29 Years Old -Hairline Lowering / Scalp Reduction Under Twilight Sedation Australia- GREAT RESULT - Adelaide, AU

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I wanted to write a review, as I have found this...

I wanted to write a review, as I have found this platform so helpful in assisting me to make a decision on my procedure.
I choose to get this procedure done as I have always been self-conscious about my forehead.
I have a genetically receding hairline, which resulted in the top part of my scalp being exposed to the sun resulting in sun damage ( wrinkles & age spots well before my time). I also had chronic acne on my forehead as a teenager which left rolling scars which were made more obvious when the light hit my forehead.
This alongside that fact that I hated sweaty fringes and being limited in hairstyles so I wanted to get something done. Hairline lowering felt like an efficient way to get rid of scarred skin, protect my skin from further sun exposure/damage and have a hairline which was in greater harmony with my face.

I only found out about hairline lowering last year, it makes so much sense as opposed to hair transplants, which can never be as think or natural looking as your real hair and can be quite expensive and takes lots of time to grow.

This procedure sounded straightforward and such an obvious approach.
It takes only 1.5-2.5 hours, under a light sedation and just removes a slither of skin to bring the hairline forward resulting in an instant, natural result and is performed in a way that hair will grow through the scar line making it almost not existant. It's a great procedure.

I went interstate to get it done, which was very easy and private.
I needed to stay 10 days in total to get the sutures removed. I am enjoying the downtime

DAY1: I did have a headache and felt nauseous a few hours after the procedure. but Dr. Marzola gave me an anti-nausea injection and local anaesthetic around the site which got rid of the discomfort immediately.
I slept deeply with sleeping tablets but woke once in the night and took more pain meds and went back to sleep.

DAY 2: I continued with pain meds for the second day which made me a little drowsy but I felt fine.
I returned to the clinic by taxi to get my bandages removed and went home to wash my hair. Hairline looked great! I slept in the afternoon and went out for dinner that night, with a headband.

DAY 3: Forehead mildly swollen and tight but no pain. Top of head feels numb ( apparently this can last for a while). I am feeling pretty good and happy with the result.
A big bonus - all wrinkles and scars are gone. I definitely look younger and have a much cleaner appearance. Really happy thus far.

I am having difficulty uploading photos but will try again later

Photos pre procedure & 2 days post

8 weeks post surgery - photo Update

So a brief overview of my journey for the last 6-8 weeks.
I had my sutures removed after 1 week and I thought my hairline looked it's best then.

I did have little dots where the sutures were and when these started to heal the hairline looked red and the incision a lot more obvious due to the neovasculisation and healing.
This fluctuates with exercise, so sometimes my scar is not very obvious and other times it looks very red and noticable. I wear a headband most days.
Somedays I don't bother and just use concealer, which does a great job.

The incision line was a little bumpy due to internal sutures, it took about 6- 7 weeks for the internal sutures to dissolve and level out, be prepared for this.

The scar line is now flat, however it is still pink and I have had a little shock loss of hair ( see photo 1 & 2), which is suppose to grow back in the third and forth months. Be prepared for this... I thougth it wouldn't happen to me.

The side scars healed very quickly, but hair does not grow through to camoflage these, which is usually not a problem as it is a think line but something to be mindful of as it can be noticable with certain hair styles.

Although I have had some shock loss and the scar is more obvious than I thought it would be. I am still very happy that I had it done. I will wait another 2-4 months to see how it heals and then I may consider getting hair transplants to further conceal the scar.

I am simply being patient, wearing a cute 40's faux fringe, side parts and headbands.
I am using silicone, scar healing gel, vitamin a, c & e.

I am having my follow up with Dr. Mario Marzola today.

5 Months post surgery

I forgot that I even had it done! Sorry for the delay. I guess I just moved on with life, which is wonderful. I didn't realise how much energy and thought my preoccupation with my hairline took up.
All hair has grown back from shock loss.
It returned within the 3-4month mark. The hair grew back thicker and darker but has concealed the scar line nicely. It looks like baby hair and that will take another 6months to grow out properly, but it makes the transition look natural. Sensation and flexibility returned to the scalp after 4months, skin has stretched somewhat.
I would suggest to those undergoing surgery to drop the hairline 0.5-1cm lower than you want to account for skin stretch.
Nobody has noticed anything about the hairline...just me and I am very happy with it :)
Dr. Mario Marzola

I found out about Dr. Mario Marzola through a direct referral from an international colleague on real self, stating that he was one of the best in the world. He is not, however, the best at advertising himself, I had to hunt him down. He is an older generation of surgeon, meaning he has mastered the art of fine stitching but not so much virtual advertising. He did a fantastic job, so I hope my referral here represents him well. There are only 2 surgeons that I know of who perform this procedure in Australia. I had an initial consultation with both of them. Dr. Marzola didn't at the time have photos on his website, but I requested more information through their website and they sent me a highly detailed booklet which answered every question I had, alongside excellent before and after examples of his work including several close ups which looked amazing. I choose Dr. Marzola because he performed the procedure under twilight anaesthetic as opposed to general, which I felt more comfortable with and which also reduced the cost significantly by almost half the price of the other surgeon, saving almost $7000 AUD. It also meant I could receive the procedure in his private day surgery as opposed to a major hospital. Another comforting factor. Dr. Marzola's initial consultation fees were also more reasonable and he was available for consultation in person in Melbourne and Adelaide, which meant I got to see him in person. Dr. Marzola has had over 30 years of experience and had trained under the best for this procedure, plus he is known for his delicate stitching! He specialises in hair and skin, which also boosted my confidence as the other surgeon was more of a generalist. He is kind man but a little of an introvert. He is very much about his art and fine stitching...his nurses kept raving about it, I understand why, as now I have such neat, clean suture lines, which I can tell will heal well. He also doesn't use staples,which I have observed a lot of other Dr.'s use on the side of the head. For me this was another win, as I don't like the idea of my head being stapled and potentially dislodging staples in my sleep. Dr. Marzola took very good care of me, staying with me personally until my guardian could arrive to collect me. His reception staff and nurses were all very kind, warm and friendly and they took excellent care of me and answered every question I had. There were also short wait times, I got to have the procedure exactly when I wanted it at an affordable price. His reception staff were very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend Dr. Marzola and his friendly staff at Norwood Day Surgery.

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