24 Years Old, 1 Child, Having Vaser Hi def with DR BASSI at Selston, Nottingham, UK

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Hello!! Firstly it would be rude not to finally...

Hello!! Firstly it would be rude not to finally introduce myself after around 2 years of stalking the vaser section every week hehe!!! Where to begin....

Well, my name is Rachel, I'm 24 years old and a mother to a beautiful, albeit cheeky, 2 year old little girl. I'll start from the beginning!!

Why Vaser?
I had been severely overweight my entire life. From around age 7 I was always a good 3 stone heavier than other children. I was a lazy child, I enjoyed sport but felt my weight got in the way so took a backseat due to very low confidence and bullying. This only added to my weight gain. By 18 I was finishing school and preparing to go to university. I knew I would be making new friends and could start a new fresh start with a new me, so I started my weight loss journey. From March 2009 to October 2009 I lost 5 stone, I weighed 240lb and dropped down to 165lb. I must add I am 5"11 so anything below 180 is a good healthy weight for me and my bmi. I was a new person, I had boys hounding me constantly and everyone wanting to know me, I'd never experienced that kind of attention in my life. Who knew what I was hiding for years beneath all that fat. In July during my transformation, I met my future husband. I maintained the weight loss for 3 years. Until..... Little miss 9lb7oz arrived. Pregnancy does wonderful things to our bodies. AND ALSO HORRIFIC ONES!!!! I had a tough pregnancy with a lot of complications and health issues, she arrived and I was 4 stone heavier. After her birth we realised there was something wrong with me. I was fainting daily, people were blaming post pregnancy and anxiety etc but we knew there was more. No doctor was able to help for almost a year following her birth and I had put on another stone since the 4 from pregnancy. Finally a year later I was diagnosed with a kidney disease affecting my immune system. Kidneys are primarily influenced by blood pressure which is affected by weight. So I knew to stop my kidneys from getting any worse I must keep myself fit and healthy. I began my journey again.

Last year I lost 5 stone and I was back at my pre pregnancy weight. Love my size and feel great..... Except I have a horrible mummy belly that will not go. I exercise DAILY, HIT every morning for 30 mins 7 days a week... I'm a gym bunny, addicted to the buzz. A lot of people say oh yeah I love to work out, and they work out maybe 3 days a week... Not me.. I religiously stick at it every day!!! Yet there has been zero change in my stomach. So.... What was I supposed to do. I have my wedding coming up next August 2015 and want to b trying on my bridal dresses thinking wow I can pull this off. I have worked so hard my entire life to be at a good weight that I feel THIS is my treat to myself. After years of torture growing up and then saying a big screw you to everyone this is my final showdown.

And so... To vaser. A tummy tuck was never an option for me, for one, I have an active two year old, yes I don't work I'm at home with her BUT with recovery etc I couldn't entertain the thought. So.. Other options.

I had heard of Vaser around two years ago when the magazines started publishing the hype with celebs. I did a bit of research and at the time wanted it when I was 5 stone heavier. But after thinking a while I thought no, I will reach my goal weight and then look at getting it done to enhance and contour my own results.

I stalked this site and reviews and pictures for the past two years looking at the best surgeons and doctors in the UK.

Going ahead with it.

February I decided it was time, my kidneys were in brilliant shape, I had lost all the weight I needed to and was getting my abs into the best condition in preparation for the surgery.

I had two consultations. Firstly I contacted The Private Clinic. I met with their patient coordinator who was lovely and very informative, but informed me to meet with one of their surgeons I would have to travel down to London and then have the procedure in Birmingham. Also the procedure would cost £4000, without sedation.
In my head I had budgeted around 3000 as I knew I had MLD massages and garments and care to pay after that initial fee so 4000 was a little extreme. I came home a little deflated and sat down and remembered I originally the last two years had also been stalking Selston Cosmetic Clinic's blog thoroughly but always felt disheartened knowing they were in Nottingham, 2 and a half hours drive away. This never seemed logical when I thought about massages etc and aftercare and was so disPpointed as I adored Dr Bassi's work. I loved his ethic behind vaser and he and right hand woman Mags are very result driven. Completing a procedure a day seemed right for me, knowing the would take time over me rather than being in a production line.

