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Of course, I developed early. Immediately being...

Of course, I developed early. Immediately being labeled as the girl with the big boobs. As I grew, and they grew, the words used to describe me became more vulgar and insulting. I became less and less of a person in others eyes and more of a set of boobs.

Back problems followed suit. I have pain all over my back after leaving over just to pick something up off of the floor. Doing the dishes is incredibly painful and I have deep ridges in my shoulders from my bra strap digging in for years.

I had consultations when I was 16, 18, and 20 with surgeons. I was never approved. When I went for my consult on October 5th, I decided I needed to make it happen this time. I heard back from insurance within about 2 weeks. They were requesting “more information”. I had been seeing the chiro 3x a week since august and has an xrayreport sent in along with my initial submission. After they wanted more information, I requested that my gyno write a letter saying that I needed to reduce the weight of my breasts and describing the symptoms I was having. Within 2 days after they received that, I got word that I met medical criteria. I was then able to schedule my pre-op appt for December 6th and my reduction surgery for December 19th.

Yesterday, I was one month away from surgery. I was feeling really anxious. Today I am feeling excited. I am sure that I will go back and forth until I walk in there and go to sleep. However I do have a ton of questions:

Do the pain pumps numb the breast entirely?
how long are the tubes from the pain pump?
how scary is it to take them out yourself?
How can I avoid a hematoma?
how long will I be drugged out? On meds at all?
Will the anti-nausea meds that I plan on requesting do the trick?
Will I be able to shower?

Now, I know that some of these will be answered at pre-op and some I will just need to figure out for myself but I want to stay focused and on top of my game here.

I will add some before pics soon but I am around a 34/36 F/G

Surgery has been moved up! I plan on heading out...

Surgery has been moved up! I plan on heading out of town on Friday, the 21st so I called yesterday to see if I can schedule surgery for the 17th or 18th. I got the 17th but only at 5pm. She said that he doesn't start surgery until 11am that day so I am hoping they might be able to get in super early that day instead of waiting all day and not being able to eat or drink. I doubt I will have an appetite but I will definitely be thirsty. Also, I will have to be there like 2 hours early anyways so I don't think it'll be the worst thing ever to have it later to get the day that I want. My post op appt is already schedule for that Friday as well before I am off to Wisconsin and I have already set an appt with my hairdresser for Friday as well so I can have a nice cut and more importantly a wash since I don't know when I can shower and I know I wont wash it well even if I can. 20 days! I am feeling so positive and excited. I wish it was happening tomorrow!

Eeek! Just posted before pictures as all of you...

Eeek! Just posted before pictures as all of you amazing women have. Kinda scary though. I hate them being out there for the world to see! 18 days until the big day!

Last night I went through my underwear drawer and...

Last night I went through my underwear drawer and pulled all of the bra's that I won't be wearing within the next 17 days until surgery. In all actuality, I really only wear about 5 out of the 20 some bras that I own. I kept buying them (in size DD or DDD) thinking that they would fit but then I would bend down and completely slip out. I didn't want to acknowledge that they were that big, so I held onto them all. I now have a grocery bag tearing at the seams of bra's that I don't wear and the 5 that I do sitting in my drawer ready to be retired as well. Its crazy how much room is now in that drawer. And how much nicer it will be to throw cute size C bra's in there. I also set out my new D size zip up sports bra for after surgery on top of my dresser along with my new comfy front button pajamas that I also bought for recovery. I think it will be a nice reminder to see every day until the BIG DAY. I'm waiting for a seamless sports bra to come in from walmart (only $8!) and I'm hoping that my surgeon will provide one or two surgical bras so I don't have to buy more.

I am still hoping that my 17th day will get moved to before 5pm. I'm sure that will be decided within the days leading up but I can't help but to feel anxious until then.

Question- did any of you ladies have your surgery...

Question- did any of you ladies have your surgery late in the day? How did that go for you? Just looking for a positive for that time of day opposed to having it in the morning as I would prefer.

