26 Years, 5 Ft 6", 150 Lbs, Deflated Breasts After Weight Loss - Norway

Five years ago I lost around 45 lbs as I realized...

Five years ago I lost around 45 lbs as I realized being close to 200 lbs wasn't how I wanted to be. Losing weight gave me a huge confidence boost, but it also gave my boobs a sad, saggy look that I definitely did not want. Kind of feels like all the weight shed from my breasts and nowhere else... I've spent the last few years secretly researching breast augmentations, but I've always been thinking that's not an option for me as I only want my fullness back - not the "fake" look. Last month I finally decided to go see a PS to get an opinion. I was hoping he would say that breast fat transfer would be a good option as I'm still struggling with the oh so famous belly fat... But he didn't. He told me that the fat grafting procedure would only give me a 200 cc-ish increase and that it will not give me any lift. After explaining what I had in mind he straight away recommended the Natrelle 410 anatomical implants. He did some measurements and suggested 330 cc. Since I have a slight sag and enough breast fat he wants to place them over the muscle, as placing them under probably would give me a strange, unnatural look. All in all he seemed very professional, answered all of my questions and gave me a very good impression.

I went home, did a hell of a lot of googling, and after I few days I decided to make a reservation for the procedure. My date is October 27th. Right now I'm really looking forward to having it done! Hope I'm not getting second thoughts...


Stole some of them off of others RS reviews. I'm sorry, but they look so nice I just had to. Haha!

Pre op photos

Yep, here they are. Looks like I've breastfed a dozen kids. This is not how I want to look at age 26. Two years ago I was measured a 34D, but they sure don't feel like a D.

Any thoughts on what a 330cc would make me post op?

Four weeks left...

I've been obsessed with googling and reading about BA's the last few weeks. A little too obsessed. It's like I can't even think about anything else. The next four weeks will be really busy with work and travel, hopefully I'll be able to get my mind off it for a while.

Right now I'm on a 10 day penicillin cure for sinusitis and I've been off work the last days. Makes me crazy to just sit here and wait. Gaaah, come on, recovery!

Three days to go!!

Wow. Three days left. Or more like two and a half. I can't believe it!! Feels like I'm all set, but I'm not sure. Any last minute advice, anyone?

I've picked up my prescription, bought a wedge pillow, wet wipes, several seamless sports bras, zip hoodies and big t-shirts. I've arranged for my best friend to take me to the clinic and pick me up after. Also he'll stay with me the first two days to help out with cooking and being my personal caretaker. Hope I won't be needing him too much in the private areas though, haha.

Today I did something I've been wanting to do for a while. Eyebrow microblading! I've always wanted the full, shaped look to my eyebrows, but having only a narrow line of light hair has made it difficult. All that time I've spent in the bathroom every morning trying to make an eyebrow out of it... Microblading is a technique using tiny blades and ink to make hair-like individual lines, one by one, giving a natural 3D effect. I'm not gonna lie, it stung like a swarm of bees, but it looks great so far! Really excited to see the results fully healed!

Last night with old boobs...

It's Wednesday night and tomorrow is the day. I'm really getting nervous. How am I supposed to sleep at all tonight?? It's 1130 pm here, and I'm supposed to not eat or drink anything after midnight. I'm scheduled for 2pm!! Jeeesus. Think I'll starve to death, haha.

I've taken my antibiotics and I'm on my way for the night before-shower with the prescribed chlorhexidine soap. Yay. Good night, people :)
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