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Hi everyone my names Tamara im 22 years old. Im...

Hi everyone my names Tamara im 22 years old. Im writing this honest review to help people if they are considering Laser Tattoo Removal. After continuously looking about finding the right tattoo removal place. I found one, yay!.... Im starting my first tattoo removal session at a new place that just opened, Palmers Laser Tattoo Removal in High street, Northcote.

Its amazing how the universe works when you want something...i was finishing dinner at Coco inc celebrating an early mothers day with my family when i walked past the new Tattoo removal store, i couldnt believe they opened one on high street in Northcote.
Then i was lyk wtff? i have to check this place out.
Also i had a general good feeling about the place which is a good sign.

So anyway today i went there today because i called a laser tattoo removal place in the city and they didnt answer their damn phone so i was lyk whatever so unprofessional, im going to the new store i saw in Northcote.

So i went there and i was greeted straight away which was very nice and filled in their form, then went to have my test patches done. All in a hour. I was a little bit worried about what laser they were using but it definitely worked when we did the test patch.
It really hurt! its like getting hot frying pan oil splattered on your arm! but after he put the cooling on it didn't hurt so much. It was cool to look at the two frosted patches. And the frosting went away within 30 mins now its two bumps but i know that u have to wait a few days for your immune system to eat the tattoo ink, so im chill.

So i booked my session for next week which is $200 for me i would pay that its better than having this tattoo on my arm and its not lyk u get it done every week, you wait 4-6 weeks after each session.

About my tattoo.
The old tattoo is the heart and rose in the middle, which started
off as red now 3 years later its pink which is good.
The UV from sun exposure sped the process up. I love tanning myself :p

My new tattoo is the cross and the surrounding area.
Worst mistake i made was going to the tattoo place to add more tattoos to the small one. Its to big for my small arms. I liked my shoulders they way they were before. Also that was their tattoo design not mine that i wanted to do.

I learned my lesson no more tattoos for me! especially when i learned of the long process and sessions of getting it removed, not to mention the pain aswell!

If your going to get a tattoo make sure its small and in a place where no one can see it and get it in black or red.
They are the easiest colors to remove with laser tattoo removal.

Anyway i will keep you updated with my Laser tattoo removal session next week. :)

1 Week since Laser Tattoo Removal 1rst session

Okay so i went to my first session, they put the topical anesthetic cream on which dosent really do much it just helps to numb your skin a little. Left it on for 40 mins and then i got lasered.

Im pretty brave, and i know it had to be done so its better to just grit your teeth through it because it hurts alot!

The upside is its very quick when the laser goes over it. It took maybe 3 mins to do the whole tattoo, but i needed 3 breaks, because it was so painful.

It was worth it looking over to my tattoo and seeing it all frosted over. The only colours that still kindof poked through was the green and red but it definitely lightened which was a good sign.

Was so happy when the cooling machine, cooled my arm down. It was so nice and it made the pain go quickly. I was lykkk 'ahhhhhh so nice' and the guys lyk ' dont want to leave it on ur arm for too long its -35 its will freeze your arm' and in my mind im lyk 'shutup and keep doing that it feels good'

So after he bandaged it up and put tape around my arm. Then i went home and 30 mins after the frosting goes away and that kindof annoyed me coz u feel like nooo i wat to see the frosting because it looks like the ink has gone and i can show ppl the results. But its normal for the frosting to go away and to have the normal tattoo ink show its just part of the process.

Within 1-3 days the whole tattoo is swollen and it will feel bumpy.
Just leave it and try not to scratch.
So its been about a week and its been really itchy and all the black ink which was bumpy has hardened for some reason i dont know why.

So i will show you two photos, one 30 mins after my treatment and another 1 week now.

3 week after 1rst session

Okay so its been about 3 weeks and my tattoo has fully healed over and when i run my hands over my tattoo its nice to feel very soft skin like the other parts of my arm.

As for the fading, i dont think it has faded that much. I can see some difference with the black some parts dissapeared but other parts are still there. The coloured parts have lightened but only a little.

Also because i have been going out every weekend and drinking, dosent help your immune system. Although i noticed when i did really long exercise workouts my tattoo seemed to heal faster and when i didn't exercise it was healing slower.

The tattoo looks pretty much the same as the last photo i put up, but theres no cracks in it its fully healed now.

Honestly just by looking at what the first session had done over the last few weeks.
I already know how many sessions i will need to fully remove the black ink and the other colours. My guess is:

Black ink- 4 sessions
Brown ink- 6 sessions
Red-8 sessions
Green-10 sessions

So that's kind of disappointing to see how many sessions i will need but im not giving up and i know that i have to keep going. And i cant make a judgment on 1 session i need to have maybe 3 sessions to decide if this is worth it.

Anyway my 2nd session is in 2 weeks, so ill be dying to go and see what happens after that session.


2nd session!

