12.5% tca peel - Nottingham, UK

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Ok so just to let you guys know, I have acne...

Ok so just to let you guys know, I have acne scarring pretty much everywhere on my face. I am certain that these are ice pick scars. I purchased a 12.5% TCA peel and applied this just 3 days ago and seems so be going well however, I was asking the seller some questions yesterday and was informed that 12.5% will not get rid of my ice pick scarring no matter how many peels i was to do and that a 30% or 50% is required, she also said that I dont need to work my way up to 30% and that I can put it 'into' them. Does this sound safe to anybody?? When she says 'into' them does she mean like a tca cross peel? Any help much appreciated. I will put some pics up soon. :)

Photos 12.5% TCA peel


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