So, I sat down with my partner and we researched after care and logistically how we would do it and it was easy! I found a woman specially trained in vaser MLD massage and she is extremely experienced in this area and only 20 minutes away and would come to my house for home visits each day following my procedure.

So now to book a consultation. I emailed selston and I'd recieved a call back within 2 days and had an appt at the end of the week. I travelled down and met with Dr Bassi. He is a charming Doctor and I really noticed how confident he is with his work, pride is essential in this business. We talked it through and he tried to show me his blog when I interrupted to let him know I'm possibly his biggest follower! Seen every post from 4 years now! He marked me up and showed me what I could achieve. It's difficult to understand but he clearly knew himself exactly what he could get and seemed really enthusiastic and almost in his element when talking about it which made me very confident. Despite a big weight loss and having a large baby he said I had excellent skin laxity so should tighten well once more following vaser.

On to price. He quoted me 3000 on the button for med def.... I had always wanted medium definition as simple vaser wasn't enough sculpting for me and hi def was too much in terms of recovery, so med def seemed the best option. Contouring without recovery. Now, it must be said that Dr Bassi is clearly less than other surgeons but his price does not reflect his skill, his skill is still far superior than other surgeons quoting double that, but they are london prices in swanky clinics. You arrive at Selston and it is a village surgery, a little dated but with the latest technologies. You aren't staying here for a holiday so who cares if the decor is slightly out of touch, you must remember a lot of these cosmetic surgeries lure you in with their fancy suites and offices,then feel it is acceptable to charge a ridiculous amount. Please, be kind and aware of this. Do not let this put you off.

I was out the door within 15 mins after hearing all I needed to, and within two days I had rung the surgery with a request to book in. Mags herself called me a week later and secured my requested date. I always wanted the bank holiday in May as it means my partner will be around to look after me and take the baby away from me the following first two days. So I was booked in and ready to rock and roll on Saturday 24th May.

It is now nearly two weeks until I'm due to have my procedure done, I booked this 10 weeks ago and it hs been a long wait!!

I finally have all my vaser box ready to go. This box has everything I could possibly need!! I will take a photo and list the items if it helps anyone else.

I hope this wasn't too long but I know how much others reviews have helped me over the last two years I want my own to inspire others. Toodles!!!!

My BIG vaser box!

Ok. When I had been researching over the last two years I always kept a list of people's recommendations for after care and post op products needed. Luckily for me my doctor has provided me with a huge document of everything about the procedure and outlined everything I may possibly need. However this is everything I have right now for anyone it may help.

Ok we have.
8 boxes of Boogs stay dry maxi pads.. My doctor uses 4 boxes to make almost like a top out of these to go under garment so 8 boxes seems a lot but needed for first few days.

Waterproof bed pads. These are like leakage mats. I have about 20 of them as my MLD therapist is using these to roll up and place in my garment to add shape etc and prevent creases in garment leaving marks.

I have a 10cm probe ultrasonic massager and gel. This is for home massage. This was recommended by my MLD therapist who told me the right size and hz needed.
It's 15 minutes on a 10cm probe on continuous cycle on full power with 3mhz.

Waterproof sheets. These are for the car and the bed. Just simple plastic sheets.

Terry towelling mattress protector

3x 5 adhesive wound dressings

Bromelain tablets. Natural bought from holland and Barrett

Arnica gel

Arnica tablets

Paracetamol with codeine

And simple paracetamol

Cidal antibacterial soap

Kirkby grips for hair


Contact lens eye drops for in surgery if sleepy

Natural senna tablets for constipation

Macom abdominal insert

Now I have two garments. I originally bought the garment recommended from my doctor however as if am tall the womens girdle did not sit high enough on my ribs, same for Macom. So I finally found one that feels fantastic, double layered for extra compression and it zips to the side and comes up to my boobs perfect. This is a mariae fajas garment I bought from Jane at Bodyline garments the only UK stockist. She helped me pick the right size etc too very helpful. This is the garment I have: http://www.bodylineclothing.uk.com/index.php?nav=product_categories&product_categories_child=products&product_categories_id=1&view=21

It's a great garment I have it in black and nude. I will get a smaller one for the second stage.

