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I am having a breast augmentation on the 26th of...

I am having a breast augmentation on the 26th of august, a week tomorrow!! My ps has ordered 315HI and 275MD anatomical. I am guessing Hi = high profile and MD =moderate profile. There were a lot of things I wanted to ask I guess I have pre opp nerves however my ps was on holiday the last few weeks, tired to book an appointment today for tomorrow which freaked me out a little as his secretary wasn't happy ! :/ I have found it really hard and emotional having consultations with my ps and I find him very hard to talk to/ask questions! I am going to uni in october probably otherwise i would postpone and see other plastic surgeons again. ( i saw a couple in last novemeber. )

My aim is to get to a B or a small C cup. I think I am going to go for the 315cc. I have read that it feels/looks about 10 or 20% less. At the moment I wear 260cc gels in my bra everyday so hope to achieve this feel.

Yesterday I ordered macom bras off the internet ( didnt even talk about post opp bras forgot to ask, i have been so wound up of what size and shape. )

I have decided to go anatomical as I like the natural shape, although I love the look of rounds also, but concerned these wouldnt look right on me as I have no lower pole and need the anatomicals to create this for me. The pictures I showed my ps were all rounds. I am concerned when I lie down that the anatomicals will look and feel wierd as they will remain in their sticking out shape! I asked my ps about this but didnt get an answer. he was good however in explaining to me if I chose rounds then the incision would have to be made lower down my body, which i didnt like the thought of!

I paid today. which was scary. I think I just need to go ahead with this now and get it done! !

last pre-op

managed to get an appointment today. guess its too late to show him wish pics. I did already show him some before though so I am hoping he took in to consideration of the size I want. I really should decide on the size but I think and if I am honest probably really want to go for the 315, 10% off this would be 284, 20% off would be 252, so I should end up looking this size hopefully! when I tried on 330 sizers these were a little too big and heavy. I obviously dont know how they will feel in your body. Im hoping 315 won't feel too big.

had last pre -op

had my last consultation and took in my mum which was a lot better. I advise anyone to take in someone with them on at least one appointment. I find it so hard to get what I need to across and asked what I need.

I have decided ( I think! ) to go with the smaller implant. the width of the implant is 11.7 and projection of the smaller one 4.8, and the larger one is 5.6. So basically it is the projection that changes to fit in more volume.

I think I am deciding on the smaller size.

pros of going smaller:
may look and feel more natural?
wont get in the way with my bf, feel better when naked.
better when I hug someone
noone will know i have implants!
if i lost weight they will look natural still
easier when exercising, wont feel so heavy
i can wear a slightly padded bra if i want to
i might just want to be smaller when i get older
skin wont stretch as much
any asymmetry will be less
less risk of looking like dolly parton.

pros of going larger:
be more in proportion?
wont have to wear any padding
look good in clothes and swimwear

all day all night looking at boobs!

is all i am doing at the moment! more wish pics....

now im thinking of going for 315 .....doh a week to decide.

macom bras came

my macom post op sports bras came today. these are no cup size they stretch to accomadate you. they are post op bras. https://www.macom-medical.com/post-surgery/bras 1007. if you enter mybreast you get 15% off.

I am reading other peoples reviews on here not replying much but seeing people's journeys is really useful and much appreciated that they have been posted so I will try and post as much of mine as I can.

still decided on size. Im worried if I go 275 I will regret not going a slight bit larger. but then im worried the bigger they are the higher chance of complications? and higher chance of them looking fake and my family noticing which i really dont want.

link to implant sizes.


arrrgh going insane

Still undecided I keep switching my mind. 275 might be too small and I might end up wearing a padded bra still. And what if I go through it all to not be a size I feel comfortable with? But then 315 what if they stick out like crazy and look stupid!

Trying on gels in the Macon bra 260cc and 330cc (ish) both were small 260 super small. Buy 260 in a normal bra is perfect. I don't know if rice suzers r meant to be done in a sports bra or a normal bra. In a sports bra they appear a lot smaller. Its impossible to think what you will end up!

From reading some say 100 is a cup size increase some say 150, or 175, some say 200 is !!

And is from aa to an acup is a size increase right?

