Tummy Tuck (5"7, 150lbs and 40 Years Old) - Not Too Sure Yet!!

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I had my tt 12 days ago.  I am getting around...

I had my tt 12 days ago.  I am getting around much better now but still not back to work yet.  The first week it was really hard to get up and down from the couch or bed and to stand up straight .Im 5"7 and 150lbs and 40 years old.  I always had rolls of fat on my tummy aftter my kids.  Since my tummy tuck, I no longer have the rolls but I cantt fit into my jeans!!!!!  I "m still  as big aroundI    How do I know if I am still swollen or if  this is the new me???  My husband said he can see a difference but I'm not sure.  I thought I would be smaller.  Am I too inpatience.

Updated on Mar 19, 2009:

Its now 6 weeks today since my tt.  I'm feeling much better and now back to work after 3 weeks.  I still have some swelling, but it is feels great to be able to see my jeans getting looser on me.  I still have the pains and twiches in my tummy, and getting up and down is still a little tough.  But every day gets better.  The first week is the hardest and you think you will never recover or stand straight again!!!!!!  Having help is great, my kids are older so that was great and my husband was my "at home doctor".  He was awesome!!!!  through all of this.  I am so glad I did this, I may go back  after the summer and have some more lipo done(only had love handles done).  But will wait and see how  my workout  does first.  I started working out this week, but slowly.   So anyone that just had a tt, hang in there, it gets better and give it time.  At first I had all the feelings of why did i do this, and when i looked at my tummy i still looked big ,and then depressed because i didnt look the way i thought i would.  so anyone feeling like this ?????  Its normal to go through all these stages!!!!!!!!  it takes time and patiences (LOTS).

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