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A little about me. I've just turned 40, in good...

A little about me. I've just turned 40, in good cardio shape, run regularly 10k 3 or 4 times a week, and cycle when its not raining!

I'm not tall, only around 5'5 and I weigh about 9 and half stone. So nothing majorly wrong, 30" waist, 36" chest.

So to my problem, I've always been self conscious of my chest, even when I was young I seem to recall being a little concerned. Not sure what started it off, but these things happen.

I've been actively thinking of having chest reduction surgery for a while now, and have purused the Internet and sites like this on and off for probably 4 or 5 years. I've never quite had the push to do it, and often find the forums off putting. There is that much rubbish posted online, and people slating clinics and pretending to be who they are not its hard to decide what to do.

Recently I read an blog post on this site, and the guy who wrote it pretty much had a physical build close to mine, and was after slightly different but close enough goals. I've followed what he wrote, looked at the pictures etc. and made the decision.

I chose to use Selston clinic, with Dr Bassi. I'm fortunate as I live very close by, less than half hour.

I booked in and made my appointment. As others have said the area itself is not the most fancy, but its fine. An old mining town/village back in the day. The clinic itself is attached to a GP surgery, but they are separate buildings, with separate receptions etc.


Pictures showing me following my visit to see Dr Bassi, and markups.

First meeting

I had my initial examination with Dr Bassi, we chatted a little and I explained what I was after. I removed my top, and he prodded and poked my chest (always an odd feeling), then agreed that he could help. After drawing some lines on me, and explaining what he'd do I got dressed.

He showed me a few pictures from his website, explaining the similar look I could expect from various past clients. I should point out, and the pictures should show, I'm not heavily over weight, and I don't have lots of excess skin, stretch marks etc. I'm in fairly good nick I think.

We discussed price, and that was it.

I then mentioned that I was considering having my stomach, and sides done as well. Not at the same time, but just thinking about it. So I removed my top, and again Dr Bassi drew on me. Explaining what he could do for me. I don't want a 6 pack, or crazy cut in definition, but I'd like to loose the flab and have a clean profile.

I'd like to point something out here; when I first removed my top, and we discussed my chest that was all Dr Bassi talked about. At no point did he try and "up-sell" extra services. He did not comment, or infer anything. I really liked that approach, as there was no sense of being sold to or pushed into something. It makes for a comfortable and trusting environment.

Whilst talking about what we could do regarding my stomach area, it was quite an animated conversation, and as others have said the enthusiasm and passion for his work comes out.

I left, went away with various forms, and then decided to book in my appointment.

My chest reduction was scheduled for May 14th.

Day of surgery

Day of the surgery. I turned up an hour early as requested, and started to fill out the forms, and putting my name on each and every piece of paper. Takes some time, but then thats why your asked to be early.

I took along some chocolate, but Dr Bassi suggested Nutri-Grain bars, and also some orange juice, so I walked to the Co-Op next door to stock up on extra food.

Dr Bassi then took a few "before" pictures, and also marked me up for the coming surgery with pen. Dr Vlok also popped through and introduced himself, and mentioned he'd be assisting with the surgery.

I took two Diazepam pills I was given to calm and relax me and then waited for them to kick in.

Changed into the garments they provide and went to the theater room. I was lucky on the day, as a Dr Vlok was there, and he helped in the procedure. Having two people work on me, made things far quicker and I think reduced any potential pain. During the time I was worked on they all chatted, and I think I joined in but as your kind of relaxed its hard to really say for sure. :)

On a scale of 1-10 for pain during the surgery, and with 1 being sitting on the sofa watching TV, I'd say it came it at around a 2 or 3. It really did not hurt in any way, and I don't have a particularly high pain threshold by any means!

During the surgery Dr Bassi mentioned that the fat in my chest was really fibrous and I think took some shifting, it seemed to be a mild case of Gynecomastia. From what I've read online you can't move Gynecomastia via exercise alone, so helps me feel even more settled in my mind that this was the right choice for me.

Following the surgery there was a large jar, containing what had been removed. And it was huge! Dr Bassi was surprised himself by the amount that came out, again I did not look that large. I'm hoping its a good sign, the picture looks a little bad but is mainly a little blood mixed in with the fat.

Following the surgery your shown the work, and whilst it looked good, its tough to see due to the markings, iodine and swelling from the fluids pumped in.

Dr Bassi then helped me put on the containment garments, and also put in the absorbing pads. Once all done I felt bulky but mobile. I finished getting dressed by myself, and then downed a cup of tea from Mags, kitkat and the Orange juice.

Dr Bassi then explained the after care, and got me to write it down as I was still a little groggy, although only mildly. I think I got everything down, however as I was scheduled to go back in on the 16th for my massage session (billed as being painful), I'll double check everything then.

Once everything was settled, sorted and explained only then was I asked to make payment. Again I really like the approach, work first then payment.

Thursday Post Op

I got home, lay on the floor and watched some TV and think I probably dozed a little on and off. Whilst laying on my front I think I expelled lots of the fluid as my pads, t-shirt and jumper all felt a little damp. No blood or anything.

Went bed as was, with the existing pads in, and laid on a towel with a shower curtain under it. During the night I only leaked a tiny amount, think most must have come on whilst laying and watching TV.

When I went to bed, I took another 2 codeine/paracetamol tablets and tried to sleep. I did wake a few times, and felt achy, but nothing that bad. The best way to describe it is almost like having over exercised with weights in the gym.

Can begin to see some bruising starting to show.

Pictures are from Thursday morning, post shower and iodine wash off etc.

Friday massage with Mags

Slight trepidation, as it is billed as a painful process. I arrived, and Mags began with the ultrasound machine. Basically it didn't hurt at all. Not even slightly, which I was surprised about and so was Mags.

I took a codeine/paracetamol tablet an hour before, so that probably helped but it was fine. Relaxing and felt good.

Dr Bassi popped in to check on my incisions and progress, and everything looks good. He helps me make the foam inserts which help with the overall shape as I'm pretty crap at making or drawing anything.

Pictures showing garment, foam padding and compression belt ( foam & belt provided by Selston)


Feeling ok now. Starting to show yellow bruising, but that will fade of soon. I've not taken any codeine/paracetamol tablets yesterday or today. I've tried to keep them to a minimum, as people have reported on other blogs that they can bung you up, which is then a problem in itself.

Slept fine last night, and only slight ache from near arm pits. They do ache a little bit, but thats to be expected I guess due to the prodding and poking of what I've had done.

Work next week is casual clothing, but going to try putting a fitted T-shirt under a work shirt to see if it hides the black compression belt and smoothes out the lines of the armour that it feels like I'm wearing.

I think I'd always suggest having a few days off, I've had 4 rest days including the weekend and whilst I could have worked, and I've been active and doing things whilst I've been off its been good to relax, and if you have a bad nights sleep from aching it doesn't matter.

1 Month Review

Just had my one month review, last Saturday.

All went well, Dr Bassi and Mags pleased with the result as am I.

Pretty much all back to normal now, so anyone reading this I think it takes around a month for your body to heal up. Not just external healing, but internal too from the prodding and poking of the procedure.

I think the last two weeks I've basically felt a little "tight" around the incision points, but now they've healed its all good and full range of motion is back.
Dr Bassi & Dr Vlok

I can recommend both doctors, both approachable and helpful. Maintained a professional and yet relaxed atmosphere. The entire team have been great, and so far so good.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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