So say u went for the larger size from what I have read the largest size I could end up is a c cup. ( 3 size increase) smallest is a mid b cup.

If I go for the smallest size the largest I could end up is a B cup and the smallest I could end up is an A cup. I don't wana be an a cup! I am quite chubby at the moment, and want to be in proportion.

But then when I tried the 330 implant my PS gave me to borrow it felt too heavy. But when its under the muscle it may not feel this heavy in guessing? I imagine the muscle to be like an internal sports bra haha. Really don't know !!!

decided on 315. so much of my life wasted.

so I text my ps secretary and said i decided to go with the 315cc HI. I think this is the best option for me. I would say my build is medium, I wouldnt describe myself as slim, i am about a stone over the weight that feels like my natural weight, but i dont want to "diet" id rather go with 315 and hope this makes me feel more proportional! im worried if i went too small i would try to diet to try get my body into proportion, what i have been doing since i was 16, resulted in having a eating disorder, which I am now recovered from. I have been through a long and tough journy. having no chest has caused great amount of depression to the point at times i have felt so hideous and horrible and uncomfortable i havent wanted to really live. This really is a huge step for me really to move forwards having basically wasted my twenties. theres so much i havent done because of my chest such as go on holiday, buy a first proper bra, do a swimming instruction qualification, going to group exercise classes, not spending 2 hours dressing to hide my chest, spending too much anxiety over leaning over and being worried someone has seen my nipples, not being able to wear halterneck tops or nice summer clothes, not being able to go to the beach in a costume/bikini!, hiding behind clothes whilst having sex, feeling ashamed, feeling like im a freak and not a woman, feeling i was denied of having something that i felt that every woman has! At times i thought it was my fault, that i should be ashamed, that i was punished or something! it has really has affected my mental health. I even asked 3 diff doctors about getting it on the nhs.

at the age of 18 I couldnt get it done 1. as I was in the grips of bulimia as I was so distressed, 2. as I had no support from anyone, and I couldnt go through it alone, I literally felt so alone. After a lot of changes I now have family support, and I am in a great relationship which I am very lucky to have.

looking back on my past I feel upset, anger, feelings of WHY??, regret... for everything together, problems from my childhood, family problems, not having support, wasting my teenage years and my twenties. I have not been happy since I was very young. This op just marks a huge thing for me, not just because im getting boobs, but because I have the support to do something like this. 2 things I have been denide off! I needed the support to be able to do it. I honestly just never thought these days would come, I never thought my mum would change so much to give me the support that i so needed when i was growing up.

It also marks probably feeling like a woman and not being trapped in a childs body anymore. its probably going to change my life dramatically.

feeling nervous

feeling nervous now. not feeling any excitment, feel like i have got an exam or something! my ps said that if on the day if he is worried that i am not sure about having it done then he wont do it. i really hope i dont get all worked up for it to be turned away as he thinks im too unsure. i am anxious about it, but i definitely want this done.

i have been thinking about what i am doing afterwards in the next few months, where i am going to go from here, what the recovery is going to be like. all i want is to just be recovered, healthy, and then go and join a gym and start living my life.

i cant even bring myself to pack stuff to go to my mums and i just go through feeling tired to feeling nervous and back again! i just dont think i can really think straight about anything untill the relief is there that is over and that i dont look ridiculous! I expect frankensteinboobs for a while after, I think this will make me anxious and waiting for them to settle, and having rocks on my chest!! i dont think i will be letting my bf see untill they have settled. not that i take my top off now much anyway hahaha.

less then 2 days to go.

feel calmer today but got no motivation to do anything. Packed a hospital bag and a bag to stay at my mums afterwards. have a one night hospital stay. don't know what else to write next time i up i might have had it done!

friend wishes me happy boobday!

Woke up today voice was like, your getting boobs today! I was like what?? no I'm not, voice was like er yeh today is the day! I was like OMG. Better get up. What am I doing! Shall I opt out?!

I'm hungry. And er I'm going through with it. Having a voice saying go with the smaller size! Getting ready. Doing silly little things like cutting my nails plucking my eyebrows!


