19 Years Old, 270 Anatomical

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Hey I'm having a BA in less than 2 months. Eating...

Hey I'm having a BA in less than 2 months. Eating disorders in early teen years kept me from developing breast so I'm getting them done. I have limited breast tissue, so I can't go as big as I really want. I have to use anatomical implants because the distance from my collar bone to the nipple is only 16 cm when the "ideal" is 20cm. I'm really nervous about the something going wrong during the surgery, but I trust the doctor.
Weight: 120lb
Under "bust": 26,5 inches
Width: 12 and 12,5
Bra size: 30AAA/65AA
Desired result: 30b/65c

BA in one week

In one week, I´ll be having 270cc placed under the muscle. In really nervous about going to sleep, infections and it ending up looking like shit. I haven´t been able to quit smoking so thats great. A friend of mine that was about my size pre op had 280 anatomicals done almost a year ago and she regrets it and wants to go bigger, so thats great too. I guess ill just listen to the surgeon and if they end up looking ugly and small, ill wait a few years and shove 600cc´s in there and call it a day. Hopefully i´ll have a C or D cup but i´m probably going to end up with a B. It kind of sucks having to go this small. People expect fake boobs to look big and amazing, so looking average after the surgery is not fun. Im not going to show or tell anyone that i have had it done because the result is most likely disappointing. If they ask to see i´ll just say i can´t because of the incision and not moving the arms or something like that. I´l update again after the surgery if i do not die

Wish pic

Regretting booking the surgery

I wish i did not book the surgery at all. i cannot back out without paying for the entire surgery. i hate the size choice and its nothing i can do about it. the surgeon said i could maximum do 310cc high profile but that its kind of not an option because of my current size and measurments. My BWD is 12. Ive seen girls with a BWD of 10cm and just as flat as me get 700cc´s after 1 surgery. it did not look good in my opinion, but then telling me that i can only get a lousy 270cc is bullshit. I guess it the country i live in. Modesty and proportionate. I did not ask for neither. If i went to thailand or south america they would probably offer 400cc´s without hesitation. I guess i just have to go through with it. Instead of looking like a 12 year old boy, ill be looking like a 14 year old girl. Its an upgrade at least

Surgery in 10 hours

I'm having surgery in 10 hours now. It's something I've wanted for years, but I am terrified. I feel like haven't followed the instructions well enough. I haven't been able to quit smoking and I've recently taken painkillers for period cramps that weren't listed under "approved". It's only hours away and I feel like something is going to go wrong. I hope I don't die because I was stupid and did something wrong. Are there any smokers here who wasn't able to quit the habit and had surgery? I smoke only 1 cigarette a day but tobacco is tobacco

Didn't die

So I didn't die. Everything went well. I feel some tension on my chest. And no sensation on the skin. Surgery took 1 hour


So it's a little more than 24 hours since I went to surgery. The pain is present but manageable. It's really tight, especially when I stand up. The pills are very strong so I fall asleep every time I take them. The boobs are very swollen and I feel bloated. I wonder when that will subside. They look completely symmetrical so far so that's good. It's hard to have a real look at the size since the entire chest is elevated. I will probably end up with a b or c cup which is fine. I wear xs in all clothes so at least its proportionate

Freaking out

I've gained so much weight over the last few days. I usually weigh around 55 kilos it gained 2 kilos right before the surgery so that there would be more fat. I just stepped on the scale and I weigh 61 kilos. The implants are only 540g combined. I haven't weighed this much in years. I am disgusted I just want to run away. I don't know what to do. If I don't eat, the pain killers make me feel bad, but when I eat I feel like shit. I hope this goes away soon. I'm feeling like this can cause a relapse

one week post op

It has been one week since the surgery. A lot has changed. The boobs look proportionate to the rest of the body. My current measurements are 67 on the under bust which i find strange. Its like my boobs start further down so the rib is more narrow. around the bust, i measured 86 cm. I tried size converters that had ridiculous answers. Some said 30F, other 30DD. I know for a fact that I am not an F cup. The weight has dropped again, so thats a relief. I stopped with the pain killers 4 days post op, mainly because they made me nauseous and gave me a headache. I am a lot more mobile already. Im actually scared that I am being to brave and moving to much, something that can misplace the implants. The implants are anatomical and the surgeon said they could turn and the point with most projection would change make the breast look lopsided.


I'm really bummed about the outcome of the surgery. The shape is okay, but the size is very small. Like I look like someone's before picture. People who knew I had the surgery done was really hyped and I could see that the boobs didn't live up to their expectations. I am only 11 days post op, so they are probably going to look a lot smaller. I'm really sad about this. Not just because revision costs money, but because it was hell going through with it. I was so scared, couldn't sleep for days. I have to say it was not worth it

Photos pre op, 3 days post op, 7 days post up and 10 days post up

One month post op

Yesterday marked my one month post op. It's going great. It's like I didn't even have surgery. They are evening out and somewhat settling. They still have that plastic like glow tho. I hope that when they settle more, they will go more towards the sides. Like I can still see the rib cages on the side and they are kinda close. I have no pain, but it's very sensitive. Like I can't walk with no bra and a loose shirt. It's to much. I have started laying on the side again which feels great. They are small, but I don't really care. I can just wear padding

Before and after 7 weeks post op

Still dropping. Looks kind of uneven but it's still early and the muscles were flexed differently . Currently a 28/30D. Had 280cc anatomical implants

Fake looking

I'm almost 3 months post op now. I thought they would drop and create a crease by now. I still have a lot of upper fullness and the distance from the nipple to the "crease" is small. Anyone else had the same problem? I had it under the muscle so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it?
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