I think that's it for now. If I remember anything else I will add it in! Obviously I have things like dark loose joggers for on the day and flip flops not shoes etc and to bring chocolate and surgery drinks for after surgery to raise blood sugar again.

This time in two weeks I will be in bed feeling sorry for myself BUT I will have this horrible fat GONEEEEEEEEEE. Aghhhhhh. Byeee for now chickaboo's!! X x

To diet or not to diet...

I've been healthy eating and maintaining my weight with fitness and HIIT training daily since the beginning of the year. However I do still wish to lose another 10-14lbs to be at optimum. I am worrie about losing weight post procedure, should I be dieting now over the next week to lose even 3lb before my procedure or just not worry for now and just keep exercising. I know I'll put swelling weight on and I'm not bothered about the scales as I'm still only at 20 percent body fat but weigh 175lb at 5"11. I'd like to be 165 again as before I started training I was 30 percent bidy fat but 165lb. I think I must have gained an awful lot of muscle weight for my BF percentage to be lower.

This time next week....!!!

So... This time next week I will probably be in bed, feeling very sorry for myself and maybe in quite a bit of pain... HOWEVER.. I WILL BE FAT_LESS!! Well on my tummy anyway! I have never been so excited for something in my entire life. The amount of holidays and graduations, results, proposals, wedding whatever nothing can beat how excited I am for this to happen for me. I told my partner earlier the thought of vaser is the only thing keeping me going right now as im so happy and excited for the change after working so hard my entire life to look even half ok naked... and his reply was.. "I'd be shitting myself". Which is true.. i am crapping it a little bit.. but i know the result will be worth it... i dont have high expectations, i know i wont come out looking like a victorias secret model.. but at the age of 24 all i want to be able to do is put on a pair of jeans and a top without knowing theres this huge bulge of fat sticking out... spanx be gone forever (well apart from the next 8 weeks id have never worn them so much in my life hahaha.. (OH THE IRONY!!)

So.. this week what do I have planned to pass the time. Well tomorrow my last garment should arrive in the post. My MLD therapist is coming over to my house to discuss post op care with me and show me how to use my ultrasound machine and any other things i might need pre op. Tuesday im out all day with my family. And wednesday thursday im going to clean house from top to bottom so that when i come out on saturday evening there wont be anything to do or for me to worry about, even thought im pretty sure OH and LO will have messed it up by then. Friday is my partners birthday so i have decided to bake all day for him and we will both gorge on a very indulgent last supper on cakes pastries scones and goodies for his birthday before a few weeks of no gluten, lots of water, no alcohol etc.

I have upped my training from yesterday to make sure im as tight in the abs as possible before the vaser as i wont be training for a few weeks which is going to be so tough. Ive added slendertone in the evenings too for an extra push.

Ive rambled on AGAIN. I will be posting pictures friday morning of pre vaser. I am going to do some in the morning first thing when there is no bloat, and ones in natural lights, flash on, dark room, side angle, stomach held in and stomach pushed out... and I will also do one in the evening when bloats kicked in after a day of food. I want others to get full benefit of my review and pictures always help. So many peoples reviews I wish had better before pictures from all angles and leaning over, sitting etc as theyre some of the best photos to see the benefit after.

IM GOING NOW! Hehe. Bye! Will pop in again mid week to discuss how im feeling.

P.s Does anybody know if i should start taking arnica tablets yet? Or maybe two days before? Thanks xx

Before photos

I probably have way too many before pics but I wanted to show people my body at lots of angles and phases through day. These photos are different views and ones in natural light some in flash Etc and some sucking belly In and some pushing out for all to see lol. I just wanted different photos to have lots of comparisons. The ones sittin down are horrendous zoomed in. But this is the last week it'll ever look like this so whi cares!!

As y can see, holding belly in I have definition there but this bely fat will not go. Mummy tummy ack. Hopefully skin will tighten a bit eventually.

