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Never considered getting a boob job until i...

Never considered getting a boob job until i started to lose weight, even though I didn't lose that much, it seems that the "girls" went away first! I went from a 34B to a 36A (EU 75C to 80B). My boobs are left deflated and it looks like I breastfed a couple of kids.. they are also a little asymmetric. My surgeon says I have mild ptosis in my left boob, but that I didn't have to have a lift since I'm borderline and I want to avoid the scar. Really hope I can get a nice result with just the implants! I'm going for silicone gel, 260cc left and 300cc right subglandular. Height and weight: 5.5, 130lb (1.68m, 59kg). My wish is to have fuller breasts, not huge or anything just a rounder, nicer shape than what they are now. I would love to hear other experiences! Anyone with similar goals, cc's etc. please leave comments :) I'm nervous and excited about surgery!!

pre op pic

Tomorrow is the big day!

Only one more sleep until surgery! I have been pretty calm about it these past weeks, but now I'm feeling the stress kicking in.. Although I'm excited, I worry about size, the healing process and complications. Not too worried about pain, as long as everything goes the way it's supposed to. Need to relax and fill my mind with positive thoughts :) Doubt I'll get much sleep tonight, wish me luck <3

New boobies!

Surgery over, everything went well! Feel a little dizzy, but other than that no pain. I'm drugged up so I'm expecting some pain later on though. Think the size is perfect, fits my body. Im excited to see the final result!! Have drains that will be removed tomorrow.. so weird to have new boobs! :P

Day 2

today i got the drains removed, thank goodness! they were very annoying. Pain is worse today than yesterday, I slept on the sofa because its the only place I can get comfortable sitting up. yesterday I was so nauseous when I came home, could barely eat and threw up around 5pm...ughh. felt better in the evening, but didn't get much sleep. Had a little peak at the new boobies today and one has already dropped some, the other is very high. Looking forward to further recovery and more symmetrical boobies.


Today I had a strange burning sensation in one boob. Stayed in bed all day and tried to do minimal around the house. I'm lucky my bf is taking care of me <3 tomorrow I need a shower! But how the heck will I manage to wash my hair? Looked at the girls real quick, the look a little better today! One is still high, but I see changes from yesterday:)

first shower post op

Finally took a shower, that felt good. went out for coffee with some friends today, was going crazy just staying in the house. I probably wasn't really ready to go outside yet, felt funny on the way home.. now the nausea is back and I feel like I'm gonna be sick. Other than that I'm not in much pain, boobs just feel heavy and tight which is to be expected. hope I won't feel nauseous tomorrow!!

the waiting game..

Today has been ok, nausea still comes and goes, but a lot less. Called the clinic just to make sure that it's normal to feel like that this long after surgery day. It is, and not much you can do about it.. the body reacts to the whole unnatural experience. I didn't leave the house today, getting restless and bored of not being able to go anywhere or be active. I decided to try and skip pain meds tomorrow, see how that goes. Feels like the stitches are getting itchy! Im not feeling much pain, just a tight feeling in both boobs. My right is still sitting high, I want them to drop and fluff asap!! lol. will probably take forever, ughh.. this is a waiting game, like watching paint dry.

Tiny changes

Not much difference in the photo, righty still high. Dropped a tiny bit, but still far behind lefty. Its funny cuz it looks smaller although it's the one with the bigger implant. They are still swollen, still early days! Wonder how they will be 2 weeks post op:) feeling much better today btw, they feel less foreign to me if that makes any sense. Pain is gone too, no pain meds! I tried to stretch this morning while waking up, that hurt! Forgot about the boobies for a sec lol.


I know this will take some time getting used to, but I feel the boobies look huge on me. Is it the swelling, will they shrink a little after healing? My implants are small compared to many other ladies out there, I don't understand how u manage lol! I actually worried they would turn out too small.. And I have a wide chest, I guess one can't compare results with others even if they are similar built. Definately not going to get any boob greed, that's for sure!

1 week post op

Woke up this morning with so much pain, but felt better during the day. Can't believe it has been one week already!! Boobs are still swollen and righty sitting high. My breasts were different pre op so I know the final result wont be perfect, but hopefully they will end up looking much better than they were :) for now it's still early days to judge them

The swelling is finally going down!

Hello ladies, today I'm much happier with the boobies, they are starting to look smaller! Less swelling = less pain :) Still difficult to shower and hate the fact I can't wash my hair properly, struggling to shave my armpits lol! Tomorrow I have this really big work party, elegant dress code. took ages to find something to wear that looks classy and hides that ugly surgical bra. Just really painful to try on clothes :/ Think I found the perfect dress, hoping nobody will pay too much attention to the "girls". My BA is not something I want people to notice, this is why i went with smaller implants :)

Bruised boobies

Hello ladies, quick boobie-update: the "girls" are getting more and more bruised, looks like they took a real beating! Doesn't really hurt, and swelling has gone down so much so I'm happy about that. But I called the clinic today because some areas look really bad! I was told this is completely normal, there is no bleeding, just bruises. Other than the ugly colors, I am very happy about the shape of them so far!:) I hate this grandma bra though, uuugh!! Happy healing everyone!


