Lipodissolve DON'T DO IT!

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I had it done to my inner knees a year ago. I...

I had it done to my inner knees a year ago. I think the surgeon did the same and administered more than the normal amount. My knees swelled up pretty bad for 3 days and stinging pains as the swelling went down. Now I'm left with permanent bruising, I'm so upset and regretting getting it done. Not only that I have lumps under the skin. The dermatologist thinks because I swelled up so bad all the blood vessels that run through the legs got all tangled up and didn't join back up properly. Which appears on the surface like a bruise.

I got my money back so I guess I was lucky. I just wished I did my research before hand. As not being approved by the FDA leaves actual doctors and dermatologists with no back ground on the drug and unable to treat. I'm sorry to everyone that has had bad experience. My advice read up beforehand save your money and DON'T DO IT!

Norwood day surgery

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