Garments and After Care

I had mentioned earlier about using Bodyline UK for my garments as they are the only UK stockist of Mariae Fajas Garments. I ordered a second garment from Jane and it hadn't arrived after 10 days and as it was getting close to surgery day i was getting concerned at previously it only took 48 hours to recieve the first garment. So i contacted her and shes had issues with Royal Mail and subsequently it looks as though my second garment was lost in the mail. But Jane was brilliant, rang me straight away and we emailed and she sent another out within a day AND she gave me a free 2nd stage corset!! Boned and structured will give an incredible shape. Hows that for service!! OVER THE MOON. THANKS JANE!!

Maureen my MLD therapist just rang me to arrange all the final bits and pieces, shes one of the sweetest ladies ive ever met, so funny and relaxed she might fall off lol. Really enjoy speaking with her. Shes coming on Sunday at 1.30pm 24 hours after my procedure and will be the first one to take my garment off with me and help me shower etc and then will do ultrasound and massage therapy and told me about all the special tricks she uses etc. So glad i found her she is really good at post op care. She also recommended buying organic shea butter for restoring the fats and oils back into the skin otherwise ill end up like a prune so ive just ordered some now should arrive friday hopefully. She also told me to start taking my 30c arnica tablets now, so just had my first two and have to have 2 every 2 hours for the first 6 doses and then 4 times a day, so i have written and set alarms on my phone to get them into me throughout the night so have to take them until next wednesday :)

It was only after talking to her i realised, god, this really IS happening. You wait around so long for something and it almost doesnt feel like it will ever happen... and then bang its 3 days away. Maureen was laughing at me on the phone saying I'm such a weirdo for being so excited but i really am! This is going to change my life forever.

And ill end on that :)

Christmas Eve...

Well it definitely feels like Christmas Eve. I'm like a child at Christmas. I'm so excited, nervous, anxious all rolled into one. Can't sleep. I've been getting everything ready all evening, beds made, mattress protector on, old bedding, got my puppy pads at the ready and my plastic sheet too. I've cleaned the house from top to bottom and made sure all clothes cleaned and put away neatly ready for the next couple of weeks. I've just packed my daughters overnight bag as she will be staying with my parents tomorrow night until Sunday afternoon after my MLD massage my partner will go collect her. And now I'm just packing my own bag. I've packed my arnica tablets, my 4 boxes of maxi pads, garment, abdo foam, dressings, clothes for after, flip flops, pain meds, contact lens solution, towel, plastic sheets for the car and some puppy pads too. I thnk that's about it. Oh and I'm getting some choccy for after procedure and sugary drinks. I've had a big bath tonight and shaved everywhere as I won't be able to the next week or so and tomorrow morning I will wash with my Cidal antibacterial soap. I'm leaving here at 9am so won't update in the morning. I have to be in selston for 12am an hour before procedure so were dropping the little on off and then leaving around 9.20 as will take 2hr40 to get there. Hope I haven't forgotten anything. I'm going to take my antibiotic tomorrow morning before I leave.

Not much else to say :) I have waited 12 weeks for this. And it is going to change my life forever. I don't care if I walk out of thre still with a bit of a belly, anything will make me feel better after how hard I've worked to battle this weight for years so anything will be a bonus for me. I can't wait to see Dr Bassi and Mags again, they're such warm and inviting people and I know they are going to take very good care of me.

I will touch base tomorrow evening if I'm in the zone! Hopefully not too groggy :) I'm going to try take photos IN procedure... If it's possible, has anyone done a lipo selfie yet??. Hehe. I'll try anyway!!! Would be nice to have pics of fat for me to remember forever! I hope I get a decent chunk out of me, a good 2l would be nice!!!!!!! Anyway we will see. I'm not looking for perfection just an improvement of me :-)

Thanks everyone for supporting me the last few weeks and the last two years everyone who has ever written a blog on Vaser, THANK YOU.

See you all tomorrow....

Day of procedure


Just taken me sedatives about twenty of em and have been marked up and ready to go!! Waiting a bit longer then we ready ton rock and roll.