Not much New, despite the bruises I feel pretty good, no more pain :) nipples are a little sensitive.

3 weeks post op!

So the boobies are doing well, but the bruising is still present. Guess it takes a long time before that goes away. No pain at all now, just a little if I lift my arms straight up over my head, but feels like this pain comes from the drains I had under my armpits? Idk! I still try to avoid reaching for stuff in the kitchen. The boobs still stick out a lot, but slowly getting softer. They are much smaller now that swelling has gone down, hope they don't shrink more after the full drop and fluff! Happy with the size they are now :)

Looking better and better

So far I love my new boobs, really hope the end resultater will turn out natural-looking. Today the plaster thing came off, saw the underneath of my breasts for the first time since the surgery. Looks kind of gross, but then again I have a lot of bruising. Probably looks worse than it is, I have no pain at all in the incision area. My biggest fear about this whole thing has been the healing process, infection etc. How long before you can feel safe?

1 month update!

4 weeks since my BA, so far it has been great. Happy with the result, no more pain and it was worth every penny! I know they are still going to change during the first 6-8 months, but I believe they will look 100 times better than pre op! :)

Body with New boobs

Took a pic today just to show how the boobs look on my body, I think they look proportional. Righty still has some dropping to do, but I love them!

5 weeks!

New boobies are 5 weeks old, still looking good. I noticed that righty is settling but looking a little larger than lefty. I do have the bigger implant in the right breast, but in the beginning it looked smaller than lefty. Weird how they keep changing. Other than that I'm happy with my shape:)

6 weeks

Photo update! Boobies are now 6 weeks old :)

7 weeks

Finally my surgical tape came off, and I was able to get a look at my insicions. I've been worried, but everything is healing nicely!:) Put on new strips of a more descreet, skin-toned tape. My PS recommend to use tape for 6 about months (for nicer scar).

Almost fully dropped and fluffed

I feel like the girls are dropping and fluffing, glad to see that righty is finally catching up! Soon 2 months!

Boobies after 2 months

Not much new with the girls. they feel more and more like my own, but sometimes they feel foreign.. still happy I went through with it, I don't cover them up like I used to and feel more confident around my bf. I love how they look in clothes, even without a bra on. Posting some pics, can still see bruises on lefty.

Forgot to add these pics

Need new bras

Tried some of my old bras, they barely fit now so need to get measured and go shopping! Really broke after the holidays so I will be stuck with my ugly post-op bra a little while longer lol.


Now I'm forgetting about the fact I have implants, feeling more "normal" and kinda forgot how my old boobs felt like. They might have changed a little, but like I've mentioned before they look different depending on angle and light in the photos. I guess I wish they were a little more equal in size (lefty now smaller than righty). I wish they were closer to the middle, but I guess some people can't achieve that perfect cleavage - even with implants. Anyway, natural boobs are different in size and rarely stay perky and flawless unless they're really small. Still happy I did this and think my boobs today look much better than before surgery.

Before and after

Still fun to think about the changes! Had to add another pic

Boobies update

Boob update. What they look like today

Bra size

For those of you that have been asking about my bra size, I found out that I'm now a 75D in european size. Went to a lingerie place called Change and got myself measured to a 70G, lol. Their sizes go up to M, so not the same as if u would go to just an underwear department in a normal store. I do wish my breasts where closer together, can't seem to get that nice cleavage! But I found a push-up bra without underwire, and it works! Still not wearing anything but my sports bra thou, trying to wait 5-6 months. How long should one sleep with a supportive bra btw? I decided to try and stop studying by breasts, it only makes me focus on the flaws. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking for imperfections. I do see the size difference, one sagging more, and signs of ripling when bending over. But I need to stop focusing on all that.. because looking back at how they were, the boobies look ten times better today! :)

3 months

Natural look

Just adding a quick picture of boobies in a bikini top, sry about the crappy lighting! I think they look natural :) first time I tried this bikini top after my BA it looked so fake lol.

Picture update

Took some pictures today just to compare development of boobies. I can't really see much change since my last pictures. Starting to wear underwire bras, but not every day. Still planning on sleeping with sports bra for maximum support.


Not sure if I will keep updating my BA anymore, but here is a a quick pic from today. I feel they got smaller, could be cuz they have fully dropped (I probably lost some upper fullness). Still happy I had the surgery :)

Quick update

Not so active on this site anymore, but thought I'd put out an update pic of my breasts. Took these today, one of them show the scarring underneath. I will have to live with an obvious scar, but luckily it doesn't show unless I look for it
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