Called insurance this morning and wanted to double...

Called insurance this morning and wanted to double check in coverage. We're still all set! I've met my deductible and both my dr and hospital are verified in network so I will only pay my maximum out of pocket cost which is $1950. I will know that amount after the claim is processed which will be after surgery and I will make payments on. Pretty relived! I was scared that I would call and something would be off or I would have entered info wrong. What a great feeling to know that the financial side is taken care of and I can focus on the surgery itself.

Today was my pre op appointment. I asked him a...

Today was my pre op appointment. I asked him a whole bunch or questions and he was very reassuring. I questioned him about size because I plan on losing more weight (I've lost 30 in the last year) and I was concerned that if I went with a D then I take the chance of still being too big and if I go with c then I take the risk that I lose too much and I'm too small. I decided in a c because I have never lost weight in my chest before and I doubt I would later. So I'm happy with that. He will be doing the anchor incision which I am fine with. He also says that he has never had to do a free nipple graft which was also a relief. Surgery is still scheduled for 5pm but I just plan on getting up early and eating a good breakfast 8 hours before surgery time! Then hopefully going back to bed. He talked a little bit more about the pain pumps and explained that he led a study in which he gave placebos to some women and those who received actual numbing medicine in their pumps were much more comfortable. I think I'll trust the science hahaha. So excited. Still doesn't feel real but I'm very excited!!!

I am a week away! Very exciting but I feel like...

I am a week away! Very exciting but I feel like I'm forgetting a million things. I would love of you guys would let me know what you guys got to prepare and what you wish you would have gotten. I've ordered some Arnica and picked some stool softeners for the surgery side effects. i also have 2 post surgery bras. but I feel like there has to be more! Oh and my mom is bringing me two body pillows to barricade me in my bed so I don't roll over.

Surgery is in Monday! Starting to get the...

Surgery is in Monday! Starting to get the butterflies. Also, it has been pushed from 5pm to 6pm. Not eating past 6am will be tough. I have to be there at 430 but I'm sure ill be there early. Still doesn't seem real. I'm sure it won't until I am getting an IV in my hand.

It's over! My pain is okay. Not painless like some...

It's over! My pain is okay. Not painless like some I have read but not unbearable either. No drains so my chest feels damp. I have to read the instructions to see when j can change them because I certainly don't want an infection. However that would require getting out of bed and ill wait a little for that since my boyfriend is sleeping and doesn't want me out of bed without him there so ill let him snooze a little longer.

Ill give a detailed post later today.

So. I was set to have surgery last night at 6pm...

So. I was set to have surgery last night at 6pm but the surgery before mine was cancelled so I went in early. I got there around 3:30 and they took me back right away. They have me take a pregnancy test and then change into the gown. Then my doctor came in and talked to my mom, my boyfriend, and my boyfriends mom. Then I kicked them out so that he could mark me or as he called it (arts and crafts.) so after that, a couple of different people came in and talked to me. I was surprisingly calm throughout. The nurse came in to start my IV which wasn't bad going in but I hated having it in. Then the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me and and asked a couple more questions. Then he gave me something in my IV to relax me while they took me back. I remember saying goodbye to the peanut gallery and then once I got into the operating room, moving myself into the table. The anesthesiologist then had me breathe into the mask and I was out.

The next thing that I remember is being woken up in the recovery room and seeing my family come around the corner. I was in recovery longer but I don't remember at that point. I woke up with a lot of pressure and a burning sensation along the bottom of my incisions. I thought I would have to stay for 90 minutes but the nurse said that once I went pee, I could go. I woke up having to go so I did that and got dressed. Then they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the car. The car ride home was super painful despite bringing a pillow to hang onto. The pain was at the worst at this point. I got into my apartment and my mom left. I cried a little at this point and I think it was the car ride. I got over it quickly and surprised myself because I am a crier. I took my first hydrocodone (they gave me a half dose of liquid Vicodin and the surgical center) and I think that took a while to kick in. I was leaking under my bandages on my left side so I had to change my shirt twice. This was so be expected though because I don't have drains and just have a pain pump. We added some gauze and we've been good on that side. I am a little damp on my left side through the gauze and bra though so I don't like that. The doctor told me that once the pain pump is empty, I can remove my bandages and take the pain pump tubes out. Ill be numb so I wont feel it. Hopefully. Until then I just have a damp left boob.

