32yo, 5'3", 132 lbs, no kids, 34A with 375cc silicone mod+ implants!

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I've been reading reviews on here daily and I...

I've been reading reviews on here daily and I expect to get my boobs done this fall. I have wanted them my entire life and I am smaller than most A cup bras I can find. I have very little weight up top and size 10 pants (at the moment) and I want to even out my curves. Most interested in Dr. Ashfin Parhiscar since he comes highly recommended by my sister; otherwise I also like Dr. Francisco Canales. I have yet to officially meet with either Doctor, but that's what I have in mind at the moment!

Crisalix preview of my chest and desired implants

I visited Dr. Francisco Canales' office in Santa Rosa last week and they were able to provide me with a complimentary 3D preview (maybe because I mentioned RealSelf?) of what I could look like with the sizing of my choice. I met with Megan and she was very professional, kind and super helpful. I was able to hold 3 different sizes of implants in my hands (300cc, 325cc and 350cc) and try them up against my chest - wow is all I could think in the moment. Once I held them, I decided I probably want to go smaller than the 350cc I was thinking about originally.
She took images of my torso with her iPad and then was able to give me a super cool demo with a 3D iPhone goggle set up. Once I put the goggles on, I could look down at my simulated chest and to all different angles of what each size would look like. Super cool.
The program estimated my existing breast tissue as 205cc for my right boob and 244cc for my left. With this info and the previews attached, I think I like the idea of 325cc for my right boob and 300cc for my left boob. I want to get them done under the muscle with an inframammary fold incision. This is currently my ideal plan, but it still depends on an actual consult with both doctors that I'm currently considering.
Today I weigh 136 and I'm working my way down to 125lbs. I don't want to have super fake looking boobs, but I definitely want a nice round look with upper pole fullness, since I don't have any now. I looked into tear drop shaped implants, but I'm afraid if I got those, my boobs would stay triangular/pointy and I would have no cleavage. I have never been able to give myself cleavage - I want that perk so bad!
Comments and thoughts welcome!

Wish Boobs

There are two celebs that have what I look to as my wish boobs (I mean, sure I'd love to have boobs like Emily Ratajkowski, but I don't think my natural spacing would give me a result like hers) - Dita Von Teese and Joanna Krupa. I have similar coloring and height to Dita and I would love to end up with breasts like hers - I think she has a C/D. I know she got implants when she was way young. They look so natural! I would love to buy bras from her lingerie line. Also, Joanna's look amazing - I love the side boob she gets in certain outfits. Maybe a bit smaller, but they fit her figure nicely and they are also perfect looking implants.
I want a result that looks natural and my biggest fears are having them sit too low and bottoming out/revealing the scar. I want them to drop and fluff perfectly, but it's hard to find many successful outcome reviews on here. Each body and each doctor influence such different results. But it's not enough to scare me away from planning this lifelong dream.

I'm painfully flat chested and have always wanted...

I'm painfully flat chested and have always wanted full, womanly boobs. I am 32 and still have mosquito bites too small to fit most A cups. It's time to make a change. I met with Dr. Parhiscar yesterday and he thinks 350cc would look great on me (and I'd like 325cc for my left boob since it's a bit bigger naturally). Originally I was set on saline and then I wanted Sientra implants, but I think with overall reputation and sizing options, Mentor implants are the way to go. I am so excited to get them done this year!

Boob video- before implants

My current mosquito bites

Surgery date moved

Moved the date up to Labor Day weekend! Dying from excitement and thinking about 375/350cc!

I have boobs!

Went to the hospital today, discussed sizes with Dr. Parhiscar one last time and decided to go with 375cc. Surgery was 10:30, lasted under an hour and I was feeling great immediately after. Ate some Chex cereal and apple juice with a pain tablet and shortly thereafter went home! I'm amazed at how lucky I am so far, but I hear pain gets worse 2nd and 3rd days. But so far, so good. Woohoo!!

Photos of today

Photos of today (just needed to crop them- forgot!)

Size choice remorse

They're so big. I know it's too soon to judge, but I sort of wish I went smaller. Pain today and nausea from constipation and even a near migraine from lack of caffeine and my period hitting. Today has been rough. I'm so bloated.

POD 3 - burning spasms

Post op day 3. Still dealing with random headaches, so I'm trying to lay off the Norco I have even though it's a little less intense than the Percocet. Taking Tylenol too. My period started today and my allergies are awful, so the headache isn't leaving.
I woke up and overdid it trying to pull myself up by using my leg for support. I immediately gave myself a horrible spasm in both breasts, but my left one has been really sensitive ever since.
I managed to shower, but had to use my left arm more gingerly than my right.
I was able to remove my waterproof bandages today, to reveal just the steristrips. Things looked fine when I did so. I was able to rub jenny eden's boobie butter over the skin that was not exposed before, and it felt great.
So today I'm just hanging out, trying to rotate my shoulders back and keep my left breast from cramping up every 5 seconds. It's hard!
Things are still looking boxy.


