tell me if its swollen above my incision,..

Post op day 5

Ok so I finally had my appointment with my dr and she assured me everything was healing as expected. She changed my dressing on my incision and on my belly button and she also put me at ease. She told me that I don't hve seroma and that I just had swelling underneath the belly button. I was having a major panic attack since I had a drainless TT and there was puffyness above the incision. She did tell me to buy a tight spanks and out that on since the binder was too loose on me. So right after my appt I went to get a diff binder/spank and it's pushed me in incredibly. So now it's just up to timr and gravity to see if my swelling in my belly goes down!

Feeling very good

Hey yall, just a quick update! I had my surgery abt a week ago and If I had the chance to do it again I sureky would. Today was the first day I took a shower. It was really weird but I managed! I just feel like once u get thru the first week then your good!! I'm still swollen a little which is expected. But I am overall happy.... So that's a good thing, right??

2 weeks Post OP

Hi Ladies, life has been hectic since I have been back to work. But here is a quick update. So I went back to work on Monday 3/30, which was 11 days post op. I was not in any pain but I was still majorly hunched over. My incision is healing great. But I have a little spot that is draining. I have been advised by my Dr that I should keep gauze and Neosporin on it. I still am swollen and feel like I have a baby pooch like right after giving birth. But my dr has advised me that it will all be flattened out with time, and with the swelling going down. Idk how long it takes for the swelling to go down, but we shall see....

Offical pics from post op week two

Just pics from today

2 weeks 4 days post op

Hi Ladies...... So I have a question..... How long am I going to have this swelling in my lower belly area? It reminds me of being 3-4 months preggo. My PS said that swelling is normal but I just hate looking at this pooch. Has anyone experienced this?? Can someone please tell me how long before the swelling disburses some. I can't stand it. I know that it can take a while for it all to go back down, but I can't even button ANY pants. All I wear comfortably is yoga pants or leggings.... Anyone who has already had their TT and is further along than me please help me!!!

3 week post op

Hello ladies,
Today makes me 21 days post op and also 3 weeks post op. I must admit, I am far from bring 100% normal again. I feel like I am 50%. So I still have a long way to go. The bulge I have and the swelling is what really gets to me. I know that swelling on something major like a TT take time but I just feel like I am not seeing any results. I am just ready to feel normal again. Im still not wearing anything cute yet. Only work clothes and leggings. Smh.....idk how long it will take for me to feel normal again, but I will tell you that I am just ready to not feel so overwhelmed all the time. Next week i start a new job and I am really looking forward to it. Its part time, so I am hoping that I will be able to get some more rest. Going back to work one week post op is why I think I feel like this. My recommendation is to at least wait two weeks. Wait so that you can give your body time to rest and heal more. I will post pics later tonight for you all to see the newest results. :(
Pray for my recovery yall.

3 weeks pne day post op pics

4 week 1 day post op

Hello ladies..... This journey has been something in explainable. The recovery has kicked my butt so far. By all means I am getting better each day. When I wake up before I start doing my normal activity my belly is not as swollen. As the day goes on it becomes more swollen and right before I go to bed its swollen as hell. Right now I am still feeling depressed wondering if I should've even gotten a TT. But I'm guessing I just need to be more patient with my swelling, I mean it can't last forever right. I'm still hunched over and making sure I try to stand tall but the tightness sometimes gets to me. I'm no where near 100%, I would say right now I'm about 60. Slowly getting there.

5 weeks post

Hi beautiful ladies. I am just about 5 weeks post TT surg. I must say it has been a journey. Each week I feel more and more back to normal. I would say I'm about 65% myself. I see my ps on Saturday. I haven't really been in any pain. Just my lower back hurts from hunching. I really try not to hunch that much if I can help it. I am still wearing my spank per my ps orders. I don't wear it while I sleep. I'm still slightly swollen above my incision. But it's expected so it's not really a big deal anymore. When I wake up I'm completely flat but as I begin my day I start to swell more. Overall I'm just taking things one day at a time and trying to fully recover the best way I can. My RS sister told me to drink lemon water 24/7 so that's what I've been doing. I still can't sleep on my tummy yet, which is how I normally slept, but at least now I can sleep on my sides. I'm glad things are starting to improve.

5 week post op pics

2 month post op

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