He convinced he can make quiet an improvement but worried about skin laxity so will have stricter post op care different to everyone else but worth it.

I automatically felt insanely drunk after sedatives but wearing off a bit now wanted this feeling to stay a bit longer really. I'm all gowned up and I thought I wasn't supposed to eat before but got told off as I was so my BP was low but had two nitro grains now.

Signed loads of oapers.

Not nervous. Worried about pain still though.

Will take photos mid procedure if I can

He said it'll be 3 hours. Said I had lots of fat on ribs especially. Always my worst part of my body.

Gowned up and ready to
Go anyway :)

Sedative wore off already.

Mid procedure I did really well. Flew through it everyone kept saying. Didn't find it painful until he reached my ribcage as the fat there was very tough and fibrous he really struggled a while but got at it eventually. I
Will say to people. It is uncomfortable at times and the odd time it does scratch internally and you grip the sides of the bed but all in all I wouldn't hesitate in doing it again I felt fine after ok light headedness or anything.

Dr bassi ended up being extra nice and got closer to hi def which now means I need stricter after care. Right now I'm wearing my vest of maxi pads, my garment and two hi def belts. I have a very strict after care plan to get skin to attach to muscles. He took 1.4ltrs out. Lots of skin at the moment but caught a glimpse and can already see definition. With all my after care it will look
Incredible. I'm going to stick to my plan and have minimum 10 massages.

Journey home was very difficult. I just have one incision that is constantly stinging. Very sore and can't get comfortable. All
Worth it I keep telling myself. Took para and codeine mix at 6pm so will have another at 10 before bed.

No massage tomorrow as too soon will be too sore e said as we were only done around 4.30.

My worst part right now is my headache but drinking lots of water anyway.

This migh be a bit messy as some of first party was written sedated and now last part I'm writing in bed very sleepy.

In all in confident I will have incredinle results. :) dr b a magician!

Speak tomorrow fingers crossed I sleep well.


Little update. Been sleeping on and off since 8 and feeling better than earlier. Incisions still stinging and can barely move but my partner being a star and lovely to me helping me all the time couldn't ask for more from him. I find I sleep for two hours after para codeine then I'm awake an hour and doze a bit. But feel slightly better than earlier :)


When I was sedated I wrote that the sedation had worn off. This wasn't the case for anyone who reads and panics, I meant that I didn't feel that drunk out of it feeling I felt straight away I just felt quite relaxed and content :) and completely awake and awar chatting away the whole time xxx

Before surgery

Post Op Day 1 - Morning

I slept relatively ok given the situation. I found I seemed to sleep two hours and turn then sleep another two then turn. I was awake on and off but all in all a fairly good sleep. Then I woke at 7 and took pain tabs at 8.45 and slept on my belly until 10. I was told to sleep on belly and tried my best but my own body must naturally of kept moving as id wake on my sides. All yesterday evening and this morning I've been alternating between belly left side right side. The pain is unbearable doing this but I can see leakage spots on my back which means I'm doing something right.

Pain - I'm not gonna lie. I'm in pain. Only when I move or breathe in. When I need to take a big deep breath my ribs are unbearable. But once I get cmfortable in a lying position I am ok. It's just incisions stinging and bruised ribs. Belly feels fine. My ribcage is very Boney and sticks out so he struggled and really went rough on it so I expected it to be bad.

I'm not very hungry. But my fiancé made me lovely yoghurt and granola and fresh strawberries and did exactly what I needed. I thought id be craving crappy food but all I want is light things for now.

I've noticed all my maxi pads underneath are very creased now and creating indentations but will massage them out tonight when garment comes off and showered. I'm expecting quite a horrendous site given what I saw yesterday and what I can peep at under my ribs it's very rippled but dr bassi himself showed my after procedure there were no lumps bumps nothing so all this is my own swelling. Can't wait to get these pads off.

For anyone who asks about my post op care my care is very very individual and very different to standard hi def or simple vaser procedure patients due to my skin laxity etc. So as much as I will help other people I do not wish to disclose my post op care plan as don't want others to copy it as it's tailored to me and might affect others results negatively.

