High Hopes for my Coolsculpting Procedure

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I received treatment to my abdomen and "love...

I received treatment to my abdomen and "love handles." I am not overweight, workout regularly, and have two children, the last one via c-section. I found after my c-section, my entire body except my abs and handles were responding my working out and proper eating, but I had fat deposits that would not go away, which is why i went to this alternate.

The procedure was not painful, overall, however, the addomen did cause the most discomfort. The initial suction took my breath away, but within minutes, I was fine. The post treatment massage was uncomfortable but not unmanageable. I am sore and swollen, this morning, but I do not have to face any down time. looking forward to seeing results!

One Day Post CS

Swollen and achey today but I am still able to exercise and function. I look really bloated.

Ow wow wow!!!

Day 5 post CS and I have barely slept. Shooting pains, burning sensations and downright stinging on my abdomen. I was expecting discomfort like this from the research I did before the procedure so I'm not upset but it is quite painful ((on a 1-10 scale... It's about an 8)). From research, I'm aware it could be up to 2 weeks for this to disappear... I've read neurotin and a lidocaine patch can help... Calling my dr today. :/

4 weeks post CS

4 weeks post CS and so far so good. After the grueling first week, I have minimal numbness and visible changes. This comes with a hike in my cardio regimen and tweaks in my nutrition. But, if it takes 90 days for optimal results, I am definitely excited to see more changes!

Over 1 year since CS

Since my cool sculpting procedure, I have leaned out tremendously, through diet and exercise. I no longer have the body fat in my trouble areas. Very happy w my results
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