Breast Lift Without Implants - Anchor Scar - Nottingham, GB

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For most of my life I've suffered with saggy boobs...

For most of my life I've suffered with saggy boobs and finally at 42 and a single mum, I decided now is my time. The pics below are 4 days post op. I don't have a before after yet, but when I get a copy from my surgeon I will add.
I was and still am a 32E.... size was never the issue, just the shape.
Can't wait to see the final results.
Pain is easing up now but bruising has kicked in as you can see.
My stitches are internal and dissolvable and are covered with human glue.
I developed a haematoma on the left breast after the op and had to go black in for a second time a few hours later.
The left breast is therefore more swollen and bruised and had a drain, which came out after about 24 hours.

This M&S sports bra is AMAZING!

I have one in white too and they are so supportive and comfortable. I wear them everyday.

1 week

Slight improvement now... Not so swollen, bruising is gradually fading.
Cannot wait for the glue to come off, as its so hard not to pick it.
Dying to get the bloody scabs of so I can work on scar reduction.

2 weeks....

Still quite tender, bruises are fading, glue is off at last. Just want the swelling to hurry up and go down now as they feel really taut.

3 weeks

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since my lift. And I'm pleased to see that I can see a marked improvement.

They have softened up a bit and the scars are looking good. There is still some puckering around the areolas, where the buried stitches haven't dissolved yet.

Still have a little bruising leftover and my left breast is still more swollen which isn't surprising.

No longer need the painkillers but they are a bit tender and super sensitive still, so I'm wearing gauze pads inside my sports bras for comfort.

Really pleased with the progress compared to week 1 (yikes)!

Here it is...! 3 week update

4 week update

Hi everyone!
Thought I'd post an update to show you how I'm progressing.
They have started to soften and drop now. Left breast is still lagging behind but the nipple puckering has vastly improved.
I started using Kelocote last week and apply that morning and night. I think it's helped a little.
Still wearing my sports bras all the time... even to sleep in as I find it the most comfortable.
Hoping the bruises will be completely gone by next week.
Until the next time... :)

7.5 weeks

Almost at the 2 month mark already.

I'm pleased with how the scars are healing, but the left breast is still taking longer to drop. Probably because of the haematoma and the second op within a few hours.

I also had a very small absess in this one, which now appears to have resolved. It was a sore spot that I could feel a hardness underneath, but I managed to deal with it myself and it's settled down.

I'm still wearing the sports bra in the day and no bra at night now, which is lovely as the tenderness is gone now.

The upper pole fullness has significantly reduced as I knew it would, but they are a vast improvement on what I had before.

My left nipple is smore responsive to cold than the left at the moment, but I'm hopeful they'll even out in due course.

I'm using Kelocote scar gel twice a day since 3/4 weeks.

Wish I had taken some before pics now, but didn't want the reminders at the time!!!
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