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I am now 17 days post-op of my second revision...

I am now 17 days post-op of my second revision rhinoplasty and I have to admit I'm really struggling with it. This time around although initially the shape following cast removal was satisfactory, the swelling 7 days after has completely distorted it. Added to that, there are two large dents, one of which now looks like a scar and/or some collapse, scarring from where the stitches were removed, and uneven nostrils, one being higher than the other on the dented side. I'm really worried this is permanent. As I've been on this journey since 2011 and undertaken 3 operations, I feel I can realistically predict the results. After my primary, I had a slight dentation which eventually cleared up by itself. The denting this time however is much more pronounced and seems to be attached to the scar/collapse. I cant deny, I'm devastated, particularly since the scarring is so obvious. I feel part of the problem was when the nurse took the stiches out she pulled some scabs off, maybe too soon so that's why its scarred? Also the collumma looks dreadful after three times of being cut open so its lumpy. I'm also concerned that the tip will droop after being lifted from the previous surgery and end up with a beak nose.

I won't lie, initially I chose my surgeon based on locality, and in the utmost naivety, I believed I would have the op and a week later have a fantastic new nose. If only! Sadly, I realise 4 years later how difficult a procedure it is and wished I'd spent more time researching it prior to going ahead. The only silver lining is that my surgeon hasn't charged any additional fees on the revisions and he is a lovely doctor and I don't want to cast doubt on his credentials or skill (and I'm not naming names at this point just in case miraculously my nose fixes up!).

The prospect of further surgery kills me :-( I really hate the panicky feeling of being put under anaesthetic. I detest the cast; the discomfort, the stickiness of the tape, not being able to wash my face properly, not being able to breathe, feeling too embarrassed to go out of the house so stuck at home with two energetic toddlers, the itching and my god, the disgusting smell in my nose!!!

So now at this point I feel all hope is lost. I can feel depression creeping in, I don't want to see anyone or go out, I'm supposed to be going on holiday in August but now I don't want to. I contacted my surgeon last week with my concerns and got the old faithful line of 'lets just wait and see where we are in 6 months'. Which I pray he is right, but I don't think this is something which can be rectified without some help. I just don't know what to do. Asides from drinking loads of water, avoiding the sun, taping at night etc :-(

I'm in the UK and there doesn't seem to be as much info on revision specialists over here, and alas, a trip to the USA isn't practical ;-)

So I guess I just have to wait, even though its killing me, and I feel more self conscious than ever about my nose.

If anyone has any similar experiences or advice or words of hope I'd love to hear from you :-) xx

A new thought

Last night after pouring over others' reviews and remembering a comment posted from a doc on here, I'm stating to think my surgeon accidentally punctured the skin on my nose. On the day of cast removal, following the nurse's advice, I showered and allowed the cast to saturate. It fell off and on my inspection I found a white stitch on the external surface of my nose, I initially thought it was a bandage fibre stuck to my face but realised it was firmly attached so left it. It wasn't there after my session with the nurse to get columella stitches out but thought nothing further of it. A doc on here suggested I had a 'break' on the surface on my nose where the scarring is located. My current thinking is the scar was created by the surgeon at the time of the operation but failed to mention anything about it.... So now what do I do? My emails to the surgeon although answered reasonably promptly, are vague and just come back to 'wait it out'. I'm worried if I keep emailing he'll feel harassed and end up avoiding me. Should I email him some pics and voice my suspicions? (I know I sound like a wimp, it's s real British trait not wanting to complain ;-) )
Thanks all xx


Hey thanks for all your comments, makes me feel less alone. I meant to post yesterday but I've been so low :-( still pretty down tbh, it's so hard to get perspective. If it wasn't smack bang in the middle of my face on view to the world I'm certain i would be coping better.
So, I did email my surgeon; a lengthy, neutral(ish) report of my fears and queries. To his credit, he replied personally within 2 hours. Unfortunately he 'didn't have my surgery notes to hand' so could neither agree or dispute my concerns about puncturing the skin. He urged me to be patient and trudged out the chestnut about assessing in a few months and suggested augmentation with fillers or grafting if necessary. What a quandary. Do I even risk him doing more to me? I've been researching surgeons on suggestions from some of you; Lucian ion, Charles East and Mr Uppal, although I'll have to pay out a minimum of £100 just to see them, even if they're happy to see me at this early stage. My husband and my dad both think I should hang fire, see if a bit of time does help. As if a further surgery is required, I'll need all my savings to find it.
But God the depression. It's so hard to break free. (I had depression into teens and after my kids were born, and it was a real battle to overcome, I don't want to go back to that place)
I was wondering, how can you differentiate between swelling and grafts? My whole nose is s swollen blob but on the right side (the side with scarring) it feels harder, like not squishy as on the other side. Is this cartilage ? And if so, will it soften and not stick out so much?
Thanks for listening xxx