Done! And eaten dinner. In a bra its more painful in a bra. But its not really pain. It's more like I have a pile of books on my chest. My boobs look great ad far as I know. They look wide apart but size wise they look perfect. Haven't had a good look as I can't move much yet! Auchba relief its over and feel excited now iv got some dinner and my sugar levels are up! He didn't know if he could fit the 275 or 315. He managed the 315 as he knew that's what I wanted. Right now I look down in the sport s bra and I look about the size I did with my padded bra :). Can't wait in the next week to just get doing normal things and seeing my bf tomorow :) he has been so amazing through all of this. I'm dead lucky to have amazing support around me :)


Omygosh so far as I can look I think I feel good! Ill post pics off a camera when I get home in the next few days. I feel like myself. Like they r mine! Ha how weird is that.

omg look so good

Just peeked in the mirror. Perfect size not big at all guess obviously they will drop and stuff. Haven't looked from the side. Its exhausting to get up. And I'm scared and too hyped to sleep. Its such a massive relief. I don't feel tired. Find it easier to sit up then try lie down. Wasn't given antibiotics I will ask tomorow I guess. I should have gone got some before hand but I didn't think. Aldo was told I didn't have to wear a bra but I have one on. It was uncondy to put it on to start with but feels fine now.

first day post opp.

Will take pics tomorrow when I have my drains out. In my bra and a T-shirt I look so small!! Haha like half the size of the padded bra I wore. My right one is also noticebly larger then my left. My right was always a bit bigger and also my right muscle is a lot larger. My right side is tight. My left side no problems. I'm hoping they will even out as they drop and my right muscle relaxes. But overall I'm so happy with the size. They are just literally a but bigger than a handful. They just feel like mine. I'm really chuffed. Probably a relief that I don't look like dolly parton!

My surgeon was really pleased with the result. Iv been told over and over to move around and get stretching my arms up doing my hair etc. Iv also been told I don't have to wear a bra. They feel tighter in a bra. Iv put on the 36,band one which is looser.

I just hope I don't develope any problems with them now. Bit worried tho as when I go home ( at my mums now )my housemates will notice cuz iv literally halved my boob size ! Even tho they look tiny with a top on I wouldn't want to have gone any bigger I don't think. But obviously they may feel bigger as they drop. Reading things on here has been so useful.


Feel feverish and felt faint or nauseaus. Coming of anstheic ? Or just shock from doing it !! I think its shock!

day 3 I think!

Losing t rack of what day it is! Still have my drains but hope to remove today. I have no pain in my left one at all, just my right, which still is larger. Been trying to work out which one has dropped more. From the side and when I look down from the top, it looks like the right one but then I have more muscle soreness in that one!

I have been told I don't have to wear a bra but I can't decide if I feel better without it or not. If support helps or if thenbra causes more pain.

Its not major pain but just uncomfortable and an inconvinence. I had flu in march this year and that was way worse then having this ba!! !! ! I'm only on paracetamol and iboprufen.

Since year I have a slight shooting pain in my right one sometimes if I move.

I have more feeling to the touch in my left one than my right. Hoping my recovery goes ok and that I have no problems but need to convince myself to stop worrying so much and that loads of people have this op!

Pyschologocialy sometimes I have felt a bit in shock. That iv had it done, that I actually have implants inside me, thtlat is isn't a dream , that there's no going back and the thought that I will have to have further operations in the future is on my mind. Sometimes I feel spaced out!

I haven't put on any weight which is anlmazing but then maybe I'd lost a little or something that would be an explanation! They don't feel like they are going to be heavy at all.

I hope to post pics if I pluck up the courage! Worried of posting them from my phone. I took a few on a normal camera yesterday, but its a FAFF to ask someone to set up my laptop!

Just wana get recovered now!


I'll add pics bit at a time it doesn't let me upload many via phone.


These ones show the size of them. They aren't that big. But feel perfect! 315 high profile anatomical under. I have a wide frame though. So on someone with a smaller frame these would look I imagine a lot larger. I am imagining I'm about a small B cup. But I'll update when I go get measured when they r ready to. I'm so happy with the results.


Its weird to shower cuz it doesn't feel right feel like the plasters will fall off the incisions ! Obviously they r designed to get wet and I have had stiches ( dissolvable) and glue. But still anxious.

