Day 12 Bbl Age 39 very fit pre-op/Update - Norwood, MA

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It's day 12...Here goes Still trouble sleeping...

It's day 12...Here goes

Still trouble sleeping
Peeing way too much lol
Swelling is so annoying, sometimes I'm looking tight and other days I'm filling up like a balloon. Everything is very tight like my joints ect and it took me 30 minutes to shave my legs, I'm walking my dog faster...woohoo go me, not so zombie apocalypse anymore. My booty is still far from smooth, nor my abs. Note, I gained 20 pounds just to hv this procedure actually had six pack abs and was exhausted with being made fun of my entire life for a small bum. I have three kiddos an awesome hubby and super stoked I fd this page to look to for advice, future insight ect. I'll be posting more pics soon, my recovery has not been easy

Before n after starting weight 115, gained to 130 day of

Before and after at 135 pounds

More pics

To show before my weight gain, after wt gain and surgery


More pics

No bum lol pre surgery bbl

Posting more after pics tomorrow

Not posting to scare...just to prepare

So I've been an athlete most my life as well as a trainer to Pro Athletes. So my skin even after children is very tight and I always maintained a very healthy weight when I wasn't fighting or competing. My 1st consul I was about 115. So in order to achieve a great result and what I wanted I HAD to gain weight. Took me almost a year to gain about 20 pounds and I started eating anything and everything and stopped working out. The outcome is perfect but the recovery is something I never imagined. My Dr. Said it's most likely due to the fact of the double hoop lift and me being extremely fit with such a small build. I didn't have much to work with. Excellent Dr by the way, absolutely love him and the nurses. I was not anticipating such a grueling recovery. I can barely walk, lie down on my belly to sleep and forget getting in a car even on the pillow. Last night at day 13 I had a setback simply taking off my socks to get into bed. Something popped near my sutures which formed an excruciating blood bubble and bruise under my skin which sent me screaming and crying. Hubby brought me straight in today and my Dr. Numbed me out and had to drain the blood to help relieve the pain, but now it's more healing there. I've been so down hearing everyone's working and back to somewhat normal life and mine came to a screeching halt! So I just wanted to prepare you that everyone is different and expect....the unexpected. Thankfully my kids are teenagers and driving and I own my own business or I'd be screwed. I think it's better to be prepared for the unknown then have this happen to you. I thought I'd be bounced right back at least not in this amount of pain which is around 7-10 most days. Again just think you sd know to have everything in order accordingly. I however like I said am nonetheless extremely happy with the outcome and just hoping to be back to me soon.

Warm it up before shower ad well as out of shower for scars and smoother self massage

I swear by coconut oil for everything and started using this when my arnicare gel ran out!

Has anyone had the double lift done w their bbl?

Today is 15 days and up for third time, for me the dbl loop lift is the worst part of the bbl and if you read through my updates I had to be rushed in yesterday to drain blood. Eesh also, who else is peeing in a cup? Seriously

Day 16


Front shot

Pic at day 16

3 weeks post op I'll never forget what I've gone through

Ok gals so I don't think some of u know I had a lift not just the fat transfer. So I hv sutures everywhere holding up my tush as well which I why im assuming I've had such a terrible experience. I hv been on pain meds 4 three weeks and it's a must situation unfortunately. My pain has been a 100 on a non existing scale of 1-10 first time going back in for pain I had developed a blood bruise from the tip suture in the middle of my butt bottom of my lower back which was keeping me up and unable to sit or sleep. So they drained the blood but it only got worse, over the weekend I was literally up for almost 48 hours straight walking around my house. Monday we went in first thing and they had to perform emergency procedure. Mind u I cd not lie down but had to my screams must hv ran through the building just to get on table. When the dr touched the area I squeezed my husband's hand in even worse pain, they were doing ultrasound and making holes to look for infection and mind u only under numbing cream. I was in my worst nightmare. Like I volunteered for torchure. I never stopped biting the towel or screaming. It ended up being a suture had connected itself fully to all my surrounding tissue which was the cause of the blood blister which was only the beginning. They went in with scissors to remove the suture from the tissues as well as pulling out the tissue. This is not fault of my Dr who I could see was filled with worry and anguish for nothing like this has ever happened with a patient and unlucky for me it was a freak complcation. So now I'm healing all over again but I will say even though I'm in pain it's still nothing like this horrifying experience I will never ever forget. I'm curious if anyone else also had a lift

3 weeks post pics

Still a lil deformed on my right side is this normal can't see in pic

3 weeks post op

Can't wait to fluff and hv a normal bum

Pics 3 weeks post op

Swelling is better

3 wks long way 2 go but I wanted just a small bubble butt so I'm happy just want it to take shape





3 weeks

Yassss lover these on me now!

Maxi please

Bergus Boris

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