I waited 35 years for my Tummy Tuck with Lipo and MR. Soooo worth it !

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My name is Donna , Im 56 and On HALLOWEEN DAY Im...

My name is Donna , Im 56 and On HALLOWEEN DAY Im having a full TT and Lipo. My surgeon, Dr. Cherry of Norwich Ct is wonderful . A few friends had him do their TTs and they are very very happy with their results. So I am so hopeful and sooo excited to look normal again. For 35 years ( birth of my daughter) Ive carried this belly around with me. It sits on my lap when IM sitting down !! lol ( I laugh but its so gross)

Ready to begin again

Here it is, Nov. 15th. Ive got a little over a month to go. I havent yet allowed myself to get excited again yet. I was so so excited when I scheduled my first date. My boyfriend , apparantly like most of your men , didnt want me to do it. But once he saw the excitement on my face changed his mind . He says I deserve this for me. I wholeheartedly agree.When I had to postpone my first date ( Oct. 31st) I didnt come here much , I got pretty depressed, and I even put on a little weight ! :( It takes ALOT of guts for all of us to schedule this surgery . It is truly life changing just making the apointment. And when it was taken away from me....I was beside myself. Crying, depressed. It was ugly. But Im back...and ready to start looking forward to this again. Ive still been doing alot of reading here, but not particpating. Im so envious ( but of course happy for you all) of the girls that went to the flat side and I got left behind. lol But Ill be there soon enough. IM starting to dream of my flat belly clothes again. :) And yes..cute underware ! DEC 19th !! Bring it on !! Ill take and post before pictures soon. I havent had the nerve to actually take naked pictures of myself yet. yuk. :)

it snuck up on me

wow, the time is going quick now .. as youve all described , IM becoming nervous and on the verge of canceling this. lol But when I feel like that I go to a mirror and look at myself naked. lol YUP, thats all it takes.

To tell or not to tell

I know alot of women decide not to tell anyone except immediate family that they are doing this surgery. But I decided to tell everyone !! lol Everyone at work knows, my whole family....theres been a mix of reactions. But my friends are my friends and support me no matter what I do. The rest, I dont care. No one has been negative to my face. But Im sure some cooworkers probably talk behind my back. lol
I tell everyone, because Im just excited amd want to talk about it !!!!!!! lol

The reason Ive been torn about doing this.

First of all...IM a care giver. Idont do things like this for myself. My entire life has been taking care of and giving to others. Maybe this will be a change in more then just my body !
And...I have a dear friend who has cancer. A few months ago she had a bone marrow transplant that failed. Shes broke, she was evicted a while back ,her ins. was ready to drop her. And here I am spending 7500.00 and some so frivolous !?!? This was eating me up. I could cancel this and help her out. SHE is the most supportive person Ive told about it. She said she would never forgive me if I didnt go through with this.
But a few weeks ago she had a second bone marrow transplant. And yesterday she got some blood work results...and it appears to be working !!!!!!!!!!!
Thank goodness. Things are FINALLY looking up for her.
sigh...so on with the surgery.....


IM going to try to get up the nerve to take pictures. Just thinking about doing that makes my heart race. :( Taking these pictures and posting them for the world to see is harder then having the surgery.
The other night I dreamt I was at the beach in a bikini. Ive never worn one , ever. My PS says I could very well be wearing one this coming summer. Does it really feel as freeing as it did in my dream ?

Cant hide any longer

SIGH... I spent 35 years trying to hide this. Now IM going to show the world. :( What a big step.

Side View

So close

Ive been blocking the surgery out of my mind up till now. So worried something will happen to take this away from me. Ive been excited off and on. Ive been numb with fear off and on. But never REALLY let it sink in yet
I was just talking to my boyfriend on the phone and said to him.." Two more nights with my belly " and I got all chocked up started crying . That very minute, it became very real. SIGH......IM really doing this !!!!
AS we all do, the closer it gets the more IM on here looking at before and after pictures . Wondering, is this REALLY possible for me ?? Alot of you have had such amazing results. I am so amazed at the pencil line thin incisions !!
Praying Im so lucky.

wow, the time went quick

Well, here it is , the night before my TT and Lipo. I have to be at the hospital at 5:45 am and surgery is around 7:30. Soooo, by this time tomorrow Ill be all settled in my recliner ON THE FLAT SIDE !!!!!! OMG my heart is pounding just thinking about this !!
I am so scared....