About post op bras and compression bands do these help? What do they do exactly? Do they help them drop? Like I said iv been given to clear that I don't even need to wear a bra! But I am unsure of this. Having a break of it right now as just out the shower. Just some stuff iv read on the net my PS doesn't follow. The after bra, antibiotics ( got none ), and was told to move my arms around and up so recovery is quicker!

healing quick!

So I am feeling fine apart from being very tired. I can get up from lying down now a hell of a lot easier!
I attempted to shop the other day but I was so tired and grumpy as my period started the next day. In clothes they look tiny! I am a size 14 (UK ) and they still don't look in proportional when in clothes I still don't have bkobs to fill clothes out! I think I needed to have gone to 400~ 450cc. ( I had 315 ) . my surgeon though thought he wouldn't fit the 315 as my skin isn't elastic but in the end he fitted them fine so I probably could have gone bigger but I didn't know that and I didn't know that 315 would look so small in clothes. I wanted to feel comfortable and in proportion. But then also at the same time I do like the size and I'm glad that noone will ever know I had a boob job. I also can bend over in a bra without anyone seeing straight down to my nippples. I do as well already feel a lot more comfortable then leaving the house like its just in my head knowing I have breasts now.

I feel desperate to buy new clothes! But feel an overweight bloated flump! I have no idea how to dress myself!

My right boob to me looks and feels a lot bigger still. I'm hoping it will go down.

I can self not pick at things. But overall I'm so pleased with the result. I have no complications so far and when I touch them they feel the right size that I like. Its just clothes shopping that got Mr down a bit the other day. My bf thinks I should go buy all nice new pretty things and throw my old depressing clothes away. Admitadly a lot of my clothes r old and holey haha. I this k I need to go on gok wann!

going good

Nearly 3 weeks and they feel amazing. Starting to soften and lost some swell. I was 27 inches,( to measure cup) now 26. I wear a 36C as a guestimate as I hate wearing a too small band size, but this is the wrong size, I measure 32D, from past experience if I wear a 32,I literally can't breath though so I'm thinking I need to try a 34C . I dunno! Obviously they need to drop yet though. At the mo I'm wearing non wired bras and I dunno if I'm giving myself enough support or not. The most comfy ones r literally cotton no shape bras I.e they take the shape of your breast.

I still have numbness although that is improving and still have numb nipples but which have a slight sensitiviy to touch.

I'm a bit heeby geeby about having the incisions without the plasters on. I'm worried I'll start bleeding or something or I'll catch it while I sleep or ill get an infection but i guess its well healed up by now. At the mo I wear a bra while I sleep too.

I'm also just so tired all of the time!

Also...for the boobie greed i slightly have it but slightly don't. I do love the size however I probably will wear a shapped bra or slightly padded bra. My breasts are more pointy then rounded, although they may look better when they drop. When I put pads in my bra ( swimming costume pads!) I achieve the look I like. I do really think going a little bigger would have achieved my perfect size. But then same look. I love the size when I am naked! They look cute! I feel I have small breasts co.pared to other women but in a way that makes them feel natural to me you know? I would have thought measuring the bra size I do they would look larger but under clothes with no padding I look an a or b cup! If I have them don

trying sizers

Yeh if I had them done in the future I would go slightly larger. Like 400 I think. When I tried on sizers ( I used these fell inserts ) I put them in a proper bra. However you need to put these in a sports bra I think. I did realise in a sports bra the sizers looked a lot smaller. My surgeon was unsure if he would even fit 315 in as my skin isn't elastic apprantly but in the end he fit these absolutely fine. So for me he wouldn't have gone larger then this anyway! At the same time I wish to be a little larger, I'm also happy with this size as I can easily where a slightly padded bra to feel bigger so its not a biggie! And in the summer I could probably even go braless! They don't feel heavy at all..I don't know if this will change in time or not as I'm still numb!


6 weeks post

So iv been really stressed because I just started uni at 28! But it was last min after my op and I wasn't prepared. So now I don't know if to change course or to drop out. Bf pressured me to go lol.

I haven't been able to really enjoy them yet. They don't really feel like they r there becuz I'm used to wearing a padded bra making me bigger then what I am with implants!

