26 Years, 5 Ft 6", Deflated Breasts, 375 cc Natrelle 410 anatomicals - Norway

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Five years ago I lost around 45 lbs as I realized...

Five years ago I lost around 45 lbs as I realized being close to 200 lbs wasn't how I wanted to be. Losing weight gave me a huge confidence boost, but it also gave my boobs a sad, saggy look that I definitely did not want. Kind of feels like all the weight shed from my breasts and nowhere else... I've spent the last few years secretly researching breast augmentations, but I've always been thinking that's not an option for me as I only want my fullness back - not the "fake" look. Last month I finally decided to go see a PS to get an opinion. I was hoping he would say that breast fat transfer would be a good option as I'm still struggling with the oh so famous belly fat... But he didn't. He told me that the fat grafting procedure would only give me a 200 cc-ish increase and that it will not give me any lift. After explaining what I had in mind he straight away recommended the Natrelle 410 anatomical implants. He did some measurements and suggested 330 cc. Since I have a slight sag and enough breast fat he wants to place them over the muscle, as placing them under probably would give me a strange, unnatural look. All in all he seemed very professional, answered all of my questions and gave me a very good impression.

I went home, did a hell of a lot of googling, and after I few days I decided to make a reservation for the procedure. My date is October 27th. Right now I'm really looking forward to having it done! Hope I'm not getting second thoughts...


Stole some of them off of others RS reviews. I'm sorry, but they look so nice I just had to. Haha!

Pre op photos

Yep, here they are. Looks like I've breastfed a dozen kids. This is not how I want to look at age 26. Two years ago I was measured a 34D, but they sure don't feel like a D.

Any thoughts on what a 330cc would make me post op?

Four weeks left...

I've been obsessed with googling and reading about BA's the last few weeks. A little too obsessed. It's like I can't even think about anything else. The next four weeks will be really busy with work and travel, hopefully I'll be able to get my mind off it for a while.

Right now I'm on a 10 day penicillin cure for sinusitis and I've been off work the last days. Makes me crazy to just sit here and wait. Gaaah, come on, recovery!

Three days to go!!

Wow. Three days left. Or more like two and a half. I can't believe it!! Feels like I'm all set, but I'm not sure. Any last minute advice, anyone?

I've picked up my prescription, bought a wedge pillow, wet wipes, several seamless sports bras, zip hoodies and big t-shirts. I've arranged for my best friend to take me to the clinic and pick me up after. Also he'll stay with me the first two days to help out with cooking and being my personal caretaker. Hope I won't be needing him too much in the private areas though, haha.

Today I did something I've been wanting to do for a while. Eyebrow microblading! I've always wanted the full, shaped look to my eyebrows, but having only a narrow line of light hair has made it difficult. All that time I've spent in the bathroom every morning trying to make an eyebrow out of it... Microblading is a technique using tiny blades and ink to make hair-like individual lines, one by one, giving a natural 3D effect. I'm not gonna lie, it stung like a swarm of bees, but it looks great so far! Really excited to see the results fully healed!

Last night with old boobs...

It's Wednesday night and tomorrow is the day. I'm really getting nervous. How am I supposed to sleep at all tonight?? It's 1130 pm here, and I'm supposed to not eat or drink anything after midnight. I'm scheduled for 2pm!! Jeeesus. Think I'll starve to death, haha.

I've taken my antibiotics and I'm on my way for the night before-shower with the prescribed chlorhexidine soap. Yay. Good night, people :)

11 hrs post op and feeling fine!

Hey girls! It's done!! I've spent the last eight hours on the couch, watching TV, eating, drinking a lot and relaxing. My friend who picked me up has been an angel today - making dinner, shaking my pillows, fetching me all kinds of stuff. I've literally been sitting still since I got back except for toilet visits. Super relaxing! I'm so glad he's here.

The procedure went by really fast. I got to the clinic, met with a nurse and had a brief chat, and sat down to wait for the surgeon. Half an hour later he picked me up from the waiting area, took me to his office and made his drawings. I changed my clothes, went to the surgery room, lied down, got the IV sedation plugged in my arm and I was out. Woke up 45 minuter later (!!), really emotional and confused, but the nurses were the cutest and made the whole experience very good. I was good to go two hours and 15 minutes after I passed out on their table - super quick!!

The drive home is only 10 minutes and went well. I haven't been nauseous at all and the pain is bearable. Taking my pain meds strictly on doctor's advice, and will continue for at least three more days, no matter how I feel. Better safe than sorry!

It's 2 am here, hoping for a decent night's sleep soon. Will update tomorrow. Laters, ladies!


Oh, forgot to mention, my surgeon decided to go with slightly bigger implant sthan we initially decided. I got Natrelle 410FF 375cc on both sides. Not too worried, I'm sure his experience is trustworthy!

First sneak peak!

Last night was a struggle. I'm not too happy about the upright position sleeping. I managed to get 3 or 4 hours in total, and spent the rest of the day on the couch. The pain is worst in the morning getting out of bed. During the day it's OK, they're sore and swollen, but no big issues.

