Finally At Age 23 I Had This Done! - Nova Scotia, NS

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So I've been lurking this site for months and...

So I've been lurking this site for months and months now, and I decided to finally make my first post!

I'm 23, and I've hated my nose for as far back as I can remember. As soon as I learned that there was a surgical procedure that could fix this, I think I had pretty much decided that eventually one day when I was older I would get this done, it was only a matter of time and money.

This past year has been when I really started seriously looking into my options for this. After making some calls regarding consults and financing, the ball just started rolling from there, and even though I wasn't really originally planning on getting it done, I realized I finally had the opportunity and decided to take it. I finally had to bring it up to a couple people in my life, such as my mom and 1 of my close friends. Even though this has been something that has consumed my thoughts in the past, I have never brought it up to anyone, because even discussing my nose with people close to me made me really uncomfortable. In fact just the mention of noses at times would make me cringe inside and try and hide mine somehow. Although I will say with age my insecurities regarding this have gotten way better than they used to. However it was still something I was very aware of, and disliked about my face.

My mom took it very well which was surprising to me. I did feel a little bad though saying this since I do get my nose from her, and didn't want to insult her in anyway. I made her promise not to tell my dad until I was sure I was going through with it, but she slipped anyway. Turns out he was really supportive, which was probably the most surprising out of everyone. My best friend has been great about it as well. Other than that I'm not really telling anyone until it's over and done with, I just think it'll be easier that way. Family and friends are easy, although I know some of my extended family will definitely be judgmental about it. But I am a little worried about going back to work and telling my co-workers, as well as I went on a couple dates with this guy right before my surgery and now have had to put him off saying I couldn't see him again until after my surgery and recovery (which I haven't specified what I had done). So that'll be interesting when I see him again haha.

I am now seriously starting to wish I had taken more time to really think about what I wanted and more thoroughly discuss this with my surgeon. I think I was just so excited I kept forgetting things and didn't take the time to really think it through.

Now here I am, 4 days post op and seriously worried that my results are not going to be what I really wanted. My major issue was my hump that I had. That's always been what has had be the most self conscious. However recently I've realized I wasn't really a big fan of my tip either. I tried to articulate that during my consult saying I thought it was "droopy" when I guess a better way to describe it would be slightly bulbous. and projected kind of far out. However my surgeon said my tip was fine and explained what he would do for the hump via a closed rhinoplasty, as well as do some cartilage work, and how this would shorten my nose, and my bridge would be narrower as well as give me either a straight of scooped nose.

However looking at my nose now I'm really not sure if this is going to be what I want, although it is hard to tell with swelling and the cast still on. Part of me thinks maybe it's better without altering the tip too much since I do still want to look like me and natural, as well as I know a too small nose would not match my facial features, but part of me is regretting perhaps not doing exactly what I wanted when I've waited for so long for this, gone through the pain and recovery (not to mention the money I'll be paying). I'm also a little worried because the surgeon said I'd have no external incisions, then when I woke up the nurse said I had stitches on both my nostrils, and when I got home it turns out I only have stitches on my right nostril.

I know from seeing other peoples posts its normal to question things and worry about the result before the cast comes off (which I'm getting off on Friday!) but I guess I just wanted to get some feedback and see what you guys thought. I know there's no way to tell the results at this point obviously, but I'm just so anxious about it! Sorry if this isn't very organized and hard to follow!

So, turns out today was the day to get my cast...

So, turns out today was the day to get my cast off, not tomorrow. This made me very happy! That cast was annoying when my nose would get itchy underneath, and I couldn't wait to actually be able to clean my hair properly. So my appointment was for 10 am this morning. I was super excited/nervous for the big reveal. Taking the cast off was uncomfortable and did hurt a little but for a second at one point, but overall not too bad. I had a couple little stitches that needed to come out as well, those weren't too bad coming out either really. Although I did take preemptive painkillers this morning just in case. Seeing my new nose for the first time was so surreal. Touching it down the bridge without feeling the bump there is even weirder. But I have to say, I am absolutely ecstatic with the results! As far as I can tell I don't even have that much swelling, at least not near as much as I was expecting. I have a little of my bruising left under my eyes, but my concealer easily covers it. My nose is still very tender to the touch, and hurts like hell if I scrunch my face by accident, moving the nose. Every time I pass a mirror or any reflective surface I'm checking out my nose haha it's so weird. So I'm definitely putting it down as worth it, because even if my nose stayed like it is now I would be totally happy with it because it's already such an improvement on what I had before. I'll post up some pics as well! However, I still have lots of crusty gunk stuck in my nose that the saline spray I've been using hasn't really helped to dislodge, and it's kind of uncomfortable. I've read using q-tips and hydrogen peroxide can help, which I've done but I don't really want to go much further than my nostril/immediate tip area. Any tips?
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