39 Y/O w/4 kids, Last Pregnancy Twins..each over 6lbs! Twins now 8 y/o...ready to get rid of kanga pooch. Minituck, musc-repair

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Expectation is to work out and not have a i have 4...

Expectation is to work out and not have a i have 4 kids. My twins are now 8 and are my youngest. They were both over 6 lbs. Ive also had 2 c sections. Since the twins pregnancy, im unable to lose the skin and bulge in my stomach area. The bulge goes away if i fast for 2 days, but the kangaroo pouch remains. Most of my problem area is below the belly...muscles and all so i opted for mini only. Hoping i am satisfied!

More presurgery pics

These are 2 days before my mini tummy tuck, I really wanted people to be able to compare themselves to me...I really hemmed and hawed over whether to do a full or a mini....my torso is so long I didn't think I'd have enough skin above my belly to pull down to pubic bone. My doctor said I'd be happy with the mini since my "deformity" was all below belly. I am 5" 8 and 160 pounds. I'm about 7 pounds overweight for me right now. Surgery anticipation has caused me to gain weight I've maintained for 5 years! My twin pregnancy I was 220 pounds!! All baby...twins both over 6 lbs

Smooth sailing surgery

Day 1, surgery was about 730 am today and we left hospital about 2:00 pm. The worst thing so far was the drugs they gave me that had me feeling nautious and dizzy. I have a pain box connected to my body, a tube that goes in delivering pain med...another tube that comes out for draining blood and such (gross!) Binders on and some machine squeezing my legs. I came out of surgery loopy and asking the nurses if they loved Jesus :) This is great, I feel great...walked around a little bit. Speed bumps leaving hospital weren't fun, lol. Not too swollen yet

Day 2 post surgery

Not too bad, yes it hurts and its hard to move around but I walk around at least every hour. I haven't taken any of the pain relievers they prescribed. A bit hunched over and incision hurts but definately tolerable. Vision still blurry to I may have typos...I can't really see what I'm typing here :)

Day 3 post op

Upset stomach from the antibiotic...finally a friend said "eat lots of yogurt" so i m eating plain yogurt and that helps...super constipated and bloated...and going stir crazy from just sitting and my house being dirty ( my awesome hubby doing the best he can, lol). Ready to feel normal again ...normal without my kanga pooch!

Day 5- post op best day yet

For sure my best day....not as painful to move...just getting out of bed this morning...if I hold my stomach in it helps. I've definately moved around the easiest today, stopped taking drugs, a bit sick feeling still...like nauseous and a headache but I could at least sweep my kitchen floor, clean off countertops and help pack my twins stuff for boyscout camp this weekend. I even had the energy to get into an ideological feud on Facebook , lol...things are looking up!!

Day 7

Best day yet, actually cleaned my house and went outside to get the mail! No meds, easier to get up and move around for sure....drain comes out tomorrow. Feeling a bit bloated from lack of movement....will be happy to get back to a "normal" routine

Day 9

Drain removed yesterday...hallelujah! No more big gross blobby thing

Day 15 pictures

Most of the glue is gone, I had put strios over the scar also and removed by now. I'm amazed at how light the scar looks. I thought I would be horrified by its appearance but its not sao bad. My husband thinks I look great and doesn't notice my scar at all...and it feels great to be able to wear clothes without my big bulgy belly hanging out . I'm still not used to the feeling of not having it there...after 8 1/2 years of it! I definately feel fuller eating less food...I've list maybe 6 pounds...but I'm also not working out at all. Sime of the wrinkling in the corners of the tuck I think will smooth out over time. Very happy so far! Moving around easily, sleeping better...stomach still sore a bit but it doesn't stop me from day routine now...just no exercising yet...hopefully in the next month :)

6 week pictures

Back to "normal", just getting used to new belly...its wierd when you've had a bulge there to just have it gone. One thing I noticed is my love handles bigger than they have ever been I don't think I've ever had love handles! But not a huge deal...OH and major good news, much of the excess fat looking to resettle somewhere with my belly gone happens to be going to my boobs!! My husband's happy, lol..I feel like I got a belly and a boob job for 3k :) now I need to get back to the gym more...I've been slacking!
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