I cant believe my dream is coming true today

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE !! YES, its finally here !! MY fear this morning is that IM going to wake up in the recovery room and look down and the belly will still be there !!
Have to be at the hospital at 5:45...surgery to start at 7:30. Its going to take about 3 and a half hours. See you all when I get home !

Morning after

Sooo,my surgery was yesterday at 7:30. am. From the first second I walked into Backus Hospital everyone was so great ! Every single person I had to deal with made me feel very comfortable and as relaxed as I could be. I do have to say, the Lipo areas hurt alot !! It feels ok if Im not moving around..lol .
I took a peak at the incision, and already it looks awesome !! IM so relieved. I am so excited to see the whole thing, IM to afraid to take the binder off so soon.
When I had my consultation back in Oct. my PS said I didnt need muscle repair. But once I was under and opened up , he changed his mind and repaired the muscle ! He said if he hadnt done it my belly would have protruded. And he did alot more Lipo then had originally thought he would do. He took off 13 pounds but said its going to look like 30 !!! Cant wait to go clothes shopping !! lol
So I have a question. What kind of Meds are you all on and when you take them does it take your pain away completely ? Mine doesnt..it barely takes the edge off. IM wondering if I should call his office ...

Im a little fuzzy !

The meds are making me a bit fuzzy. My boyfriend and his daughter keep laughing at me.
I just wanted to say how happy I am that its over with . lol and how greatfull I am for all of you !

on day 2 post op

Hi Everyone !! So sorry iI havent been able to get on and update much. Ive had computer/cable problems . And its so difficult on a phone. Now that I have my computer back ...Ill update for the last few days.
Day of surgery went great ! Everyone was so nice !! I couldnt have asked for anything better. When i went in that morning I was expecting 6/7 pounds of skin and fat removal. Once I woke up and was alert and oriented the girls seemed really excited saying " he took alot more then expected...youre going to look sooo good ! " So once he went in , he decided I did need some muscle repair and he lipod alot more. He ended up taking 13/14 pounds of fat and skin and says its going to look like 30 !! Even with the swelling it looks pretty damn good !
Day one Post Op ( 20th)....I was able to get up and around pretty much right away. It does hurt to get up and to sit back down....but once up not to bad except for that "back pain " everyone here talks about.ugh..thats not fun. :(
The weekend...I pretty much took it real easy cause my ankles swelled up reeeeally bad. IM peeing fine. And did have an uneventfull BM during the weekend . I havent been very hungry, so I guess I have to work on the cycle of eating and pooping, eating and pooping ! lol
Yesterday I went in for my pre op appoinment. He says Im doing greatand look ! IM so excited by my incision !! It looks great ! LOW AND THIN like we like them. :) He said the drains were still draining a bit to much to remove them...So, we are waiting till Thursday. And IM ok with that !
And to finish up with there today. Things went pretty well, Still pretty sore and swollen. Ya know , wr get sooo used to carrying along these drains. Dont know how this happens. AS I stood to go in the kitchen the drain got stuck on the handle of the recliner , and yuuup. OUT IT CAME as I walked away !!!!!! NOOO that wasent fun ! YEEEES that hurt !! And the surgeon was awesome even when I had him paged on Christmas Eve !! He was calm and kind. And veery reassuring that " No, Im SURE theres not a piece of that left inside of you " He asked me, did you do that on purpose !?!? lol I said noooo. He said in all his years doing this surgery, not one of is patients has done this. lol
The way I look at it. If I can finish every day with a smile and still happy I did this. Then all is good. And so far, I can :)
Im pretty sore now, this took me over 2 hours to type thios cause I kept dozing off !! lol
Will post pictures tomorrow.


I actually went for the first time on Day 4 post op. and then again today. Todays....ugh not an easy thing. Must drink waaay more water.

A few days post op.

Sorry for full nudity. I dont know how to cover up those areas in phot editing.

after drain was yanked out.

I took this the day after I yanked out the drain on my right side. IM pretty pleased with my incision. It looks so nice and neat , thin and low. And my stomach seems pretty painfull. So this morning I was so uncomfortable I undid my Compression Garment al the way and just sat there hanging out for a while and WHAT A RELIEF !! My whole body relaxed, and all of a sudden my stomach started making noise , I started passing alot of gas, things started moving around and grumbling in there !! AND I had a BM. It was like everything was so compressed in there nothing could move around. I dont think its a good idea to be up and around with out the CG but I think Ill do that several times a day, just sit back and relax with it all hanging out... ahhhh....


