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Hi everyone, Yesterday i bit the bullet and went...

Hi everyone, Yesterday i bit the bullet and went and saw a surgeon to see if i was a candidate for the Thread Lift Plus. This is where they use threads but also suture the neck muscles together and remove the excess skin :) Over the past 10 years i have watched my face begin to disolve on a daily (it seems) basis. I am now 57 and it is now or never. The surgeon was great giving me so much information on the procedure and answering any concerns either myself or husband had concerning the surgery. I am going to be awake but quite (drunk) doped up for the 4 hour operation. I am so excited i just want to shout it from the rooftops that i am living my dream of loosing the droop!! Only 3 weeks to go and i will go under the knife, i will do daily posts to let you all know how i proceed through the recovery. I do have some 'before' pictures which i will put up as soon as i work out how :)

3 weeks before surgery

Feeling very excited and beginning to share my decision with family and friends. The response so far is all positive and supportive. I am hoping to loose the last few pounds of weight before the scheduled date being the 21st October. After being quite ill my doctor suggested I go on an Auto Immune Protocol diet to ease my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spinal Stenosis symptoms. This is a result of an accident in 1983 whereby I fractured my back. The up side to this is the 12 kilo weight loss the down side being the loose skin on my neck and face becoming more prominent. I feel so much better and have great energy levels now with a body I am proud of but a face that looks so much older than the rest of me. Hopefully in a few months time I'll have the face that matches the body :)

16 days before surgery

i have had a few concern issues raised by friends re: having threads. However contacting my surgeon with my worries he reassured me he will be using sutures under the skin to tighten the muscles then pulling and cutting the excess skin around and behind my ear. He is also performing a Platysma incision in my neck area to tighten the muscles. I am feeling more confident in my choice now and have been told I am having a lower facelift and neck lift. ????

12 pre op

A little concerned after 3 messages to surgeons office there is still no reply! As I am on medication for Spinal Stenosis and numerous suppliments I am wondering which to stop to prevent excessive bleeding and bruising?

12 days pre op

A little concerned after 3 messages to surgeon I still have no reply. As I am on medication for spinal stenosis and many vitamins i am wondering which to stop to prevent excessive bleeding and bruising?

day before surgery

Wow, only 24 hrs and I'll be arriving at the day surgery clinic!
I have recently lost 13 kilos and seeing my mother looking back at me every morning in my bathroom mirror I realised I was becoming just like her with such soft loose baggy skin made worse now by the weight loss to at least get my neck done. I could cover my body with clothes but could not wear a scarf over my face. I decided on a surgeon in Adelaide South Australia and have my surgery tomorrow. I am having a Platysma Plication, fractional co2 resurfacing and a thread lift plus with the doctor using a twilight sedation. I am a little nervous but really more excited.
My hubby is so worried about the pain I will experience but after having a tummy tuck back in 1994 I think I'll be fine. My daughter lives over the back fence so she will be on hand if I need anything, hubby is taking the first 4 days off to stress around me lol. He hates those hospital shows so wonder how he will be when he first sees me after surgery tomorrow. I'll post pics tomorrow ????

1day to go!

a few today pre surgery tomorrow ????

today is the day

What a wonderful experience, caring loving staff to help the process along. went in at 8am surgery at 9am on the dot. given a pre med to relax me and then local anesthetic in the hand. chatted to doc during the surgery, a little pain but nothing I couldn't handle. got home around 4 called in to see my daughter and grandchild to show them the pictures the scrub nurse took with camera during the surgery (i'll post them when I download them) not experiencing too much pain, however the swelling has began expecially around the ears. the bandage which will be removed tomorrow is extremely tight and uncomfortable. look forward to a looser one tomorrow then the chin strap on day 3. I have been so excited all day and still am even with pain :)

Surgery day pics

from waking at 4 ( we live in the country and had to go to the city) arriving at 6, surgery at 9, hone at 5 pm ????

in surgery pics

they allowed a camera in there :)

Day after

whoaaaa the swelling and pain is horrible today, had a bad night

Day 3 post surgery

looking a bit strange now the bandages have been removed. Just the chin strap from today for the next couple of weeks.

Chin strap

i don't even look like me today

Before & day 3

before and during

day 4 and some OR pics

had a bad night last night, the swelling is huge and the chin strap feels like it is cutting into my ears. had a shower, tied up the hair and noticed I have some strange bumps appearing on my cheeks. everything in tingling and itchy today. thank goodness for codeine :)

Day 5 post op

Skin is starting to peel from where I had the fractional co2 laser on my mouth. My face and neck are very swollen and tight. Still can't chew. Have a pucker begins my right ear.

Day 5 post op

Went out today :) yay!! Just a short trip into town, I tried wearing some foundation but I think it is way too soon as it just caked and run off lol, it burnt a little too. Great to be out and about though x

day 6 post surgery

well today I have discovered 2 lumps on the right side of my cheek which is of some concern. off to see my surgeon in the morning. I am still very swollen and stiff, still can't chew very well or open my mouth enough for a dental appointment next week :(

Evening of day 6

off to see my surgeon tomorrow, worried about the lumps but also my neck! It is burning hot and so so stiff and tight

Day 7

bit Of a set back today! Infection was confirmed on a visit to surgeon this morning, antibiotics prescribed and home to suffer. My face and neck are like they are on fire, hopefully after a drug induced sleep things will be better in the morning. ????

Day 8 post surgery

Started antibiotics yesterday, no real improvement today, still very sore and oh so stiff and tight. Has anyone used Novasone 1% ointment on their fractional Co2 wounds? Was hoping to attend a function this weekend but still so red/ pink.

Day 9 post op

hoooray! So much better today, swelling is going down and infection is under control. Happy today ????

day 11 post op

I am feeling great apart from the tightness in my neck which is gradually going down. I am liking looking in the mirror again and seeing the 'young' me appearing more and more each day!

some before and after pics taken 11 after surgery

I am amazed at how different I actually look when the pictures are side by side

ooops 'the before and after' pics

don't know what I did then but they didn't publish

13 days post surgery

One side of my face seems to be healing faster than the other. The left side has gone down quite a bit but the right side is still bumpy, lumpy, tight and sore around my ears and under my ear on my neck I have quite a large swollen area. On the left side I still have swelling front of my ear but it is not sore. I am however very numb around every suture area. Off to see PS for my 14 day check up tomorrow. I am feeling a lot more confident when out in public wearing a little makeup on the still pink Co2 laser around my mouth :)

18 days post surgery

feeling great, loving my mirrors and the compliments 'have you lost weight' 'wow you look fantastic today' 'have you been on holiday' ????

22 days post surgery

really seeing the transformation now! I still have a little swelling and numbness around my ears and lower jaws, today I saw a friend who I hadn't seen in a few months, 'wow! You look amazing' I knew you were on a diet but you look so youthful and healthy' made me feel fantastic x
Dr Marzoni

The whole experience has been amazing so far. Dr Marzola is so caring and supportive along with his beautiful staff and nurses.

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