47 Year Old Mom, 5"5 160 Lbs.... This Ones for ME! - Chicago, IL

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I've scheduled my mommy makeover for July 8th with...

I've scheduled my mommy makeover for July 8th with Dr Clark Schierle, Chicago, IL.... I'm 47 years old, 5'5 and 160 pounds. I've been divorced for 21 years and I have one child who is now 23 and just graduated with his BSN. (Super proud) Five years ago I was in tip top shape, running marathons (5) and loving the way I looked at 140 pounds. I suffered a significant running injury and never was able to physically heal enough (without reinjuring myself) to run again. Unfortunately I packed on the pounds and was super depressed about it. In the last 4 years my weight has swung from 198 to 150 pounds... I have come to terms with the fact I will NEVER be 140 lbs OR 198 lbs again. I've maintained my current weight for 7 months, although I'd love to be thinner, my current weight is manageable and realistic for my age and lifestyle. That being said, I want to get rid of my belly, muffin top, extra side boob and have a breast lift with a small, round, high profile implants. Im not interested in larger breast, I'd like to be around the same size - but have them in the right place!!!! I'm hopeful with a TT, BL w/implant and liposuction --- I will be happier with my appearance. I was worried about having too much visceral fat and the possibility of having a vertical TT scar in addition to the horizontal scar. Dr Schierle and I met (twice) to discuss the procedures and my expectations. He was very patient with me and took time to go through pictures of similarly sized and shaped women. I now have a very realistic expectation of my results and I am more at ease, less worried and super excited. I've posted before pics in my profile .... The countdown begins ..... Five weeks


I know I shouldn't listen to the Debbie downer's... I've only told a few people and everyone keeps asking me.... Are you sure? Are you ready to be in tons of pain? . I know someone who had it done and they couldn't stand up straight for at least a month...

I'm taking three weeks off of work and I'm a little afraid it won't be long enough.

Whoa!!! Time flys!!!!

Only 3 days to go and I have to admit I'm freaking out a little. I'm excited and anxious about the process.

My La-Z-Boy lift recliner was delivered yesterday and I have to say it's quite comfortable. I've got all my supplies ready and I've prepared a few meals. I also purchased bone broth just to sip on - 1 cup contains 9 grams of protein.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, I'll post a few pics tomorrow

Tomorrows the day ....

Well tomorrow is my big day!!!! Mommy makeover surgery is scheduled for noon... I'm as ready as I'm gonna be.... and really nervous. I have great confidence in Dr Schierle and have no doubt my results will be fantastic! My last before pics are attached ... Weight is 160 oh and I got my period today ????.... Keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

2 days post op...

Two days post op , and I am feeling pretty good, thanks to the pain pumps! I just removed some of the bandages and although you can't determine anything 2 dats after, I'm slightly freaked out about one of my boobs ... Here are a few pictures ..

Feeling Great!!!

WOW! I'm feeling darn good! I had myself terrified I'd be in horrible pain-Nope...only mild discomfort with the occasional sharp pain on my right side - That's it.... I know I'm pretty swollen because I got in a fight with the button of my shorts this morning, the abdominal binder is not my favorite, I feel like it gets tight then loose, then too high, then too low... But if that's my biggest complaint I'm doing ok!

I'm trying not to put too much thought into the way my tummy looks but I feel like I still have a roll above the incision... And my boobs are square .... I'm sure it's Just swelling .. Right????

It's been super hot the last few days, I'm ready to float in the pool, but I'm sure the incisions aren't.

So here's a pic....

Damn pain meds ????

Overall I'm feeling AWESOME ... Sitting around doing nothing is probably the hardest part... The side effects of the norco were AWFUL!!! I developed a angry blistery itchy rash all over my trunk and my face started to swell... I called my PS and he was on top of it! He gave me some options and I/we decided I'd pitch the pain pills and push through with regular Tylenol. Honestly, the rash was the worst part of recovery.

I do wish the swelling in my belly would go down a little faster but nature must take its own course and I have to be patient. I get tired really easy but other than that I have no complaints!


So 14 days post op... Still swollen but what the hell....

One more

Update and returning to work tomorrow...

I feel great and do not regret my decision to have the surgery!!!! I'm happy with the results!
My plastic surgeon, (who I now call Dr Jesus or The Magician) does drainless tummy tucks. I cannot imagine having drains and am SO THANKFUL that I didn't... Research shows that there isn't a huge difference in the recovery process or results when surgeons use drains vs no drains OTHER THAN the comfort of the patient! That being said, I felt so good, I did too much too fast!

I developed abdominal swelling and fluid pooling (seroma). It wasn't painful just weird feeling. I went into the office and my doc drained the seroma for me, it was absolutely PAINLESS - I would much rather have the seroma drained than to have had drains coming out of me after surgery! I'm feeling good (and resting more) doctor's orders!

Tomorrow I go back to work... I have a 1.7 mile walk from the train to my office (each way) and I'm not ready for that in 90 degree weather! I've decided I'm going to drive into work this week. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine! I hope I'm not exhausted by 11 am, but if I am, I'll take the rest I need. Hopefully I won't have anyone staring at me ... But I'll just say I had a female issue, that shuts them up every time.

Update.... Mommy makeover

I'm feeling pretty great and I am happy with my results. My right breast is higher and still has not settled. I have been doing lots of massage to the peck muscle in hopes it will drop into its pocket but I must be patient. I have had follow-up visits with Dr. Schierle and he has been nothing but fantastic and kind!! I have no regrets and am THRILLED with this work and compassion.

My only annoyance is the area just above and along my tummy tuck scar ... It gets pretty swollen if I do too much. I keep wondering if the roll is here to stay, but the doc assures it's swelling and I need to let my body heal.

I have been doing weekly massage therapy on my tummy, hips (lypo sites) and pectoral muscles in order to soften the hard feeling areas, as well as Scar therapy on the Tummy tuck (graxton technique) to ensure the scars do not keloid.

That's all for now, I hope all of you are feeling great and smiling.

Feelin Good!!!

Tummy tuck scar revision...

I had my tummy tuck scar revised this week due to a shelf above my scar. I have not gained any weight since my original TT surgery in July, I actually lost 7 lbs. the in office procedure was painless for the most part, just a little sore for a few days.

Dr Schierle is awesome and was also able to remove my vertical scar with the revision!!!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr Schierle and I met quite a few times, spoke on the phone and emailed each other to discuss the mommy makeover procedure and my expectations. He was very patient and kind to me. He took a lot of time to go through pictures of similarly sized and shaped women as well as explain the procedure in detail more than once. We discussed my options at length and I was very comfortable with our surgical game plan. Dr Schierle and his PA Lexi were wonderful and did everything they could to answer my questions (repetitive at times) and put me at ease. Dr Schierle is a brilliant BCPS! He is a wonderful, very kind person and helps to educate his patients when they are making difficult medical decisions. I could not be happier with Dr Schierle, he is an excellent (if not the best) board certified plastic surgeon AND a wonderful kind hearted person!

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