They feel really tiny. I feel like I had this operation and then the implants deflated! Obviously they r there, but it feesl like they r not...if that makes sense. They r just so tiny! I should have gone more 400. But my surgeon wouldn't have done this anyway.

My nipples are numb and the under boob is numb. I'm hoping they drop to form more underboob but I don't know if this is it now. They have def deflated a lot in size from swelling.

I am cycling Minor amounts. Haven't dared jogg yet and don't know when I can. I don't see the surgeon for 6 months now. They r hard and don't move / bounce. No squishing together whatsoever! I don't know if this will change over time either it is still early days I guess.

I actually didn't wear a bra to bed for ages but them I decided I needed to. When im in bed they feel uncomfortable like my body wants to go one way but my implants haven't followed yet! I guess like a weight inside me...which it is lol. Wearing a bra to bed lessons this feeling.

Overall I feel better with them as they serve their purpose. I don't have to worry bending over in the summer etc. But also no one would have a clue even family that I have had them done. . and they don't get in my way.. When im up in the day I can't feel they r there I don't think. Maybe still due to numbness. I'm sure I'll be able to say if it s a definite yay when I get back to exercising and when I get to the 6 month mark and see if I get any squidyness.

My bf thinks they r perfect. But if I wasn't with him I wouldn't be comfortable showing a new partner I don't think. But that's something I don't have to worry about but might have been a psychological stress to me if I had been single.

6 weeks post pics

couple more pics

guess they will do. none is perfect. I'll always have boobie greed tho!

I suppose they will do! Lol. Not perfect but still much better then how I felt about myself before :).

Although I'm feeling quite low right now. But I think that's due to uni attemption :'.

not sure

Feeling very low at the moment. Time of year and things. I'm not sure what to think of my boobs. They don't look right as in the have too much upper pole and little lower pole and my nipples point downwards. I feel they need more shape. They are too pointy with no full shape. I don't know if i should have gone with the round implants. I have basically got a bigger version of the shape that I had before! Often I look down and they look the same as they did before haha. I don't see my surgeon until the 6 month mark. Feeling rather deflated as obviously this is it now. I can't afford a re do but perhaps wait for ten years or whatever and have them redone with a larger round implant and further down. Obviously they r a lot better then how I looked before but I just can't help but think but what if I went larger and larger and with a different surgeon! But I feel like you don't really know how it will look on your anatomy until it is done! I dunno. Wishing I could go back in time right now! Lol.


feeling quite distressed as every time I look in the mirror iv just about given up trying to convince myself that they look ok. they look very odd. I don't think my left one has dropped as it is a funny shape and the incision is below the breast crease so obviously it hasnt dropped into the position intended. Also i dont think the implant was big enough for my frame causing the oddness look. They just stick out from my body and look alien. I think I look a mess right now I think perhaps if I lost weight they would look less odd?

My plan i to post pics on here and ask surgeons online. i am also going to book a consultation with a different surgeon. I am meant to see my ps in march ( 6 months post op. ) but im so scared that he will tell me they are fine and that he won't do a revision. He was very difficult to comminicate with and I have regrets that I should have gone with a different surgeon. i just feel awfull right no, very emotional and frustrated and worried. I also need a plan of how to get the money for a revision.

luckily I look ok in baggy clothes and I can hide how it looks with a padded bra so i dont look unusual in clothes and you cant tell i have implants because they look so small in clothes. luckily also even though they look awful I look better then i did before, the frustration and upset is that this is it, the money gone, and what if i had chosen a differnt implant ie round, or different surgeon would I have got better results. ( or maybe its my anatomy. ),

I think the worst bit is my nipples are too low. i feel the fullness on top and then just nothing after the nipple, on m left breast it looks like my nipple is falling off!

im thinking of covering up mirrors for now as im obsessed at looking at them which makes me more upset!

I will update when I have seen another surgeon and my original ps also. worst comes to the worst is that I will just have to wait however long untill I have money for another opp.

ok awful 6 months pics!

so..I have gained tonnes of weight recently which doesn't help matters in the way I feel but i wounder if this makes my implants look odder the way that they stick out. Some pics I take look super duper odd. Others i take don't look so bad. I have just posted the question to the surgeons here. But spending hours and hours and hours googling pictures I do feel the implants are just too high and thats why they look odd ! some more pics I took today...excuse the awful looking chubbyness!!

still haven't been back.