I will take a one day post op photo at 8pm tonight after my shower and partners massage.

To summarise. I'm very uncomfortable but content that it should settle within a few days.

Post op shower

So I have been fairly content all day, obviously sore but nothing I can't deal with. So we decided at 7pm it was time after over 24 hours for a dressing change shower etc. So I lay down with some sugary items at hand in case of faintness or lightheadedness. I lay down and started unravelling. I had leaked lots on the pads which I was glad to see. I was expecting the worst but in all honesty I looked pretty decent. No major swelling yet, not too any ripples, sleeping on my tummy has obviously helped. Yes I'm still swollen and bits of me don't look perfect but for 24 hours post I'm pretty impressed!!

I had a shower and squeezed as much fluid as I could out, then dried and put on yesterday's underweR for the same pics and took them off and started the dressings. I felt great without gRment for a while. Skin doesn't feel like mine it's a strange feeling. Everything all back on now and can barely move again lol. Having the garment off for 30 mins was such a relief but will do it again tomorrow :)

My MLD therapist arriving at 7am tomorrow so early start will let everyone know how that was and will take pics post massage :)

I'm doing really well though. :)

Before and post day 1

First MLD session Day 2

Gooood morning! Slept really well last night only woke up three times. Was up at half 6 though as Maureen my MLD was here at 7 with her huge bed and big machine. She was BRILLIANT. She worked so hard to get all the definition pressing as hard as she could. She was so impressed with my incisions couldn't believe how neat dr B had them and she said I had no swelling or lumps or bumps doing brilliant just need to get all that high def out of me so she worked her magic with the funny machine that makes your skin buzz. And I'm not gonna lie. It bloody hurts. We got a bit more fluid out one bottom left still leaking so we cleaned me up re dressed everywhere and then she cut all my foam better for me so now it's bang on all my lines of definition so gonna make massive difference she said. She put Shea butter on, bio oil and arnica gel. :)

And she's back again tomorrow evening :)

Feeling good. Still very sore on bruising but she said I must have been taking my arnica religiously (which I have since Wednesday!) as I've little to no bruising or swelling just the odd scratch line internally.

No pics today maybe later when I have shower :)

Here's to day 2 :)


Itch itch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch itch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch itch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch itch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch itch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch itch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch tch itch itch.

:'( rather have the pain than this itchiness.

Day 3 morning

Didn't sleep that well was so itchy all night all the tickles are doing my head in. Foam starting to get to that annoying stage but I know it's worth it and I'm following after care to a tee so another few weeks and I'll think why did I ever moan. Here's a day 3 pic. Definition starting to form now. Will get better each day I hear day 3 usually worst for swelling. My second MLD at 6.30pm this evening. Also one incision still leaking overnight.


I have a home ultrasound machine and just used it for 15 mind continuous cycle full power to knead out any lumps or bumps. I really pressed hard and it did hurt but don't know if I made a difference. Hope I did. Swollen today look the same as pre, well not the same but I'm not as tight as day one. But I expected it :) anyway onwards and upwards!

2nd MLD

Second MLD was far less painful. She said everything is looking brilliant and I'm going to get an incredible result. Very little swelling. Definition forming. Love the massages always lumpless after. Everything is going brilliant. Following after care to a tee which is the best advice I could give anyone. If you pay to get the best garments you can. Best after care service and as many massages from a trained MLD therapist then you will get the very best results. That's all from me today not much more news. No photos until
Maybe Thursday as I'm going to be keeping my garment on now
Until tomorrow evenings massage now as she wants to hold her rolled up pads in place to create shape on my ab lines and hip bones to dig into the definition so can't take garment off until next massage. So will be a bit of a bed bath tomorrow I think!

Had no pain relief today apart from two before massage. Only pain is where foam is digging into rib bruising.

No bowel movement since Saturday... Having my herbal nighttime tea tonight usually gives a good detox. Fingers crossed.

Sweet dreams dolls.

