42, 3 Kids- Liposuction (in Combo with Breast Work) Northbrook, IL

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Five years ago, while going through a divorce, I...

five years ago, while going through a divorce, I decided to get my floppy, empty, nursed for many years breasts "fixed". I never wanted to look too large. I went with 250ish cc .. But since it was over the muscle, they just were too fat looking for me. So...here I was five years later finally gutsy enough to go through the more painful procedure to get even smaller, "safer" "gummy bear" implants under the muscle. This part I do not regret.
What I am sitting here in pain regretting is my decision to "throw in some lipo" as well. I exercise 2 to 3 times a week and eat pretty healthy.. You know...juicing, organics, activated almonds, etc. So, my pockets of annoying fat that I could never shake made me the "perfect" candidate for lipo. I did every thing right before surgery.. Stopped vitamins and everything else on the "do not eat or drink list" 2 weeks before surgery. I made bone broth soup, ate asparagus, etc etc. I even started on arnica in hopes to have limited bruising.
I am soooo bruised. Painful bruises. Hurts most to sit and then to get back up. The worst part... I suffer alone because I am trying to hide the lipo part from my husband...he was already unhappy that I was changing my body per my breasts. Also...lipo has that "I cheated the system" aspect to it... Like people who get it are just trying to get out of exercise and eating right.
So... I am putting arnica on 3 times a day, taking arnica pills, and wearing the body constriction thing.
Like I said, I do not regret the breast surgery..that is healing pretty well...seems easy compared to the pain and discomfort, the weird numb feelings, and hardened skin areas of this lipo.
I would make sure you take at the very least a week fully off of work...I didn't.
These pics are from today... 8 days post surgery. I honestly wish I just would not have bought into feeling like I have to be as skinny as a 20something ... Also, I was so worried my smaller breasts would look disproportionate.
I am hoping my body turns out amazing due to all this...

Some before and before the before pics

For a more complete story I will show a series of pics to understand the part of the journey I am on now.

Breasts 8 days post - just fyi

This was pic of breasts about 8 days post this recent surgery ( so my second breast lift/aug) Not sure what end results will be. Hoping when a lot of the swelling goes away - they will be visually smaller than last time - the implants are 220cc I think (the smallest that would work with diameter) - and they are under muscle and teardrop shaped which should all lead to them looking smaller than last time.

Two weeks post ...to the day

arnica 3 times per day topical. Arnica oral 3 to 4 times per day. Eating as healthy as possible - bone broth soup, pineapple, asparagus, lean meats, kale, etc etc. bruises fading gives me hope ...strangely hardened stomach, weird numbness, bumpiness/waves makes me still feel inhuman... Alien? Part machine? Smaller breast size and thinner torso makes me feel more "like me". Wondering mostly now when these hardened abdominal "waves" will go away.

Month + 5 days

still have pain ... Mostly in upper legs. Bruises almost all gone. Numb feeling mostly in abdomen region and lower back. Still very happy about breast decision... Still unhappy with myself about lipo. If this lumpiness and hardness in ab area do not go away... Then this is by far one of the worst decisions I have made.

Month 13 days?

Little pain still in legs. A bit to the touch or if sitting too long to stand. Eating even more carefully After reading about weight gain after lipo. Scared about that... Possible Weight being distributed to areas I never worried about! Except for slight discolorations, all bruising gone. Just wishing scars wld heal faster. Still numb weird feeling in abdomen and lower back area. Feels stranger to be touched there. Still some hardish lumps. I like being thinner... Can't lie about that. And with the smaller breasts... I'm feeling more like the me I remember. Love breast size sooooo much better.

Happy with breasts - never should have done lipo

I miss my smooth legs. I look back at pictures of them - what was I thinking? I let him do "whatever" because I was at a very low point in my relationship. Sure my tummy needed a great deal of exercise - but - my legs were near perfect. I wish I could go back in time. I am trying to love this new lumpy body - dents on my legs and belly - cellulite that was not all that visible on my legs - very visible now.
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