If this drain pops open during the night and drains all over my blanket ONE MORE TIME. !!!!!!! I am so over this dealing with these stupid drains !! Someone needs to redesign the drains so the dont open unless you want them to open.


this picture belongs with the other post


Is anyone else having trouble with your moods.? Boy I am. I am so emotional....crying at commercials, ...and well almost everything. lol
I am not unhappy that I did this. Im not asking myself why I did this, but I am tired of the pain and discomfort. IM not even walking completely unright yet. :( IM up and around alot !! And once IM up for a couple of minutes IM up straighter....But I just thought Id see more progress each day. Maybe it cause Im on the older side of most people doing this. :(

Support Group for our care takers

Hows everyone elses helpers making out ? My boyfriend was GREAT for the first 4/5 days. But now I think hes so ready for me to be back to normal. I dont think he had any idea what this was going to involve and for how long. It almost makes me feel like Im weak and not bouncing back as quick as I should. Here on Realself there lists and advice for the patient. Maybe we could come up with some for our caregivers so they have some idea what to expect also !

Can it get any worse

as you all know I yanked out my right side drain on Christmas Eve. You would think that would be bad enough....
But yesterday I went to have my left side one take out. My PS is on vacation , but he runs in quick just to take out my drain....as he pulls Im watching and SNAP . It breaks off even with my skin !!! Surgeon says " in 30 years his has never happened !! " So he numbs me up ans cuts me open but cant find it. He dug around in there for about 30 minutes. At this point Im beside myself and crying.. :(. Then he decideds that we have to go to an OR. :(
So this morning we are headed back to the hospital


yup..back to the hosp. , back to an OR , anestesia , the works....
Hes decided to ooen up me TT incision a few inches and get it out there. My beautifull TT incision. I hate that its going to be messed with .
Ive been prettty emotinal the last few days as it is. So this has just sent me over he edge

the drain tube

WEll, this morning we were at the hospital at 8:00. And went to the OR around 9:15. The PS roepened my TT incision about 3 or 4 inches and got the drain tube out. It went well.
This leaves a couple of questions..
1. When I yanked the right drain tube on Chrstmas Eve did it ALL come out. Or did this one snap too. I had him save the one from today and we all looked at it....that end really looks like what I had in my hand christmas eve. So, please everone. Keep your fingers crossed.
2. Whos going to pay for this tube removal today ? My PS stopped by after the removal and said that he has no idea what happns now as far as payment. He said Hes not charging me for his part. But since todaty was NOT elective, maybe insurance would pay for it. But it was a ruslt of an elective surgery...so they may not.
so I guess now we wait and see....


I just sneezed for the first time....Not as bad as I thought it would be !! lol
And last night I slept in my bed....just two pillows under my head and one under my knees !! And it was awesome ! !


OK, so sleeping in my bed for the second night wasent near as good . I tosed and turned and couldnt get comfy no matter what I did.
I took my first shower today. ( I had to wait for a few extra days cause of the second surgery) It felt great. But now IM seeing spots of blood on the ABD pads that I keep between my incision and the CG. Ill be keeping a close eye on that.
I am restless, and getting cabin fever bad. So, yesterday we went out for a bit. Bath and Body Works, and Walmart. I did good. I went slow....
I figured since it went so well yesterday, I should get out again today. But, it didnt go as well. I was very tired and blah. So we went back home.
Everyones advice here has been..Listen to your body. Exactly what I did today...

Latest picture

This was taken this morning.

weight loss

one question...when the heck will these meltdowns stop !?!? sigh....My boyfriend keeps asking me " why are you crying ? " of course I cant explain it...lol Poor guy, hes been great.
But on the bright side. Just got on the scale, down 12 pounds since surgery Day. Wonder if I can fit in my scrub pants yet.

Happy New Year everyone !

The new year starts off good. Had ,mostly , a good day yesterday. I was out and about alot. We ran lots of errands in the morning, took several hours. And then grocery shopping at Walmart cause we are expecting yet another snow storm. I think I over did though cause at Walmart I got a little light headed and felt faint. So I went home and spent the rest of the day in the recliner.
I guess things are progressing as they should. My belly is still numb and tight . It feels all creepy crawly under the skin like theres something alive under there. lol
Im sleeping in bed comfortably now. I still cant stand up straight. And my back still KILLS . IM not crazy about how my belly button looks. It seems big and shaped weird. ( PS ays it will close up a bit) But I LOVE my belly. ! Cant wait to dress it up in something sexy !! lol
So, finally the tears have stopped. and yes I CAN fit in my uniform pants !!

two weeks and not so bad.