Day 4 post massage pics

Loving everything right now. Love Maureen my MLD she says all my arnica and bromelain has made huge difference she says my bruising and healing is incredible and my shape dr b has made is fantastic. She said without a doubt the best work she's seen very neat incisions and definition on hips especially looks unbelievable, so much she is now contemplating using him for herself!!

Bruising going completely yellow now. Skin looking tight. Still some swelling but getting better daily. I'd be happy the way I am now so to know this is only day 4akes me so so excited! Can't even imagine where I will be in 4 weeks time let alone 6 months. Wow.

1 week review

Travelled the 3 hour journey to selston yesterday for my one week review. Looking good just need to start popping the little balls every night myself.

I was sat down in the car for around 8 hours apart from the odd 15 min break and came home really unwell. Banging headache. I was the most swollen I've been since day 1 so swollen I was easily back at pre op size no exaggeration. Was sore all over and shakey and light headed. Went to bed and woken up a bit better today. Don't know if swellings gone down yet so will see after massage.

Will try get a one week photo today but will see after.

Bad day

Blogs are about honesty. So I'll be honest. Had a crap day. I'm massively swollen. I know it's to be expected. Don't feel very well since yesterday's long 7 hour round trip in the car. Massive migraine. Been a bit upset not like me. Just very sore swelling. First time I've had swelling like this. It's tender too. I've added another compression garment on the top of my other to get this foam to really stick down to my skin as right now it just feels like it's completely missing my middle tummy section as my ribs so high the foam doesn't sit on stomach.

I dunno

Bad day.

I know they're expected so will just take each day as it comes now.

Chin up.


Feeling better and more positive today. Each day has ups and downs. Swelling still very bad today but Maureen got everything out and down again. Fingers crossed this time next week I will have wondered what I even worried about :)

Day 8. Massage 7. Here's to tomorrow xx

1 week photo

Severely swollen at the moment. Yet surprisingly pleased with the photo. Considering this swelling is going to be gone soon I can't imagine how happy I will be in 3 months time. :)
Hope the next week is a good one.

Still sore. Stings every so often. Still sore moving around. Bruising virtually gone though. But just so fluidy and podgy with swelling that gets very sore. But no lumps or bumps :)

Peace xx

Day 9

I'm sounding like a broken record now. I'm gonna say the S word again.

Here it comes


I'm still in swell hell. Wearing everything as tight as can be. Foam is in perfectly. Wrapped as tight with belts. But yup. Swelling is a bitch. But id rather have swelling than lumpy pumpy balls of fluid so thankfully I'm good on that point.

More photos. Not real change. I like day 1-4 best as had virtually no swelling. Have a belly of swelling at the moment so just wanting a nice flat tum in a couple of weeks :)

Still uncomfortable so those expecting quick recovery - it's manageable but don't expect to be keeping this a secret from people. When you're padded and foamed and strapped up people do suspect something. I'm lucky I don't work so haven't had to explain to anyone yet. However those who work you would definitely need to say something. But pain wise it's doable. It's just garment problems so pressure on swelling or bruising that hurts. All in all it's not painful now. Just very very uncomfortable!! :)

Day 12

Feeling more normal now. I had my garment off for an hour last night massaging and couldn't wait to get it back on. Hated having it off that long. I can't describe the feeling it's like there is pockets of hard sandbags trying to push out of you even though I'm smooth and massage any lumps out but you can literally FEEL the swelling form. It's a bizarre feeling.

But after having my garment and foams back on overnight swelling looking better now. Still very much there but better than a few days ago :)

Pics taken yesterday. Definition coming in nicely from the foam.

But most importantly in in Zero pain or discomfort now. Sleeping normally and doing things normally.

2 weeks on

I will be brutally honest.

I knew to expect swelling and give it the four weeks. But I really expected to see a dramatic result after two weeks and due to swelling feel almost the same as pre. I'm wearing foam 24 hours all three pieces of it and my garment and my belts. So much. And massaging hard daily and I've had 10 MLD sessions and feel crap.

I know it's gonna improve and I look at my before pics and see where I've come from as I forget but at the same time I thought I'd look a but better by now.

