Vaser of the Upper and Lower Abs & Flanks @ Selston Cosmetic Clinic - Dr S R Bassi, Nottingham, UK

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About me. 35 Y Male. Not fat but pockets of podgy...

About me.
35 Y Male.
Not fat but pockets of podgy fat on my belly. 34 inch trouser size and the belly measured around 36 inches. Does not look fat with my clothes on but the belly and moobs make it unsightly with my top off. Feel conscious swimming and in the sauna etc.

D Day
I arrived at the clinic an hour before the procedure. I filled out all the paperwork and signed my life away. I was given a relaxant and changed into my dressing gown and shorts.
I went into the the surgery room and it lasted about 3 hours.

The initial pricks were painful and once the tumescent fluid was in it was numb. I could feel my belly swell up and get stiff. The probe was pushed in and i could feel the ultrasound and feel a ringing in my ears. I think the effect of the sedative wore off really quick.

I could see the fat being sucked out and in the tall jar. 5 liters of tumescent fluid was used and that was about the maximum i could be given. 1.8 liters of fat was removed in total.

Once the surgery was done. i stood up and pressed the stomach to get more fluid out. it was a lot of fluid oozing out. The stomach did not feel fat but less flabby but i could see a lot of skin.

I was put into a my suit and a large jacket as made by sticking thick sanitary napkins together. It felt like a bullet proof vest.
All bundled i was put my tracks and tee on and made my way to the doctors office to discuss post op care.
I was given pain killers which are a life saver. I was advised to sleep on my stomach to use body weight to ease out the remaining fluid. i slept comfortably on the floor. I could not see any fluid leak any where are the pads are doing a wonderful job.

There was discomfort everytime a new area was probed and as he got close to the muscles. I would like to add that its not as painless and simple as its advertised or people make it out to be. I think you need money, time, will power and guts to have this done. Its not a procedure for the faint hearted.

Day 1
Woke up in the morning and feel a bit swollen. Its not yet 24 hours to take the packing off to see how it looks. It looked disgusting soon after the surgery and not the fantastic result i was hoping. I went for middef as i did not want a fake looking body. I think it will be a few weeks until the skin shrinks and moulds itsself to my new shape. I have taken ample pain killers (Codine) and the anti biotic.

Dreading to take the garment off later this evening for the first shower and clean up.

More to follow and photos soon as i am feeling fit.

Day 1 - The First Shower

It was time for my bath. I took the garments off and dreaded to at myself in the mirror. The inner vest was soaked with the fluids but not a drop at leaked. I could see a flat lower abs but wrinkled skin. The first look reminded me of a large raisin. Behind the wrinkles i could see a the flat stomach.
I showered up and used the foam packing and the compression vest.
Put the everlast black belts ontop to pack it again.
There was very little fluid retention. It was very sore. Every single touch sent pains though the body.

Day 2- The first massage

I went to the doctor today to have a review and the first ultrasound massage and MLD massage.
The doctor was impressed with progress and said that it was the start of the journey to a flat stomach.
I cant wait now for the flanks to be done in a month.
The massage was a killer. It is needed to kick start the healing process and enhance the cuts and ensure drainage takes place. It looked a lot better than the previous day of mangled stomach.
I think sleeping on my stomach for 2 days has really helped get all the fluid out. Im not leaking and the holes will now heal. there were no drains inserted.
The doctors did an amazing job of the massage and review. Im due back for a review in a week. And mid week massages.
I have decided to stop the painkillers as it causes constipation and the pain has subsided to a more bearable level.

Day 3 - The end of Constipation

More improvement today. It seemed really flat. I stopped the pain killers and have been taking the tablets to help constipation. The abdomen area feels a lot lot lighter now :)

Day 6

There was not much swelling as i was sleeping on my belly and using the compression garments with a lumbar support belts outside.Excellent advice by Dr and his post opp regime.

I cant wait to have the flanks done in a few weeks time.

Only upper and lower abs were done. Chest was untouched as the maximum limit of 5 L of tumescent fluid was reached on by the time the abs were done.

Day 7

I can feel pins and needles, I can feel sensation return to the area. the brusing is lowered and is only on the outer side.