I removed the compression bands from the incision sites today. The surgical tape is supposed to stay untouched for another 10 days or so. Ahhh it was such a relief letting go of the surgical bra and the band strap for a little while... I think they look like they should so far, being only a day old. They're hard, high and swollen, of course, but I believe they will settle nicely! What do you girls think?

Day 2

Yay! Day 2 complete! Had a few hours good sleep last night, followed by an intense morning boob. Ouch. I'm trying to hold on to them as I'm getting out of bed, as Nicki425 told me to try, and gradually let gravity pull them down haha. Seems to make the morning boob a little less intense.

I've cut down on the oxy today, almost only had regular over the counter pain killers. The band strap is the worst... Constant pressure on top makes me feel like I can't breathe freely. Can't wait to get it off!!

Oh and I had a semi shower today. Showered from my tummy and down and also had my friend help me wash my hair. Aaaaamazing. Felt so much better after. I still feel as sore and stiff as yesterday, but I made a short trip to the mall tonight, just to get moving. Felt OK. My left boob is aching and pulling a lot more than the right one - but that's normal, right? I'll give them a few more days before I even bother to worry.

Spending the night in the couch, have a nice one ladies! :)

Band strap

...is killing me. How tight does it have to sit? I asked my nurse when leaving the clinic, she told me not too tight, not too loose. Well OK. Haha. Anyone?

First shower!

Day four and finally a real shower. Divine! I used a hairdryer to blow the tapes dry before getting dressed. My left boob is still annoying, tugging and pulling the incision area. I'm completely off pain meds now.


I'm so tired of sitting still. Jeeez. I was really hoping to be in less pain than I am by now, but I'm still struggling when moving my arms and bending over. Yesterday I had to go for an hour drive to help my mom deliver something to a friend. She doesn't know about the BA and I don't want her to know either, so I had to keep a straight face every time my car hit a bump in the road. Lol. Not recommended.

I'm supposed to go back to work tomorrow afternoon. None of my colleagues know and I intend to keep it that way. My job is mostly stationary with some walking, so I guess it should be fine. A little anxious though!

To shake off the impatience I'm feeling today I got out of bed and tried on a few bras that I had from pre BA. Not much worn, for obvious reasons, but now they're a different story! Super excited!

Day 7 breakthrough!

Hello girls! It's 1 am here, I'm back from work and in bed. This day has been like a dream. I woke up feeling much better than yesterday, had a shower, went downtown for lunch and some shopping, then drove to work for a 7 hour shift. I was expecting to be a little more sore and achy after a day like this, but honestly, I feel better than I did this morning. Everyday routine might be the key to speed up these girls' dropping, stretching, fluffing and healing. They hurt way less when getting up after lying or sitting down, they hurt less when walking and bouncing around, and the left one is pulling way less than before. Pleeeease let this be my breakthrough!

I've gained like 6 or 7 pounds in a week and I'm dying to get moving again. Some of it is pure boobie weight, of course, but the rest has to go haha.

I'm gonna change my scar strips this weekend, will post an update with photos then! So excited to see the incisions. Pleeease let them be normal looking. They sure as hell are healing down there, cause maaan they're itchy!!

Good night xx

Incision inspection day

I was told to change the tapes on day 10-12, and when I showered today the old ones came off. Cleaned the incisions, took some quick pics and taped them up again. I believe they look like
they should at this point. Pheeew.

I've been back at work five days straight now without issues. They feel better every day and I can almost move my arms 100% without discomfort. Dropping slowly but steady, they're a lot softer and smaller already. Hoping they won't be any smaller now or else I will definitely be boob greedy haha...

Sleep is getting better, I'm able to sleep partly on my sides now, without leaning too much on the implants. Yay!!

2 1/2 weeks

Today I changed my incision tapes again. Looks like they're healing ok. I've had some back pain the last few days, hoping it's only because of the back sleeping and not because of my breasts being bigger!! I'm a little worried, but still patient.

They feel a lot softer now although they look pretty much like they did two weeks ago. Still a little discomfort in the left one at times, but I'm general they are OK but now. I'm done using the band strap, yay!! Looking forward to be able to use other bras in two weeks!

Trying old dresses, wohooo!

Woke up yesterday morning and felt a little discouraged and tired. I'm still struggling with my back and it's starting to worry me. I'll check if our physiotherapist at work is available for a check on Tuesday.

Anyways, feeling sad and tired I thought it might help trying on some old clothes that I've always been longing to fill out on top. Oh my. It helped. Super happy with how some of my favourite dresses are fitting now! My top recommendation for bad days, go try some clothes!!

3,5 weeks incisions

Keep dropping, boobies :-D

Sports bras from eBay...

...are super comfy!! I've bought five bras of the same kind in different colors. They have removable padding, front zipper and wide straps. This has been my favourite during recovery, and they're only $6 with shipping from China! Go for it ladies!


1 month post and off to Thailand!

I'm leaving today for a 10 day vacay in Thailand. So long!!

Victoria's Secret sexy tee wireless bra

Boobie blues...