My surgery was about 2.5 hours and they removed 900ish grams from my right and 800 ish from my left weighing about 4 lbs.
Im doing okay now. I didn't sleep well last night but have napped off and on. I have had to pee like every hour since the surgery which I think is fine. Just hard to get up and move around so often. I'm feeling positive and my boyfriend has done a FANTASTIC job taking care of me. So far, absolutely worth it.

Oh, and also, I had NO nausea. I was so nervous...

Oh, and also, I had NO nausea. I was so nervous about that but none at all!

I slept much better last night. I'm now 2 days...

I slept much better last night. I'm now 2 days post op. I napped alot today and am still very tired. I do feel like my pain seems more so than what others on here have reported but I don't want to risk nausea by switching meds. About an hour ago my boyfriend helped me remove bandages, remove the pain pumps, shower, and re-dress. Removing the tape was actually the worst part. Removing the pain pumps was painless! What a relief! Then I hopped in the shower just long enough to let the water rinse over me and wash my hair, face, and armpits. The marker will not come off but that seemed to bother my boyfriend more than it bothered me. After that we put on new gauze over my steri strips and then put on my other seamless front closure bra.

I have almost no bruising and I think they look fantastic. After they settle, they'll be the perfect size. Steri strips are covering my incisions and I'm just fine with that. Even my boyfriend said they looked much better than he expected. I'm very sore now but also feel a little lighter not lugging the pain pump around and with fresh bandages. I didn't take any pictures because I was freezing and tired and just wanted to speed the process up so I will put up pictures next time. I hope you all are feeling well too!

Feeling great today! Super sore still but more...

Feeling great today! Super sore still but more itching than pinching or burning. Changed my bandages again and no drainage since yesterday. I'm a tad nervous that its stopped already because I don't want it to build up inside but that's probably just me being neurotic. Post op appt is tomorrow so we'll see what the doctor thinks.

Just left my post op appt. he said everything...

Just left my post op appt. he said everything looks perfect! Some barely visible bruising and he's really happy with my result. Since I've had minimal draining I get to keep my steri strips on which is awesome. Now they can just fall off on their own. On my way home to see family and friends now. So happy with my experience so far!

Still doing okay. I had some pain at the t...

Still doing okay. I had some pain at the t junction if my right breast last night and a spot of blood. My strap had been hurting me a lot and I think it broke the incision open a but. So I grabbed an old XL sports bra I had which is now huge in the band and sits way lower on me. So I'm all gauzed up and have the sports bra on that doesn't rub my incision. I ventured out to target yesterday with my mom and was exhausted. I came home and took a 2 hour nap. I've had some bruising but mostly yellowish. The only bad bruising is on my sides and one spot on my left nipple. I've been taking my pain pills on 6 hour intervals an plan to stop that or just take them before bed after Christmas. Ill add some pictures after my next post op on the 27th.

I hope all of you waiting for surgery stay calm and excited. I'm so happy I did it. And I hope you ladies healing stay on track and recover quick! Happy holidays, girls!

Today was my second post op appointment. It went...

Today was my second post op appointment. It went really well. I saw the physicians assistant but she also assisted in surgery.
She removed all if my steri strips and said everything was looking really well. I had to drive (passenger) from Chicago to Wisconsin after that and had to hold them the whole trip. Not ideal. I was totally exsposed from 12-8 and just had two tiny spots on my cami that I was wearing so I think that's pretty good. I have had more soreness today since I haven't taken any pain pills since yesterday evening. I showered a little while ago and that was pretty weird. It freaked me out to touch the incisions and soaping them up felt so strange. I had to sit down! But I got through it. Better everyday.

