26 Years Old, Lost 6st and Finishing my Body off with a Breast Reduction / Lift - Nottingham, GB

Where do I start..... 4 years ago I visited the...

where do I start..... 4 years ago I visited the doctors because of my large boobs and asked them if the nhs would give me a breast reduction as was a size 38g/h, it wasn't just the size it was also the constant bad back, poor posture and not much self confidence. I was refused and got told to lose weight and my get re-considered. From there to now I'm 6st lighter now a 34g and left with droopy saggy boobs with extra skin and yet again been refused anything of the nhs and having to go private. iv chosen to go with the Harley medical group which i have been recommended to by a few people. So far they have been fantastic, supportive and very understanding. All my consultations, blood tests, mrsa swabs have been done and just waiting for my operation date (2nd November) to arrive so i can travel up to Preston.
Theres a few things I'm unsure
# what to pack
# would i need medical insurance
# any tips to pass time as i like to be up and on my feet and will probably find the healing process boring

any comments back would be fantastic thank you
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