24 Year Old Want to Be myself Again - Norway

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In mai 2009 at age 18 I did a breast argumentation...

In mai 2009 at age 18 I did a breast argumentation. Now at 24 years old I am ready to be me again!
I hope the pain will be gone and my sensation will return in my breasts over time after the explanation. They look a bit sad and saggy now, hopefully they will fluff back over time. Have been in lots of pain after the operation Tuesday, this is the first night I have slept. Maybe I should take more pain killers, trying to not take so much medication.
I will give you a update how it's going.
Do sorry for my English ident the best lol!

Before BA 2009

The day of BA 2009

Day 3

3 day much better!

The pain is soooo much better today, and I have slept 8 hours! :-)

Was out a little while today to have some fresh air :-)

When is it okey to shower?

Do you guys know when it's okey to shower? :-) thanks ;-)

3 day

3 day update

3 day

3 day

3 day post up picture

3 day post up picture :)

They loock more saggy today :(((

They look more saggy today

They look more empty and saggy today :((

Cant oppload photos

I have problems with opploading photos.


All flatt but that's okey for me :)


Looking better today :-)

Feel so much better today, not in pain at all just a little sore :) so happy I did it!!!!!!

Day 6

Ups and downs

I have been feeling a bit depressed and down the last day or so. I think they look more saggy then I had hoped. I am no more in pain so that's very good. I haven't gained any sensation back, I am crossing my fingers for it to return with time. I apologize for my English :P

One week

4 weeks update

Hello :-)
Thank you so much for all the lovely comments!
It's been 4 weeks now and I feel so much better, I am back to my normal life. My scars are healing nicely and I am seeng changes in my breasts every week. I am using avokado oil twice a day and I am still using a sports bra at day and night. I have had some shooting pain in my left breast and I am still verry numb. No sensation at all in both breasts and nipples :( Is this common???

More photos

3 months update!

I couldn't be happier, am so thankful for the outcome and appearance. My skin has retract nicely, had never thought they would look that good :D every surgent I went too told me that the outcome would be horrible and saggy and that I would need a lift.... The doctors hasn't always right is what I have learned ;)
Go with your gut feeling and do what's right for you!!!

More scar pictures!

4 and a half monts update!

I am very pleased with the result, no regrets. But I have not gained any sensation back in my nipples and breast unfortenly, it's a very uncomfortable feeling to be completely numb, and when I think about that I will probably have it fore the rest of my life I get really sad..
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