I have been quite ill with depression recently so I haven't been able to book an appointment with my ps. and i am still terrified to. my boobs feel a bit achey and heavy at night in bed i am thinking its because they are obviously in the wrong place with the weight all before my nipple. I dont kno if this could be damaging in anyway. i feel like i am in just a waiting place again. i am waiting untill I am fully well enough to go back to my ps. Then if he says yes i am waiting for another opp, then waiting for recovery, if he says no its back to looking for another surgeon. I think the whole process of having them done and having a complication is so depressing because it is 6 months from when you have them done till you can have a reop, and you feel like your first opp was a waste of time and money. i just so badly want to get on with my life. i also havent been able to buy my first proper bra yet!! i just feel like i am back to square one after going through so much. perhaps thiking i should book a appointment though so i just have a date in my head.

appointment next week

Terrified he will say nothing is wrong. But I get to find out if he will redo them or not. Trying to upland pics but doesn't seem to be working.


my appointment is in a few hours. feeling anxious and nervous and antsy and frustrated. I need to somehow keep my calm and explain what I think. I need to say that I think my implants have goten stuck too high up on my chest wall, causing them to not look quite right. Perhaps my muscles didn't relax and the lower part of the pocket closed off before the implant had chance to move down. Or perhaps the lower part of my breast needs to be released...i,e the pec muscle and /or the submammary fold needs to be lowered.

I would like a revision to lower the implant and would a wider/bigger implant to better to fill out the shape? I feel the implant is too small hence also why it looks odd. It needs to be wider and flatter.

IT'S very obvious what has happened, I really hope my ps says nothing is wrong. I have even printed out information on implants that are too high. after looking at all the info and research it is obvious that mine are too high. I worry I am going to have to argue to get a revision done. so I guess I am pretty tense.

I need to try and go in with the mindset that he will agree, he will fix them, and I can explain my concerns. Perhaps before he examines me I will simply say everything is fine apart from the implant is sitting too high.

Going to have a revision

So my appointment did go well and he is going to write to me. I am going to have a revision done with the implants being moved down, and if need be new implants put in but only if needed. he said that this would be free of charge if the implants are not re -placed. I didn't discuss going up in size or having a wider implant etc, It just felt a lot to just explain how I felt about them being high. If I did go up in size i also think I would have to pay. So most likely I will have the same implants or same sized implants but lower. I am not sure if he has to replace them if I will have to pay though. Just awaiting the letter and then I will go from there I guess.....

I don't know if to risk at the next appointment asking for a different implant ( wider and larger. They are too far apart right now ) or if to leave it. I dont know if the odd shape is just due to them being too high, if also if due to the implant being the wrong type. I just find it so difficult communicating with people, I have found him very difficult. Making me now feel perhaps its my fault they were placed in that position. He said they do not "drop" as I expected them to, so he placed them in that high position...thinking that is where I wanted them? I do find people confusing.I have explained I want them further down to give a better lower pole I did ask him if he understood what I meant and he said yes.

So I guess.. now I wait... but can feel relieved! I have to wait though and find out when I can have it redone and then wait again for recovery. more then anything i.e size adjustments, i just want them in the correct position!

difficult day

finding it hard to get my head around things. such as my surgeon did do a mistake and place them too high?? he did apologise that he didnt get the look i was hoping for, but then insinuated that this is the look I had asked for? but this is a complication right of them being placed in the wrong position? he also said something that he may not be able to get them as I want/ they may only come down a little bit... so i dont want to go through an op for them to look the same. I also think I just dont have confidence that he knows what I am asking for/knows what breasts are meant to look like!! it is just so hard getting through to him. it feels a little bizzare. I cannot afford to go to a different surgeon for my re-op, but I have thought of going to another one for a second opinion of how to correct this to get the look that I want...but even then a consultation is £150. But I want to know if a round/larger/wider implant would be better.