Today was another painful day with nerves and spasms. Called the doctor in tears. They stressed to use the painkillers and to send a picture and he confirmed they look healthy and no sign of infection. Unfortunately I'm just more sensitive than the average patient on this day. It will pass with time.
Luckily today my headaches were gone and I was able to sleep most of the day! Just took a shower and took the straight on photo just now. The side shot was from earlier today. They are not happy!


Morning boobs after shower. Pain is still intense in left boob and took two Percocet upon waking. I'm at work now and hating it. I'm so constipated and can't push anything out to save myself - TMI but that's my current dilemma. Pain is only manageable with Percocet. I read that Norco is more likely to cause constipation, so I may just stick to Percocet today

POD6 - still waking in agony

Today is going be to be a rough day. The irritated nerve in my left breast sometimes spasms so badly when I get up, that I am forced to swallow pain pills as quickly as possible hobble back to my bed. Once I sit down the try to lean back on my pillows, the stretching of my tense muscles causes me to scream out in pain. What the hell is this? Will I wake up in this tormenting pain for the rest of my life?
The nerve is so tender, than even surface massages of the boob can trigger more spasms and pain. I don't know if there's any hope for me besides staying loaded on painkillers. I hate life.

POD9 (pic of yesterday) and POD10- feeling great!!!

Well, after a painful evening Thursday night, I woke up Friday with 40% less pain! Saturday I had to drive myself to the doc and took two Percocet to handle the long drive. My left side was doing much better, but my right side got irritated during massages, and started cramping while I was getting dressed. Luckily the compression strap helped keep it from getting worse. The doc looked at me and said everything was healing properly, and that unfortunately the nerve pain is not unusual, even though I experience a lot more than I feel most people experience.
Yesterday I woke up and felt like a new person! I took 6 Percocet total on Saturday, but yesterday I only took one in the morning and one to sleep at night. I took 1 Aleve during the day and I was driving just fine. It is safe to take Advil or Aleve now that I'm a week out.
My right side still wants to spasm anytime I remove my compression strap, but other than that I'm functioning and finally back at work! Purchased a couple soft wireless bras from Marshalls on Saturday in a 36C to keep things loose. They are great.


2WPO and incision surprise

Today is two weeks! Shirt lines on my boobs in the pics. The incision pics were taken last night after I carefully removed my strips. One strip still had residual glue holding onto the dissolvable stitches so I had to carefully cut the two spots so I didn't pull them out of my scar - yikes. But look at how precise my surgeon was! I mean I expected scary scars and these look like a dream - like a paper cut! I'm super impressed with them. Boobs are taking their time dropping, but it's all good and I'm wearing my strap. Things are less and less painful but still awkward. Washed the dog last night but that motion made my boobs a bit sore. Happy Friday, everyone!

3WPO/ (23 days)

Boobs are still struggling to stretch into their lower poles. My right breast (left in the pic) is dropping better and is softer than my left.
Still experiencing annoying nerve pain to my left nipple and incision.
Able to have sex more comfortably now lol.
Worked a catering job and was able to carry some heavier things surprisingly well, however closing car doors and opening wine bottles still hurts..


Quick update. I'm going to sleep but here's some pics. Left boob has been hurting today, but I didn't take anything out of laziness lol

1 month post op!

Took a quick break at work to take these photos and post them haha. Feeling better every day and trying to massage my left so that it keeps up with my right. Incisions are healing well.

5 weeks + 5 days post op

Nerve pain has gone away - yippee! Not enough space on my phone to take a profile pic. They're dropping so slowly (but surely)


3MPO tomorrow

Boobs are looking and feeling good. Doc says they're healing well and my skin is good, so they will continue to drop with time. My dissolvable stitches started poking out, but with some light pulling, I was able to tug out the tiny portion (not a long string) and my scars are smooth again.
Love my boobs!!

Almost 6MPO and spit a stitch

So a few days ago the spot on my right scar that always felt like a hard bump, started to turn red. The next day yellow. Emailed my PS and he said it's normal to get a small abscess like this from spitting stitches and that it will open and resolve. Sure enough only another night later it was thing enough to pop so I very very gently pushed out some pus (soooo gross) and was left with a clean little hole. It's looking better today though. I've kept it clean and put ointment on with a bandaid. I see the doc next week!
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Just met with Dr. Parhiscar and I am very excited to schedule my surgery.

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