30, Mum of 2 and a Lifetime of being overweight - Norwich, GB

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I read so much on here about people getting their...

I read so much on here about people getting their bodies back after children or weight gain. About having a flat tummy again, well I've NEVER had that.
I've spent my whole 30 years overweight and hating my body.
In 2011 I changed my life and had a gastric band fitted I lost 110lbs. In 2014 I had our son and 2015 our daugter. This took its toll more up and down the scales but I'm back at target weight and ready to remove the excess skin and fat which is left behind!

5 weeks to go!

Lots of feelings swimming about in my head at the moment. Right from fear to elation. I cant wait to have a flat tummy and for all this extra skin to be gone but im scared of the surgery, the recovery and how I will cope.

I have an appointment with my consultant this evening to recap/go over things and a series of appointments over the next couple of weeks including bloods and medical images to be taken (not looking forward to that!).

5 weeks and counting.

Some unofficial before pics

Just a couple of before pics leading up to the big day.

4 Weeks to go!

Another week closer, seems to be flying by.

I have an appointment to have some medical photos taken tomorrow (required by my surgeon). Standing naked in front of strangers is not something im looking forward to!

Starting to prepare myself and my household for the operation and recovery afterwards. Stocking up on foods, making meals and freezing, cleaning and organising like a mad woman and reminding my husband of the hard task hes got coming.

I cant really prepare my children (Aged 2 & 1), they wont have a clue why mummy is moaning and laying in bed like a loser.
Im worried about not being able to pick them up or roll about the floor for them for 6 weeks but I have a good support network and lots of family on hand to help me. Ive just got to let them!

Keep looking at other peoples pictures, particularly ones who weigh the same or 'look' the same pre op and dreaming of what my results will be like.
I know there will be swelling and I know the scar will be nasty but there will be an instant difference for me as I have such an overhanging apron at the moment!

28 days and counting :-)

3 weeks to go!

Not much to report, just that the day is getting closer and the nerves are building. Im eating healthy and have increased my ab exercises to prepare.

I'm browsing odd shaped pillows to make for a more comfortable recovery and browsing second hand electric reclining chairs!
Might also be browsing swimwear for the ends of the year....shhhh!

Surgery complete!

Yesterday morning I got up and ate a slice of toast and had two cups of tea before my 7:30 cut off.

Washed in hibi scrub twice- stinks. Dried with clean towel and got in clean clothes.

Arrived at the hospital for admission at 11:30.
I was told my surgery would be 1:30.
So in the next couple of hours I had tests, saw the anaesatist and the consultant who drew lines all over me!
I got changed into paper pant, a gown and thigh high compression socks!

I went down at 1:30, the anaesthetic was administered and I woke up at about 5:30 in recovery feeling very sick and uncomfortable. I was given anti sickness injection. I waited in recovery until approx 6:30.

Was back in my room after that where obs and meds were administered all night.

My wonderful husband surprised me with a visit and some flowers. Which made me cry. He's my rock!

This mornig I've had a cup of tea! Thank goodness and I'm watching tv.

Pain is low, more soreness and uncomfortable that anything.

Will keep you posted.

Day 2 on the flat side

Last night I had my first night at home following surgery on Monday.
I slept better than I thought with my mountain of pillows behind my head in bed and under my knees.
I woke probably every hour or two but drifted off to sleep again.

Feeling tighter and sore today. Getting in and out of bed, the chair, on and off the loo etc is easier than I expected.

I'm extremely swollen (I think, I hope). I feel like I have a rubber rind around my middle.

So I'm hoping this will change!
My biggest fear going into this was that I wouldn't be happy- still!

2 days post op

I have some swelling particularly to my right hand side.l and can not stand straight but these are my first post op pics. 6.6lbs removed.

Day 4 post op

Just got up after a fairly decent sleep of 7 hours on and off.

Decided to see if I could notice and difference in 2 days lapse between pictures and I can. Particularly on my heavily swollen right side.

Yesterday was my worst day of discomfort so far. Soreness around the wound and lower back pain which is horrid. Itching has also set in around the wound so trying to distract myself.
BUT I'm still moving; still going to the bathroom ok and getting up and down ok.

Eating small high in fibre meals to keep my insides ticking away as normal and sorry to share but successfully opened my bowels twice since surgery.
Eating lots of prunes lol!

My skin feels greasy and my hair, well let's not go there but Rome wasn't built in a day and in a few months when everything is healed nicely I'll have forgotten all about my mans face!

5 days post op

I've had to come to bed because I wAs having a wobble. Feeling a bit over sensitive and had a little cry which turned Into a melt down.

CHanged the plasters over my drain sites today as they seemed to be leaking a bit.
Cleaned them up (-actually looking ok) and redressed.
Still haven't removed any of the dressing on the wound.
Waiting till Tuesday as instructed by my surgeon.