I have struggled with today and been asleep most of the day. here are some wish pics I want! ( i did show him wish pics but he didnt really acknowledge them. obviously too each pic could be a bit dfferent, but what I want to explain to him is a want a natural slope going down the the nipple and then a nice curve underneath the nipple with the nipple more centred.

just posted a question

just posted a question to the doctors here. I feel so just bummed I guess. very worried. and down. just not coping too well. i need some distractions but i also have the need to get this sorted. so worried that i wont get the breasts i want and that the money i borrowed is just now gone.. that was my chance :( chose the wrong surgeon. i know i get to have one last go but im worried he doesnt understand and i worry he wont be able to make the change. how can he think that the implant is ok to sit like this??? he said but if he tried to change it to be lower then i woudlnt have the volume on top...the reason though i had teardrop by him was to NOT have this volume on top and to have the shape UNDERNEATH! it just feels like he has made a mistake but is saying things to get around it. even blamming me that this is how i asked to look. ok. so bummed and depressed. \ just need to get this all out my system.

update on revision.

so its taken a long time even to book another consultation with my ps , having my last one in march! I went for my appointment today and he is SO DAMN DIFFICULT TO TALK TO! ! ! like I feel like I shouldnt be asking the questions I want, as though he wants to rush me out, as though he is annoyed with me, i wish I did not go with this surgeon big mistake. i went to see a different ps who is a woman and she was brilliant gave me time and listened and allowed me to ask what i wanted. if i had the money i would def go with her but i dont. I managed to get the fact out of him that yes he will make the lower pocket. I dont understand why he didn't do this before. i dont understand why he placed it so high, this just baffles me so so much and now i have to go through it all again. the manor in which he has been with me I have found incredibly difficult to cope with. really difficult. actually it is quite weird and makes me feel every time i have seen him that its my fault. the manor he has got with me makes it so hard to ask questions, he turns things around as in he says well if you dont know what you want then you should put off the surgery. surely its good to ask things! he is terrible. really bad. i wish i could just get my money back!!!

so i need a month to be off the pill then i should be having it done in august sometime hopefully. i asked about the fact that they are wide apart, he said that to reduce the gap then a wider implant would be needed, but if it is wider then it will also be larger, and if i went larger this wouldnt be a good idea because my skin would stretch more and you may be able to see the implant. so. i guess i am just going with to get them lowered. that is the main issue anyway.

Had my revision done

Had my revision done now by a different doctor whom was brilliant. I had to obviously pay again but I really didn't want to go back to the original PS. I might put up his name on here if I dared to warn others about him.

I don't think that he thought he could do it as he was trying to put me off it all the time...but he should have referred me onto a different surgeon if he knew he didn't know what to do! He didn't show Mr any before or after pictures he had done and also didn't take my wish pics into consideration. Overall I found him very rude and difficult to deal with. Because I have anxiety issues I partly though that it was me, my fault as I always blame myself if someone treats me unfairly. But now I realise that he did not treat me right at all. I am going to send him a letter asking for a refund and explaining everything that he put me through because this should not have happened and he shouldn't be allowed to operate on women like me. Its not just what he did to me with the implants to high but the mistreatment emotionally putting me through an awful lot of unessary stress. I was very anxious before through all the consultations and then very depressed when I realised what was wrong.

My new PS was easy to talk to and treated me totally different. My old PS I felt guilty and selfish for wasting his time during consultations it was like he was angry with me. Something not quite right there at all with his manor psychological wise.

So my new surgeon closed off the oversized pockets he had created and made a lower pocket and replaced the implants with round ones and I think a little longer.

My old PS plan was to just not even remove the old implants and to move them down, or replace them, but then not close off the oversized pocket and not used a different implant in which case meaning the implant probably would have raised upwards and I'd have been left with yet another operation. I am so so glad that I did not go back to him. I'm sure I would have had more problems.

I am annoyed because I have to go through healing again for a mistake that he made. It could have been avoided if he had admitted from the start the reason that he didn't want to operate on me wasn't because he was concerned that I had anxiety but that he was concerned he couldn't do the operation. Still confused as why he place them so high. Its just caused a lot of extra stress for me and prevented me getting on with my life.

Very anxious

Very anxious about making the decision.....boobs are now smaller...just very anxious !!! Was it worth it or not.


Pics before and after revision.

Also posted in the revision reviews. Such a difference!/I'll post a few now with before and then after at different angles.

Photos continued

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