The last two weeks I've felt really down and almost regretful. My boobs are still changing in shape and size, and lately they have had a square and hard look which I absolutely don't like. Also they hurt way more than they did a couple of weeks ago. The more I obsess about it, the uglier they look. I don't know if it's in my head and I'm about to go insane or if it's really happening, but I'm worrying about capsular contracture and the more I Google it the more I worry.

So! I have a consultation today with my old PS regarding a lipo, and I'll definitely have him examine my boobs at the same time.

Xoxo, nutjob26

7 weeks pics

7 week scars + PS consultation

So! Last week I went to see my PS. Mainly it was a consultation for a lipo procedure, but also, I had some concerns about my breasts that I just couldn't get out of my head. Being on here every day, looking at photos, googling around and reading reviews can make you crazy. I was suddenly convinced that there was something wrong and it really brought me down. So I basically ran into my PS's office, ripped my clothes off and asked him to have a look. He was really pleased with my outcome and did his very best to reassure me that they look exactly as they should. When he pulled some of my before photos out of his journal I had to admit that he was right. Phew, not so paranoid anymore. Lol.

Secondly, he pinched all my torso fat, and agreed that I would be a good candidate for an ab/hip/back lipo. On the spur of the moment I booked the procedure for January 19th. Haven't paid anything yet so there's still time to change my mind 15 times. Lol.


I got sized. 34F/G. Both cups fit good. What the flying f**k. That's huge!! I don't know whether to be thrilled or intimidated. Lol

11 weeks post and lipo coming up!!

I've been offline for a while now trying to avoid getting lost in reviews and pics of my upcoming procedure. Pre boob job I spent a huge amount of time here and I didn't want to get the obsessed this time. It has actually worked. I'm four days away from an ab/hip/back lipo and I'm not even nervous yet. But!! I still want advice from you lovely ladies who has survived this violent happening. Lol. Any recommendations on post op garments, what to do and not to do, recovery stories etc, I would love to hear'em! Maybe I should write a new review for this.

About the boobies, they are now almost 12 weeks old, and they're feeling much better than they did a month ago. Pain and stabbing sensations almost never occur anymore. I've been back to the gym for the last three weeks. Had some issues finding a good supportive sports bra, as running and elliptical movement really hurt! Now I've found a few really great bras and I'm out of excuses to not work out. Lol. Guess I'm looking at another six weeks of no gym soon, better enjoy it while I can.

What do you girls use as scar treatment? I've been using bio oil for a few weeks both to improve scars and to prevent more stretch marks appearing. Don't know if it helps at all but at least I'm trying.

Post lipo and still alive!! Lol

I'm day 2 post lipo and I feel good! Well, not physically, but I have a really good feeling about this. Tried to write a new review, but RS wouldn't let me, as my PS is not listed here. Hmm. I'll figure it out later.

I'm feeling like I've just lost a kickboxing match, but hey, look at my waist and tummy! If the final result is going to be anything close to this I'll be damn happy.

More pics from day 3

Still feeling like I was run over by a truck, but I'm going back to work tomorrow... I'll probably have to make up a lie about an intense core workout or something. Lol. Not much bruising, swelling is also bearable. This feels too good to be true!


Why me... Why??

I haven't been able to see my Dr about it because they're closed for the easter, but I'm 100% sure that my left implant has rotated. It looks weird, feels weird and it stings and hurts. Right now I think it's about 90 degrees displaced... With the teardrop bottom pointing towards the middle of my chest. I'm also able to grab the narrower top of the implant at the outer side of my breast. This is just not right.

Ahh. The smell of corrective surgery... I feel so sad and disappointed right now.


Good news and bad news

I met with my PS this week. The good news are that I was right. My left implant has rotated and it can be fixed. The bad news is that it requires surgery. Not only one, but both breasts...

He told me that once the implant has separated from the tissue around, it will never be able to attach again. You only have one chance, and there's a 5 to 10% risk of them detaching at some point.

So. I'm getting them replaced by round high profile implants. They are softer and smooth surfaced so I won't notice if they rotate. There's no other option, unless I want them removed, and I'm absolutely not ready for that.

Surgery date may 11th. Hooray...

Recovery days... Again.

Hey guys! I'm back!

24 hrs post op and I gotta say this hurts waaaay less than last time. My surgery was over in 30 minutes and I woke up 5 minutes later. Insane how fast they can do it!

So I had my pre op talk with my ps and he told me he changed his mind. He wanted to go with an ultra high profile instead of high to fill out some of the upper pole skin that has stretched out for the past six months. I trust him 100% and wasn't going to argue - I'm sure he would have never stitched me up again if he wasn't pleased with my new implants. I woke up and the first thing i thought was... Jeez, they are huge. Turned out he chose 475cc which is 100cc bigger than last time. Right now they feel too big, but then again, I trust him and I know they need some time to settle.

I feel more positive to my new type of implants now than I was before. They're called Motiva Ergonomix and they are super elastic and soft. Even though it's a round implant, it's viscosity makes the shape adapt to gravity more like an anatomical implant. When standing upright, they will be more bottom heavy, and when laying flat they will float out. I really like that! Oh, and they also have a chip inside. If I'm lost and found, take me to the vet and they'll scan me, lol!
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