So, here it is 2 weeks PO. Feels like Ive had this belly alot longer . I woke up this morning feeling pretty darn good. Now that Im sleeping in bed and end up sleeping flat on my back, when I get up Im standing as straight as can be !!! But then through out the day as I sit...things tighten back up. But its a start. So, at two weeks...my sides still hurt but not as bad. Still feel creepy crawly under the skin right above my BB. Feels weird. lol My back is starting not to hurt so much. IM 5'10" and can finally bend over the bathroom sink to brush my teeth without my back KILLING me, I still get a bit tired quickly , and My swelling seems worse today then it has been. But normally if Im real carefull with my salt its not so bad.
( ugh, and I LOVE salt )
I went on my first solo outing this morning. I had to go to the bank and Walmart to get a few things cause we are getting a blizzard. First time really alone since the surgery. It felt good. :)
So, two weeks into this and IM am very satisfied. I go tomorrow to get the stitches out of my BB. Cant wait cause they are a little itchy.
Before the surgery I must have done a really good job hiding my belly skin....cause when the people that I didnt tell about the surgery see me, they think I got a boob job !! Cause now with the flat belly they look HUGE !! lol Just another perk !!


My boyfriend has been away for a week, he comes home tomorrow. And has to go away to Orlando on the 12th. He travels alot for work. So,weve decided I can rest and heal just as easily in a lounge chair by a pool as I can here in frozen CT in my recliner. Hopefully my PS will agree when I talk to him on Monday.


Curious...has anyone had any weird changes since surgery ? Like...well , IM cold all the time. For the last 15 years Ive been really hot with ALOT of hot flashes. But now I just seem to be freezing all of the time. Maybe from such a sudden large amount of fat removal ? (surgeon removed 13 pounds of fat and skin)
Coffee....I used to LOVE my coffee. Now, it just doesnt taste like it used to and its actually making me a bit queezy. :( I hope that goes back to normal. :(

damn it

I just found a couple small openings in my incision. :( sigh
talked to the PS. He doesnt seemed concerned. I asked if he wanted me to stay in the sitting position again till I can see him Monday morning..( to kind of hold it together) He said no...to just be up and around as usual. But now every step I take Im concerned about the openings. and now IM afraid to stand up straight. Afraid to pull it open even more. :( damn it damn it damn it....


My steri strips finally came off and my incision looks worse then I thought. Cosmetically its awesome. Nice and low. Im happy with the surgery. But it looking open and infected. :(
Getting ready to go see him now. IM so damn dissappointed.
Ill update as soon as I get home.

update from Doc

well, Again the words " this doesnt usually happen " came out of his mouth ! lol He said I am the patient if firsts. Lucky me.
He said it isnt infected. And that it will close. He was not concerned.....
He put more steri strips back on and said it will close up. I go see him again on Friday. I have faith in him...
At 2 and 1/2 weeks I asked him ...
Can I stop using the binder (that is now to big) and go to spanks? He said yes as long as I buy a size down.
How much can I push, pull, carry etc. ? He said absolutely NO carrying, pushing or pulling for 6 weeks. So that means no going back to work for me. :(
Can I travel for a week to Orlando? He said as long as I get up and walk around the plane and wear compresion stockings. yeah !! Orlando here I come !!!


Ive read that some of you feel great....youre moving right along and all of a sudden you have a lousy day.....thats me , today. Feeling very tired , very blah , a little queezy and even bloated. I was out alot yesterday, Think Ill just take it easy today. Hope this passes quickly. Ive been feeling so good !

I JUST realized

THe creepy crawly under the skin on my belly has stopped !! Geez, I havent felt it for a few days. It was weird feeling, but not really an issue. I just realized too that I havent taken a new picture in 10 days ! Im going to go do that....lets see how much Ive changed in 10 days.

Last year Miracle Suit.

Newest Picture. Just taken.


lmao, I really do own lots of other bras. lol Just happens Im always wearing that one when I take pictures.

what my belly hid.

Funny, when I had my belly I couldnt see how jiggly my thighs are. :(
lol WOW ....Cant wait to get back to the gym .


