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I have been ashamed of my long labias since I...

I have been ashamed of my long labias since I became sexually active for the first time and this guy made a comment about me not having a classic "porn pussy".. It went so far that I never allowed any man to if down on me, and have always covered my private area with my hands or insisting on positions where the labia don't show when having sex.. Also, one of my hobbies are horseback riding, and this has been a problem as I have often experienced bruises and wounds down there after a hard riding lesson.

It took me some years to understand that I wasn't alone and that something actually could be done about the problem, so I went to the surgeon in June 2014 and finally made the decision in December the same year.

My surgery took place on January 21, and god damn, I was nervous. I have some problems with doctors and surgery in general, and have a tendency to pass out only when taking blood samples, so this operation really freaked me out. I was scheduled for inner labia reduction and clitoral hood reduction.

However, the surgeon and the nurses were really great, and I did the procedure in local anastheasia and I was given some sedatives before the insition so all I really felt was a little sting when the doctor injected the needle. The operation went well, and I actually fell asleep at a point. One of the nurses was really great and held my hand through the whole procedure!

Afterwards I went into a room for a couple of hours with operation and then my boyfriend came and picked me up (he has been really supportive, although he doesn't quite understand what all the fuss is about, but then again, I've never really let him see anything).

The ride home took about half an hour, and I didn't actually feel any pain as the anastheasia still was working. I spent the rest of the day in bed and took the pain killers as prescribed.

The next days the pain was a bit worse, so I stayed in bed and tried not to sit up too much as this made the pain worse.. I had no problem going to the bathroom, and whenever I did, I made sure to flush the area with water from a bottle and then dry it with a hair dryer.

After two days I went back to the surgeon for a check, and although I had bruised and was swollen, he claimed I looked almost as I didn't had done any surgery at all.

I went back to work for one day after only one week, and this was probably not the wisest thing to to as I work in a nursing home and there is some heavy lifting and a lot of running around tending to patients. Still, I think it was great to get out of the house.

I have stepped up my activity level, and now I'm doing power walking for about an hour a day, and can sit normally. I still try to wear as loose clothing as possible as some underwear tend to cause some pain..

I think it looks so much better, but I'm a bit worried as some of the stitches haven't really healed, and I have some wounds left, but it's only three weeks since I had the surgery, so I hope it will get better.

I have been a real freak taking photos since day one, but I couldn't really make myself take a before-photo as I thought it looked so terrible and was really ashamed.

I'm really looking forward to having sex again, and to feel free while doing it. I think It's starting to look nice, and all in all my whole experience was great in spite of the pain! :)
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