Soon Its my Turn! Norway, NO

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*Treatment results may vary

Sooo glad i found this page! I have learned so...

Sooo glad i found this page! I have learned so much! In 15 days ill have my bits chopped off ;) Doing the wedge thing. Im a bit worried of my 3h car ride home after the surgery. Im going home the same day. Im not driving myself ;)

So.. I have waited 17 years for this! Im 31y, and got two kids. I have allways hated the way my ladyparts look. Finally got the money and currage to do it :)

Back in two weeks with my story and maby pics ;)

Time for surgury!

So. 07.15 its my turn! Only 7,5h left ????

Wish me luck!

Adding my before photos ????

7 hours postop.

Ohmygod! I am done! 17 years of shame and misery is gone! Happytears!

Not much bleeding and no pain yet. Took some pic's before the swellinh kicks inn :)

Be nice please ;)

1day postop.

I have no pain, allmost no bleading, and feeling fab ??????

I am so happy!

2 day postop

Feeling great :( No pain :)

Postop day 3

I think a stitch has loosen?

Postop day 4

Looks disgusting :P Hope it looks better when is healed :)
Tje itching has started. No pain or blood :)

Postop day 5

Tired of the stitches. Wanna cleen myself properly. A bit conserned about the result? But i guess it still can change alot :)

Seeing my doctor on Tuesday.

Postop day 8

The itching is soooo bad! Haha!
Hope the stitches fall out soon :)

Postop day 11 :)

The stitches is starting to fall out :) Sooo good! I got a lump on the labia. I hope it go away. I will try take a pic of it after a shower.

TIPS: i bought som allergimedicin for the itching. Works great!

Postop day 12

Removed some of the stitches myself today ;) A bit svollen. I forgot to take pic of the lump :(

But im feeling great :) Looking farward to try ;)

Postop 3w+6d

So far, so good! A few small things i worry about but im so glad i did the surgury :) Worth it!
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