Last night I made Pasta with Garlic with Shrimp for dinner. And these awesome bake yourself rolls.
I ate to much....and it felt horrible. It didnt feel like it used to......it was way worse. It was terrible . and will be a reminder to not do it again. I dont plan in doung anything to jepordize my flat belly....but i hadnt eaten in since mirning and I was starving . :( Bad mistake.
Ohhh , and my Belly Button is ITCHING !!! Had the stitches out on Monday . So I know its healing....but ITCHY !! lol

3 weeks

Three have flown by so quickly. It sure feels like Ive had this flat belly alot longer then three weeks.
The doc yesterday reassured me that everything is fine with my incision. That It will close on it own. And that I should go to Florida and enjoy. :)
So, I decided this morning to try on some of the clothes that Ill be taking to Florida....Im posting the pics...a little fashion show . lol







ok, I have to ask..

How long is eveyone waiting to have sex?

most of my life

I have felt like an inferior women because of my body. And now...here....other women are complimenting me. This is life changing for me. I am so gratfull for my PS, my borfriend for taking such good care of me, and all of you.
Yea I guess Im feeling a little meloncholy....lol

Helloo from chilly Orlando !

Our trip is almost over and I have to admit....Ill be very glad to get home. Flying..and the whole travel day exhausted me. But since its a bussiness trip for him, its a very relaxing trip for me. The FAVORITE part of this trip was getting to meet TampaTT and her husband !!!!!!! WE all had diner last night. She looks AMAZING !!!!!
Here I am, its hard for me to believe, 4 weeks post op !! A WHOLE MONTH already !! I still look at myself in the mirror in shock thinking " omg I really did it" as you all know Ive been having a few issues getting a sew small spots to close. It didnt close up and then open back up. Its just being stubborn closing. The one that was making me the most nervous, right in the center of the incision, has closed !!! Im so very relieved by that. Theres two more spots that are having some discharge and arent closed yet . One spot even had some pink discharge the other day which really concerned meo, Im going to do my best not to worry about it. I think Ive figured out why the discharge turned pink. AS far as compression garments go I figured the tighter the better ! lol Soooo, Ive been squirming into my new spanks. Its been a stuggle to get it up over my hips and incision. I think all that tugging may have put to much stress on the incision where it wasent all the way closed. So, Im back in my original CG with the zippers. I love the spanks...but Ill wait till IM all the way healed.
Otherwise Im doing and feeling great. Almost all the way straight. Ive been afraid cause of the openings....but Im pushing it a bit more now. Still swelling after salt or towards the end of the day. I can do good with what I eat at home. But when your away, its hard. Ive eaten stuff I shouldnt . In small amounts, but even just a little makes me swell right now. And thats ok, Im starting to like the taste of foods with no salt !! Even peanuts and popcorn !!! Never thought Id see THATday ! lol

I DID IT !!!

We had sex and I didnt die ! My incision didnt split open . And my insides didnt come splilling out !!!! LOL
Honeztly...it didnt hurt anything , it was even uncomfortable. It was all in my head. HAPPY 4 WEEK ANNIVERSARY TO ME !! lol
One step closer to being back to normal.


thats supposed to say WAS NOT uncomfortable.

GoodMorning !

Good Morning everyone !
This Thursday will be five weeks for me. That leaves me one more week before I go back to work. I am out of work for 6 weeks because I have a very physical job with ALOT of heavy lifting. I am an PCA at a hospital. Very busy and heavy job. I have to admit I am getting nervous about it. Esp. since theres a few spot that havent closed yet. And there is drainage. There was another spot dead center on the incision, and that one has closed up recently. But theres a spot on each side that are being very stubborn. While I was in Florida the drainage on one of the spots became pinkish. :( . I called my PS to see what he thought. He asked was it red(the skin) ? I said no
was their an odor to the drainage ? I said no
Is the area warm ? I said no
Am I running any fever at all ? I said no.
These are all good signs.....But Im very anxious to see what he says about me going back to work next week with these openings.
And if all these problems werent enough, lol, my check for last week was very very small. ThaT could be a bad sign. sigh...
Either Im out of PTO AND sick time two weeks before I thought I would be, or someone in payroll has screwed up. Boy Im hopeing for a screwup. Cause who can afford two weeks off unpaid.
It sucks, but then I look down at my belly . And its all ok again. lol Ill figure it all out. :)
Ill uPdate again tomorrow , have a great day everyone !


