Want Those Pretty Pouty Lips! - Norway, NO

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I've tried Restylane once before some time ago,...

I've tried Restylane once before some time ago, but decided to try again as the previous result didn't make much difference. This time, I had 1 ML injected to my upper lip, while last time I tried it, I had 1 ML injected pretty much all over both my upper and lower lip. The good thing is that it didn't hurt as much this time, but the swelling afterwords has been massive, especially today, the day after I had the injections. I look like hell, pardon my French! Hopefully the swelling will go down soon.


It's been a week since I had my lip injections, and finally the swelling has gone down! Went back to the nurse who injected the Restylane after my massive swelling, and she told me the swelling was partly due to "hardening" of the product which could sometimes happen. She massaged my lip (hurt like h*ll!), and after that the swelling got a lot better, phew! I'm really happy with the result now! :)
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