Dr B has still done an incredible job it's my own fault for expecting so much so early. I know to take each day as it comes now, I have good days and bad days.

Still getting uncomfortable pains and the sensation of numbness and nerves kind of knitting together is very uncomfortable but manageable. It is all the foams belts and garments that are difficult.

I'm very lumpy bumpy, I'm trying to pop them all but more form daily.

Getting better

10th massage today and shape really forming. Have great definition on sides where abs form. Can imagine what it will be like :) will get photos shortly.

3 weeks

Turned a massive corner since Thursday. Everything looks completely different skin so tight and stretch marks barely visible. Everything looking great. Promise to get pcos tonight but been so busy recently.

Finally some photos

Been very ill since last satirday with a cold and kidney infection and my kidneys are quite bad right now so not been able to come on here much but I promised photos for ages so here are a few. Still swollen and still a long way to go but for 4 weeks I'm insanely pleased from where I came from :)

Sometimes it's hard with things like this as you actually become adjusted to how you currently look and forget where you came from. I constantly need to look back at old photos to remember the incredible difference and job dr bassi has done. So hats off to the man - he is the best without a doubt.

No pain at all anymore just discomfort when garment off - nobody understands that horrible feeling of swelling popping up under your skin when the garment is off until you have it done. It's a strange sensation but not a nice one too. Followed his post op plan to the letter literally. So I hope when I see him next week he will be pleased. I definitely need the garment and foam on for 3 months but I've become so adjusted to it watcging how it slowly is tightening and flattening my skin that I don't find it an issue in te slightest.

Definition comes and goes. One morning I wake and do ultrasound and I'm like wow look at those lines. And then some mornings it's podgy and wobbly flabby. So it's a waiting game right now but I know what's hiding underneath :)

Hope everyone is well.

5 Weeks

How is everyone? Hope everyone is doing as well as I am these days!
So on saturday I had my 4 week check at Selston and safe to say Dr Bassi was as impressed with the results so far as I am!!! He thought it was looking fantastic, and it really is. I cant explain how wonderful it all looks right now. I am going to get my partner to take some proper photos this weekend of me.

I went swimming after my appt and for the first time in my life wore a bikini and felt a million bucks. No holding in or sucking the belly in, wonderful feeling.

I am allowed to exercise now and on monday i started one hour of HIIT again and did the second set today and can barely walk. Taking it easy on ab movements though, and i have to wear foam during workout so its very tough but im so glad to be back working out again and ever improving the whole result.

I am still swollen, which is crazy as I cant even imagine in 2 months time where I will be if im so pleased with it now.

No pain apart from nerves knitting back together, odd sharp scratches internally. Only pain i get if if garments are off for more than 15 mintes and pouches of fluid start forming and it gets very heavy and painful but as soon as foam strapped on again im great.

The one thing i would recommend to everyone having such a sculpting procedure Hi def like me is to persevere with the garments and follow all after care put in place to a tee. My results have been so good due to all of this. If you have paid for a treatment why ruin it, pay the extra for decent garments, get a bat vest from macom and PLEASEEE ultrasound. And you need minimum 10 massages. I have had 11 and finished my last one today with Maureen who im going to miss massively as she became such a part of my life during all of this.

Now onwards its just a case of keeping on track with diet, fitness and wearing all foam and garments for the next 2 months.. 1/3 of the way there!

Dr Bassi

I found him caring and attentive to my needs and expectations. He was realistic and honest with me which is what is expected. He did more than necessary and is clearly a perfectionist and strives to achieve the best result. He is proud of his work and I feel he is more of an artist than a surgeon. He listened and checked I was settled and ok during procedure and makes patients feel relaxed and at ease. His post op care plan is very detailed and catered to my individual needs not a basic plan for everyone. He and his assistant Mags clearly want the best results and for their patients to be as comfortable as possible. This at no stage felt like a conveyer belt clinic as other big name companies do. They complete one procedure a day meaning they can take time on the client. At no point did I feel rushed. I cannot express how much myself and my partner wish to recommended Selston Clinic. From consultation to procedure to after care. Do not hesitate in booking.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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