I was curious how long my incision is, so I just measured it. 30 inches !! Damn...thats long. lol

All is well :)

My PS is so unexcitable . lol
He is not concerned about these spots AT ALL. He said they are very superficial and will heal. Hes not sure why they are not closed yet. Said it could just be points of more stress. He said just a little bacitracin and a band aid ! lol
He said everything looks great. And that Im doing really well. I told him that yesterday I woke up flatter then I have seen so far. He smiled and said that will be my final result. :) Sometimes I feel like Im just waking from a dream. THAT flat belly is mine. I had a TUMMY TUCK !! Still hard to believe !
He cleared me to go back to work next week. Which will be exactly 6 weeks. Since Im a PCA in a hosp. doing so much heavy lifting, I am as apprehensive about my first day back as I was about having the sex the first time. But just like sex, Im sure everything will be just fine going back to work too.
In my last post I mentioned that I had gotten a small pay check last week. I was concerned I was out of PTO and sick time and would go the next two weeks without So, that was not the case. Phew, it was someone in payrolls screw up. I will be getting paid my last week off. :)
Hope everyone is having a great week !!

Just realized its been a while since I updated belly pictures !

As my boyfriend gave me a kiss this morning , he said "what are your plans today " I replied " taking naked pictures ! " lol He rolled his eyes and laughed.

picture 1

I had a little chinese buffet last night with me grandson. So maybe I should have waited till tomorrow to update my photos. a little puffier then other mornings.

picture 2

picture 3

picture 4

FINALLY Im back to work !!

Geez, feels like I havent been here in a while. Cant wait to read everyones updates and see how you all are doing.
Lets see, whats new with me. I was able to go back to work yesterday. I had a note from my PS saying back to work full duty. I took it to employee health and the nurse said " You work at a hospital. I cant let you come back with an opening in your incision ! " Errrrr. So the next day I went and saw the Hospital Doc. She was not so concerned and said as long as the PS would give me another note with the updated date...she would go by his word. WTH...lol So off I go back to the PS and of course he gave me the updated note. Everything seems to be a runaround. BUT....I still dont regret a second of this whole experiance.
Have you ladies done much shopping yet for new clothes ? Ive gone looking, but havent bought anything yet. I seem to be drawn to the big baggy shirts ! I have to keep reminding myself that I dont need those anymore ! lol It will be an adjustment, but an adjustment Im more then willing to make.
Do you guys find that some people dont even acknowledge that you look different/better ? Alot of the girls said omg you look so good. And then they will hug me and whisper in my ear " Im so jealous" And then some havent said anything. Nothing at all. Women are funny....
Lets see...physically Im doing pretty well. At times, if Im sitting to much, its still hard to stand straight. But when I stand up, if I take a minute to straighten up before I start walking then Im ok.
....I STILL have the opening that Ive been telling you about. I saw my PS Wednesday. He actually seemed a little annoyed that I was concerned. He said he doesnt know why the spot is being so stubborn to close. But that I should just be patient , that it WILL close, and that its looking fine. And to come back and see him in 3 to 4 weeks !!!! sigh... He says if he cuts it and stitches it up now it increases the risk of infection by 40% !! I really dont want to go that route, so I will continue to be patient and trust my surgeon.
....Little white stitches just now came out of my belly button. My belly button has changed alot in the six weeks of healing. Its turning out to be much smaller then I thought it was going to be. That maes me happy :)
.....My skin between my belly button and incision is tender and itchy all the time. When Im swollen, its even more tender.. Its not comfortable with clothes rubbing against it. So, Im pretty content in my spanx still. He has not told me to stop wearing them yet anyway.
....SALT.....my dear friend, and my worst enemy. I love it. I LOVE chips( which I havent had in 6 weeks) . Now , at 6 weeks, my swelling is worse now then it has been the whole time. I work very hard at keeping the salt as low as possible. But people sure dont make it easy on you !! lol Did you know nine SHRIMP has about 1200 mg of salt !!! 1200 !!!!!! Thats crazy !! IF the shrimp is in a store frozen or unfrozen its been processed. And processed with salt of course. Alot of times shrimp, well seafood, is injected with a salt solution to plump it up and keep it juicy !?!? Ive been learning alot and enjoying it. :) Cooking from scratch as much as possible. I like taking control back of what I eat !! And I find the few times that Ive eaten something fatty and greasy and salty....I feel like crap. lol

forgot to say

when I went back to the PS to get my updated note he said go back full duty, no restrictions. But then as I was leaving I asked if I could go to the gym, and he looked at me like I was crazy and said NOT LIFTING AT ALL for another week !!! WHAT ??? I have a feeling he has no idea what I do at work. I am a PCA at a hospital, I lift , boost and catch (if falling).. VERY large people !!!! ( and every other need they may have) But I cant lift at the gym for another week ?!?!? IM guessing I probably shouldnt be at work then. lol So for my first week back I am going to be so very carefull. I am NOT risking my muscle repair....


