27, No Kids, Lack Volume in Breasts and Want Better Shape! - Norway

Never considered getting a boob job until i...

Never considered getting a boob job until i started to lose weight, even though I didn't lose that much, it seems that the "girls" went away first! I went from a 34B to a 36A (EU 75C to 80B). My boobs are left deflated and it looks like I breastfed a couple of kids.. they are also a little asymmetric. My surgeon says I have mild ptosis in my left boob, but that I didn't have to have a lift since I'm borderline and I want to avoid the scar. Really hope I can get a nice result with just the implants! I'm going for silicone gel, 260cc left and 300cc right subglandular. Height and weight: 5.5, 130lb (1.68m, 59kg). My wish is to have fuller breasts, not huge or anything just a rounder, nicer shape than what they are now. I would love to hear other experiences! Anyone with similar goals, cc's etc. please leave comments :) I'm nervous and excited about surgery!!

pre op pic

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