Swelling is still heavily present- more so at the end of a day.
I'm a little worried I'm going to be left with an overhang over my scar line....I'm hoping and praying it's just swelling and will flatten out.
Trying not to over drama it at this early stage.

My children have been away with my parents for two nights which has been a blessing for us all. I'm sure they've had a ball!
Will be good to see them tomorrow though.

1 week post op

Today's is exactly one week since my tt and right breast lift.

I'm standing up straight, (hopefully not to hastily), I'm able to potter about, get in and out of chair/bed, make a cup of tea etc.

I'm only taking paracetamol 4 times daily now.
But remember I've not had muscle repair.

My swelling is still present and it's hard to distinguish if I'm 'happy' with the result because of this.
I'm going to see my surgeon tomorrow to have the dressings off and a look at everything.
At the moment I feel like I've got that 'middle tyre' still and it will overhang my scar which is not what I wanted from all of this but we'll see.
My husband tells me not to panic at this stage.
Don't get me wrong there's. Major improvement and it will change my life!

Will update tomorrow after visit to surgeon :-)

Day 8 post op; dressings off!

Today is set to be the hottest day of the year here so boy am I glad the dressings are off and I can have a shower!

I've been to see my surgeon who ripped my dressings off like a waxing strip lol!
To be honest probably better than slowly but surely.

My wound is healing nicely, I have one small blister (separate to wound) where my dressings had been rubbing so this has been treated and redressed.

She's said basically she did the best she could with what she had lol. Which initially felt disappointing but on reflection I was never expecting a washboard 17 year old tummy.
I just wanted to be comfortable!
And I think once the swelling has subsided I wil feel a lot better.
At the moment there appears to be a bit of an overhang but this will improve and hopefully with some exercising in time I can improve it further.

She cleaned my new belly button which looks gross and said to come back in a week unless there is any problems.

2 weeks post op tomorrow

Not feeling very happy with my result :-(

I wasn't expecting miracles but I wasn't expecting to be left with an overhanging roll either.

Seeing my surgeon tomorrow but what can she do? Not much really.
I appreciate I'm still swollen but can't see how this is all down to swelling.

Feeling upset ????

4 weeks post op today

How im feeling physically?
A lot better, im practically back to full normality. Im just avoiding lifting the children or being too energetic as to not undo all the recovery so far.
A small section of my incision is taking longer to heal than the rest. It became very red and puffy and oozing a bit so I took off all tapes and let the air to it. Its now sealed again and looks like it'll be ok. The rest of the incision is healing really well and in places the scar is so small.
Im still sleeping with lots of pillows behind my back and one under my legs, I probably could do without some of them now but I actually fin it quite comfortable and an on-going back ache is feeling a little better for it.
Im showering normally but still avoiding a bath until surgeons say so.

How am I feeling mentally?
Im getting used to my new tummy, still not entirely happy with the result but I do think it has improved in the last couple of weeks. I'll upload some pictures later for you all to see.
Im wondering if i'll ever be happy because mentally because being fat, being unhappy with the way I look has been such a lifetime habit of mine. Might be something else to work on!
Looking forward to being able to start exercising and toning up as feeling a bit sluggish at the moment.

Not down to see my surgeon until 7 weeks post op now, so another 3 weeks. I don't see much else happening between now and then. Its been a really good recovery so far. There are so many complications that could occur so have been very lucky in that sense.

4 weeks, 2 days post op photo update.

4 weeks, 2 days post op photo update

6 weeks post op.

Time seems to have gone so quickly.

I had my first bath in the tub last night, it was plain but felt so nice.

My wound has healed nicely and the scar is fairly even. I have a couple of stitches pocking through which im assuming will just fall off as the inside dissolves? But I will mention to surgeon when I see her next week.

Feeling better in myself, although my clothes size is still the same. I think im just a different shape. I feel more confident and happier with my body.

I guess now is the time to begin exercising again and getting well. Ive been a bit of course with my food and eating what I like which is a road to ruin so cracking on again as of today.

12 weeks post op.. where im at with my TT

Thought id update my profile. Time has literally flown by. Its hard to believe 3 months has passed me by.

I don't believe I have much swelling left although some evenings I look pregnant!
Ive got small dog ears which my surgeon said she can correct if they do not go with time.
Im not seeing her now until January all being well.
Im feeling happier with it now, my body shape is so much better.
My scar has healed so well. Although dark at the moment I know this will fade. Ive started using bio oil religiously and hoping this will help.

I do need to get exercising, particularly toning to make the best of my body shape now. My weight hasn't changed and nor has my clothes size really, things just fit and look better.

5 months post op

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