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I'm 48 and live in Belfast, Northern...

I'm 48 and live in Belfast, Northern Irelandand been unhappy with breasts since they appeared when I was 13. I am 34H and weigh 140lbs, but always felt my boobs make me look heavier. I am a UK size 12 on the bottom and size 16 plus on the top, so shopping is not that simple. A few months ago I woke one morning and announced to my husband that I really wanted a reduction and had done so all my life. He has always know that I am very self conscious about my breasts and said that he would support me. I even honestly hate hanging my bras on the outside clothes line in case one of my neighbours see them and I think I remember every person who has ever made a comment thinking they were being funny about my boobs. I also have suffered very painful rashes underneath both breasts and just to make matters worse they go up a size each month and are reaaly painful before my period.

Anyhow I visited my doctor who referred me to the local hospital to have a breast reduction on the National Health, but I have been told that it will be almost two years before I receive an appointment to talk to a Surgeon. So after much discussion with my other half we have decided to go private and pay for the op.

My operation is scheduled for 21 January and I am feeling so nervous, I am trying not to think about it and hoping I will go through with it. I have just been trying to put it out of my head and not think about it too much. The stories I have read on this site have helped me relax, any words of support would be appreciated. You all seem so positive.Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Just a quick update today which is exactly one month before my scheduled surgery. I have been checking this site daily to keep myself positive by reading all the other great postings. At the minute I am not nervous but I know the closer I get to 21 Jan the more I will start to panic. I haven't bought any new clothes for Christmas as I reckon it's a waste of money to buy something which will hopefully fit me for just a few weeks. Keep posting your experiences as you can't appreciate how inspiring your stories are to people in my current position.

8 days to go until my surgery - had a visit with...

8 days to go until my surgery - had a visit with my surgeon this week and asked him a total of 17 questions, he seemed to be happy with answering them all and I left the office feeling reassured. I have to check in at 7:30am next Sat 21st Jan and hopefully my operation will be done quite soon after that. I going out for a family meal the evening before and then I think I will probably have to fast from midnight. My biggest concern at the moment is that I bring the right post surgery bra with me, in the UK they are not supplied for you as they seem to do in the US. On the advice of my doc I bought a cheap 36C sports bra from a local supermarket and just hope its ok. I am so used to paying almost $100 for my bras that I can't believe that a $10 bra will do the job. It's also five cup sizes smaller to what I am now so I am amazed. I'm not feeling too nervous at the moment in fact I'm quite excited, although at the back of my mind I am worrying a bit about the usual things which may go wrong,but hopefully I can keep this positivity up until the big day then I will be asking for something to settle me down if my nerves get the better of me. I have a very busy week ahead clearing things up at work and making sure the house is clean and the family have some homecooked food in the freezer. I will keep you updated as the time draws nearer. Thanks again to everyone at realself for your thoughts and good wishes.

Hi to all my lovely kind friends in the US, I am...

Hi to all my lovely kind friends in the US, I am now two days post op and feeling fine on it. I can't believe I've actually done it. I was very nervous on Saturday morning driving to the clinic for my 7.30am check in, I was relieved to hear on arrival that I was first on the list at 8.30am so I didn't really have time to think with filling in forms etc. I was a bit wobbly when they were wheeling me to theatre but a lovely nurse who had had the op herself kept me calm. The anaesthetist told me he was going to give me something to relax me and the next thing I knew I woke up and everything was over. I had a bit of pain when I came around but they sorted me out with some morphine and then returned to me to my room where I slept on and off for the rest of the day. I came home yesterday and have been in bed resting and being looked after by my lovely husband. I can't say I have been in any real pain, just uncomfortable, the removal of the drains was also fine. To be honest I don't know how I feel about my new boobs, they are certainly a great deal smaller and I was shocked when I first saw them I haven't seen them without a bra yet but the nurses told me the shape is great. I do think it will take me a while to get used to this new shape, but on the whole I am very pleased with the size. Even with the swelling I am quite small but then after being a 34H anything would seem small.
Thank you so much for you good wishes to me and I will keep you all updated on how I progress over the coming weeks.

Here I am 5 days post op and things have been...

Here I am 5 days post op and things have been going well. Pain has been minimal and I am manageing without painkillers. Things are more uncomfortable than painful, my biggest annoyance is the band of my bra digging into the dressings underneath my breasts, I am popping out to the shops later to buy a bra extendor which will hopefully take care of this problem. I have my first post op appointment with my surgeon on 30 Jan so hopefully the dressings can be removed and I can get his opinion on my progress.

I'm two weeks post op today and whilst I would say...

I'm two weeks post op today and whilst I would say I am improving daily I have to say that as far as pain goes the first week post op was less painful. I don't know if it's because I am moving about more but by the end of each day I am feeling a lot more pain and tenderness, my PS is pleased with my progress and his nurse checked by breasts yesterday and was happy with them, so I guess the pain is all part of the healing process. I am also surprised at how tired I am still feeling but this is also improving every day. I think after reading the other posts on Realself I thought I would just bounce up and get back to normal within a few days. I just have the tape underneath and around the nipple area and the bruising is fading as well. There is a definite healing process to go through and I guess the old saying no pain no gain is really true.
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