Some More images !!!


At consultation - Side View

Day 9

I have had 3 sessions of mld , ultrasound and massage to break scar tissue, seromas and other imperfections. I can't describe how painful this is. I have a professional therapist who is really good.

The pain during the massage is many times worse than the pain at lipo. Can't take any medicines before but a painkiller post massage helps.

I can feel the skin and area generally feel smoother and less imperfect. I plan a total of 8 sessions and then more once the flanks are complete. I think a total of 10 more. This adds to the cost at atleast 1000 more. It's about 45-60 depending on where you have it done.
My doctor could not stress more on how Important this part is to achieve final results.

For now, its the immense pain at every session. After the pain there is a soothing feeling the next day.
I have bought an ultrasound Machine at home as well to do daily treatments

2 Weeks

It's exactly 2 weeks today and I'm still super happy.
I have had 5 professional massages so far and 5 more to go.
The swelling has reduced but the skin is really hard. It feels like a piece of leather stretched over the stomach. It's stiff and lacks sensation. I get occasional pins and needles
The pain is negligible and I'm able to do most of my day to day activities.
The massages Hurt less. The bruising is all gone. The scar wound scabs have dropped in most places.
I have some scar tissue and can feel some lumps still but that will be there for a while longer I'm told.
I'm doing daily oil massage and ultrasound at home. I've got a stretch mark oil as well to help with skin retraction.
I am still using a foam pad, compression garment and 2 slimmer belts to give maximum support to the body.
I am a bit careful with my diet and am walking for an hour every 2 days. I have lost 2 kgs in all since ur start. The abs are flat so I've not bothered measuring around it until my flanks are done.

2.5 week update

2.5 weeks and still seeing progress. The softness has reduced further.
I've had 7 professional massages so far.

4 weeks review

The swelling is all gone.. Sensation had retuned to the area. It's still a bit leathery but a vast improvement. I'm still wearing my compression garment 24/7 with foam and compression belts. Waiting to see the doc before taking them off.
I've had 10 professional massages plus some on my own and use bio oil to nourish the skin.
In happy so far with the mid def.


Just had my flanks done.

Less painful. Maybe due to the fact i knew exactly what would happen and also it was a smaller area. 4 liters of fluid used and 1 liter of fat extractated.

6 cuts and 2 hours with 2 doctors at it.
looks really smooth. a lot of fluid accumulation but trying to sleep with a small cushion around the incision points and then keep turning to push the fluid out.

Its day 3 now and im still having a little leak in one of the incisions but i reckon it will be over soon.

1 month

Its been 1 month post my Flanks.
Now that the swelling has come down quite a bit its looking a lot lot better.
I cant beliveve it. I cant wait for another month to pass and all the swelling to go down to see the final results.
Ive started wokring out now and hope to get a personal trainier.

Im using Bio Oil to massage to help skin contraction. I do have a bit of loose skin. Its not that bad but i can tell when i do planks.

Update with Doctor Details

I have had a a fair few messages asking for the doctor so I have updated the doctor details

The VASER surgery was done by Dr S R Bassi and Team at Selston Cosmetic Clinic in Nottingham

The post op care of Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Manual Massages by Ravi Shanker at Thames River Physiotherapy, London

Round 3 - Chest & Back

Just had my Chest, Back back procedure carried out. I think ive just gotten used to it. Back to normal in day 2. Had an excision aslo performed to remove any gladnualr tissue that could not be removed via vaser. The back had a lot of fibrous tissue so was not easily removed. More pics and updates to follow.
Dr S R Bassi

This was carried out at Selston Cosmetic Clinic in Nottingham, UK by Dr S R Bassi and Team. He has excellent knowledge on the subject and concern for the patient. Health & Safety is most important. He guided me through every step of the procedure. I rate the doctor very highly in his patient care, knowledge of the procedure and individual care. A picture speaks a thousand words, its been a phenomenal journey with Dr Bassi from flab to fit. The before and after pictures tell the story. I am pleasantly shocked to see the change from before to 3 months after surgery. I am overjoyed as it is beyond my expectations.

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