How come all my updates for the past two weeks say 1 month post op. Each week that goes by is important. lol I am 6 weeks post op. lol

Been back to work for a month

And feeling ok. During my second week back I almost fell in a patients room. And from catching myself I hurt my belly. It hurt so bad it brought me to my knees for about a minute. And then that night my belly button started bleeding. It bled for a couple of days and the whole area around my belly button was so very tender. But it feels better now. :)
As you all know I have a couple of spots that werent closing. And I hate to say it they still havent. Thery still arent red, warm, or have an odor. And they dont affect my day to day living. But its just getting annoying now. I look at everyones pictures....and your all closed up and looking good. Im 10 weeks PO...and where he had to reopen my incision to get the tube out is still not closed ! :(
And still...my PS is not concerned. I actually feel that all of my little complications annoy the hell out of the surgeon.

10 weeks PO

Some things have changed since my TT and Lipo. Coincidence ? Good side affects of having all that belly fat removed ? I dont know but Im pretty excited about it.
Before surgery I had hot flashes ALOT. PO ..not one hot flash !
Years ago...probably 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with high cholesteral and high blood pressure. Even treated with meds all these years they werent coming down nearly enough. But since my surgery, and without any med changes, they are both AWESOME !! My reg doctor said we dont want them going any lower, that they are beautifull.

3 months Post op

Hi everyone !! I cant believe its been three months since that day I got in the car and drove to the hospital numb with fear over having my TT. lol I dont regret it for a minute. I still love my belly. :) And they way I look in my clothes.
Lets see...at 3 months I am more normal even though I swell. lol It seems IM going to swell no matter what I eat. So Im not quite as strick with myself as I used to be. I havent lost any more weight then the 14 the PS took off me. But Im ready to get the rest of the weight off now. Ive gone back to the gym. 20 pounds and Ill be completely happy. I was kind of holding off cause of the openings in my incision. Theres 3 openings. I went to my reg doc recently and she is more concerned about the openings then my PS is. She has me taking a multivitamin with Zinc cause Zinc promotes healing. Since I started thatthe one opening on my right has closed. :) The bigger one ( where he had to reopen it) has scabbed over. :) But the third one....ugh that damn third one isnt looking good. I think its tunneling deeper. My reg. doc says if it doesnt heal up really soon she wants me to go to a wound Doc. I go see the PS on Monday, we will see what he says this time.
Can I vent for a minute about the PS ?? lol At first He was wonderfull. Along with the girls in the office. But through all of this he has gotten a little impatient with my healing. I think when I ask him questions ( and I havent asked many) It seems like he thinks Im questioning his skill. One time when I asked him something about swelling he said" I dont know what your expectations are, but if you just be patient you will be very happy. and so will we. " I took that as they would be happy Id finally be gone. Ive even over heard him and one of the girls talking out in the hall about me. Last time I was there as I left the office one of the girls went in behind me....I heard her say to him something about he was finally able to make me smile .
I cant tell you how nice and cheerfull Ive been through all of this !!!! Through the issues getting my FMLA approved, I kept smiling. Through the drainage tube breaking off, I kept smiling. Through a second whole surgery to get the tube out , I kept smiling. Through the incision not being closed after THREE MONTHS, Ive kept smiling. I never bitched once at him or about him. Ive actually recommended him to a bunch of girls. Ive freakin smiled so much this man has never seen me cry except when the tube broke off and he tried to dig it out.
Hes a very skilled surgeon. IM very happy with the work he did . But he apparantly is not used to any complications. I ask questions because Im curious about whats going on with my body. Hes done this for thirty years or something....but its MY FIRST TIME DAMN IT . This was a huge deal for me...
Thanks girls for letting me vent. I feel better. lol
ILl let you know what he says on Monday. If he doesnt do anything about this last opening, I wont be so smiley ....

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