Hey everyone so before i went in and had my 2nd session.
I reviewed my before and after photos at the laser place and you can see a difference.
Ill put up the photos.

The first and second sessions i had they only target the black in at 1024 nm i think.
Thats why you can hardly see a major difference in the coloured ink.
It has targeted some of the coloured ink though for some reason which is a good thing.

So i had my second session and brought my friend maria along, she also has a tattoo on her back. After the session she said "Omg ive never seen you in so much pain tammy" and ive known her for almost 13 years so she would know lol then she was like "yeahh im never getting my tattoo removed" and knowing her well she dosent do well with pain.

So the guy told me that next session my 3rd session they will target the colour with a different wavelength and that most of the black will be gone. He said i will blister alot with this wavelength so kindof not looking forward to that but its got to be done. He said whatever you do dont touch the blisters, just let them heal.

So when i got home i formed blisters on the inside of my tattoo the part the heart and rose which is 4 years old strangely enough and hardly any blisters on the surrounding tattoo which is 5 months old.

Its been 5 days so far and i left the blisters alone. I sooo wanted to get a sewing needle and pop them to drain the fluid but i remembered what he said so i was lyk ehh just leave it. So glad i didnt touch them! coz now it went down and has healed nicely and formed a scab. The only problem with the blisters is it looks gross and i had to sleep on one side for 5 days until it healed, which wasnt so bad really.

I can say now, im so glad i started this journey with tattoo removal and that
it is worth it. Im already really happy when i wear a black dress and can see the colour difference its very faded and less intense. When i put mineral makeup over it you can hardly see it. Even without makeup looks so faded and i actually dont mind it now but ill see how it heals now and if i feel like getting the 3rd session done :)

3rd Laser Tattoo Removal Session- Colour treatment

Hey sorry for late reviews! lol i was in europe for 2 months with family. Ive been back for 1 month now.
So i let my tattoo get tanned in Italy and it was fine, didnt get any pigmentation which was good. Infact it helped it fade more.

I had the 3rd session yesterday. It wasnt as painful in my mind because ive had it done twice already.
So anyway this time they lasered allover the tattoo with a 1024nm for black but works well on most colours aswell. Thought it was over but then he had to treat the red and green colours.
Then the guy did a another wavelength for the red and he used another laser for the green. I was afraid at first i thought because its another wavelength it will hurt more but quite the opposite, it hurt a little but felt like fizzing on my skin and then the green laser didnt even feel it.

So today is the day after and i have 2 blisters one is huge and gross looking the other small, its really gross but i was expecting to have a gigantic blister so i was calm and knew not to pop it but i kindof cheated and got a needle and poked it hehe and now its just weeping. Its been weeping the whole day, really strange feeling leaking from the arm lol so u kindof have to wipe it alot.

I can see some of the red come out now on parts that had the blister ater my 2nd session and its become a light pink colour now! in the middle.

I cannot wait to show the pics after this has healed! my tattoo was even more faded after I went on holiday. So now i can imagine the results! :D so will keep u updated in the next 3 weeks

Day after 3rd Session

Really Gross i know but this is normal especially when u get the colour treated.

So how my tattoo is going now in 2014

Okay sorry i havent been on realself. I get pretty preoccupied with everything going on in life.
So anyway my blisters healed fine. The third session really took the colour out, the green, red and brown too on the cross. Its tanned over now.

Normally ur told not to go in the sun and to put suncreen over it, but since im tanned, i think its very abnormal to have a white tattoo patch on my skin dosent look nice and i was right i trusted my feelings and i didnt have any hyperpigmentation problems.

So i was supposed to have 2 sessions but atm i dont want to go back and laser my tattoo for a few reasons. Since ive had laser tattoo removal, ive noticed i have pimples on my neck and chin, around the lymph node areas and each time i get it done i can feel the ink toxins in my body circulating , i dont know how, but i feel weaker or something really strange and my neck area hurts.
Its not a major problem but i do worry about where the ink is going, because it cant get out and they dont tell you what chemicals are in the ink.

And its very expensive each session 6 weeks apart $200. Trying to save money atm, cant afford to spend money on something thats not urgent.

All i can do it stay as healthy as possible, i noticed i feel much better when i go jogging for long periods during the week. Also what im eating aswell, i cut out additives and preservatives in food as much as i can and my body feels much better and also be positive and happy because your soul/aura affects your body.

I dont know if im going to get another session for now im going to leave it.
I dont really notice my tattoo anymore, im so used to it being there and when i go out, i conceal it with mineral makeup is great! cant even see it.

So yeah why spend $200 every 6 weeks and risk more ink toxins going into my body, when i can just use $40 mineral makeup over it when i go out and it lasts for months and let my tattoo fade naturally with the sun and time. People dont even notice i have makeup on the tattoo, and they go wow is that a tattoo? its so faded!....

Tattoo comparison

From May 2013-February 2014. Three tattoo removal sessions :)
Palmers Laser tattoo Removal

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