Today I am just over 2 weeks post op. my left side...

Today I am just over 2 weeks post op. my left side has been the more swollen side until now. Today I noticed some swelling on the right side of my right breast. Not really any added bruising but swollen and it feels really tight under the incisions there. Some pinching pain when I use that arm too much or bend down and don't hold my boobs. I'm supposed to call tomorrow to make an appt for like a week from now but I'm going to try and get in as early as I can so my doctor can calm my nerves and get the swelling under control as I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Have any of you had this and seen it resolve itself? Did your doctor just prescribe icing and rest?

I've added 2 pictures taken this morning.

Update: I emailed my doctor and per his request...

Update: I emailed my doctor and per his request sent the pictures I have on here. He said that it looks totally normal for this stage of healing and to schedule my follow up at my leisure. I feel a little relived but would still like to see him earlier rather than later. I will just ice and take it really easy.

Seems like I have joined the drainage after 2...

Seems like I have joined the drainage after 2 weeks group. Woke up to it this morning. Seems normal. But on the left side (opposite side. I was worried about the right aide yesterday) Orange-ish an odorless so I'm not too bothered. I know there's a lot of fluid in there that is working its way out. I kind of wish the right would drain so the swelling would go down and I knew it was working itself out.

However, today is my first day back to work so that's not the greatest timing. Called my doctor to schedule the next post op. I left a message and hope to get in this week.

I saw my PS this morning. He said that everything...

I saw my PS this morning. He said that everything looked great and he would give me an A+. He agreed that my right side is swollen but after feeling it said it didn't feel like fluid but swollen tissue. And the tightness under my incisions is scar tissue forming (that will come and go) and now swelling right under my incisions. He also said the my left draining side was perfectly fine. I was worried that the right NEEDED to drain and he compared it to a blister where if you don't pop it, it can be re-absorbed and just fine. Since nothing is infected, it will resolve itself. and if it does drain, that's fine too.He said that going back to work was a little bit of a shock to the nerves and that I should adjust but to take it extra easy as well. He said if it throbs like it was yesterday I could take a pain pill if necessary.

I feel better. More back on track.

P.S. currently have panty liners on the inside of my bra because the drainage seems to go right through gauze and onto my clothes. Not okay. Hopefully this works!

Hey girls! I thought I would give another quick...

Hey girls! I thought I would give another quick update. I have been feeling great, especially the last couple of days. I have been peeling a little bit and most of my scabs are coming off. The left breast is pretty much perfect! It was the side that drained a little bit. My right side originally softened up first but it didn't like me going back to work last Wednesday and swelled up. It's come down a lot but you can tell the side of the breast is still a little bigger. So in my pictures they look a little uneven but I'm not judging for a month or so if not more. Swelling likes to linger with me.

4 weeks seemed to be a turning point for me. I...

4 weeks seemed to be a turning point for me. I could finally sleep on my side a little bit and my swelling has significantly diminished. I am pain free unless I accidentally roll totally onto my chest or something like that. I got back in the gym this week too! I have just been walking at an incline at a good speed or using the relaxed stationary bike.

My scabs are pretty much all gone except for one scab at the t junction on the side that was draining and a scab right on the bottom of the areola where it meets the vertical incision. I have been peeling aroun incisions but just really thin dead skin so no problems here! My right side is just a little swollen. I can gauge it by the little but if armpit pat being way bigger on that side. It's nice to have a little trick or marker to go by because its really hard to tell how much of the actual breast size is.

I am comfortably wearing size medium bare essentials bandini bras and have tossed all of my old bras. I think a couple more weeks and I can hit Victorias Secret to get a couple real bras!

I am so happy that I did this. Absolutely worth every second. Ill add some new pictures sometime this weekend.
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