24 days post op 2nd revision

So, today I have been to see the nurse at the clinic. I emailed the practise manager yesterday with my concerns and she insisted I have an appointment. To her credit, she has managed to allay my fears somewhat. She took a lot of time to speak to me and examine my nose. Apparently there's nothing which causes concern (it's definitely not tissue death and circulation is fine). She reiterated the necessity of being patient and that at 4 weeks post, I'm expecting too much. She agreed it's swollen but is par of the course. Then she did a photo trail from my original nose through all stages to present day, there really has been a significant change in terms of size. I will root out some pics later of my natural nose. I did feel a bit as though I'd been melodramatic.
I've heard back from Mr Uppal and Mr ion. Both have suggested a wait of 10-ish months, to be booked nearer the time (consultation fees £100 and £150 respectively be paid on booking).
So any which way I look at it, I must wait. The nurse said if any further work was required then it would be minimal. I'm reserving judgement on that decision.
Took some pics this morning. I've been taping at night to help with swelling and I'm quite pleased how it looks from the profile when swelling is minimal. I'm hopeful it will look this small when all recovery is complete.
Please excuse my morning face no make up on!

Pics from this morning

Tape just removed

Original nose

Ok so I've dug out some pics pre any nose jobs... As you can see I was not blessed in this department. I was bullied at school and had zero self confidence and have dreamed of a nose job which would "fix me". Whilst I wouldn't wish to return to its natural state, I do wish I'd done my homework first. No camera angle looked good :-(

I'll have a look for primary and 1st revision pics tomorrow , a lot of the primary ones are in my broken laptop.

Natural nose vs. current nose

33 days post op

So I wasn't going to bother reviewing this week as it's depressing the hell out of me. I actually think I look worse in photos than real life?! Bought some dermablend corrective concealer but maybe should have got a lighter shade? (See pics)
I think my right side of nose looks dreadfully swollen today, especially when I tip my head back and look upward I can see swelling or is it cartillage? It feels kinda stuff, hard not squishy?
Feeling sorry for myself still :-( please excuse my miserable face lol xx


So I'm having difficulty with blocked/ restricted nasal passages. I've always had blocked sinus, it started when I was pregnant with my first son, they would swell up and block. It didn't really get better after id had him. Then I had my primary rhinoplasty which looked horrible but no breathing probs. after my first revision I was back to having blocked sinus again and became reliant on nasal sprays in order to breathe. I starts getting clogged up with clear transparent sticky mucous (gross I know), and was forever conscious of running dripping nose and constant fear of not having tissues to hand. This last week or so following my 2nd revision a month ago, I'm having difficulty breathing again but not even the sprays are helping. Same clear mucous. Could this mean the blockage is caused by something else rather than swollen nasal tissue? Husband bought me a nasal rinse kit to try but I think you have to use it consistently on regular basis to feel the benefit? Feeling utterly fed up now. I was seriously contemplating getting my boobs uplifted next year but this experience with my nose has made me feel too scared. even though they resemble two empty crisp packets flapping in the wind, at least I can conceal them from the world!!
So stressed!!!

9 months post op

Hi guys
So it's been a while... Almost 9 months post 2nd revision and as you will see from the new pics, nothing has improved.
I've not been on RS because I started feeling pressure to disclose my surgeons name. I've deliberately withheld that info as I was considering legal action and was worried it may jeopardise my law suit by doing so. It has never been about protecting his reputation, just safeguarding myself.
I am now in the midst of court proceedings. A few weeks back I visited a specialist in order for him to form a report to support my case. It is fairly damming towards my surgeon. As he put it 'if you were a car, why on earth would you take the doors off to get to the bonnet'...... His remarks substantiate my concerns and I am hopeful of a positive outcome. The only negative being his prognosis. Not only will it cost £8000 to fix, the likelihood is any further surgery won't do much to improve it. This is heartbreaking. Money aside, staying looking this way forever can never be compensated for.
So there's my update. I'm grateful to the kind lady who reached out to me this week, it has given me such a boost.
Best wishes to all xxx

Recent pics

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