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I've noticed that since turning 60 yrs old, I have...

I've noticed that since turning 60 yrs old, I have experienced drooping in my forehead and brows. The result of this is giving me a tired look. Dr. Sweis recommend a temporal brow lift. I am sure that with procedure I will restore a more youthful look, without looking overdone. She is a very honest person, and doesn't try to sell you on any of her procedures.

Lift These Brows!!!

One week before my temporal brow lift!!! Dr. Sweis.....add that little touch of sparkle, that you're known for!!!! :-)

Tomorrow at 11:00

One more day to go!!!! I will post pix post op!!


Surgery went well. Two hours later, and minimal pain!! Dr. Sweis has a gentle hand, and used her talents to restore my brows to a "higher level". Bruising setting in, snd still numb.

Day 2

Swelling, bruising and tightness around temple and eyes are now bothersome.

Day 2

Pain pills definitely helped with the headache and pain in temple area. I can totally see my "new brow line" even despite the swelling. #boundlessadmirationforsweis. #sweismagnetism. #sheacedmyface

Day 3

I am now headache free. Tightness still there, but swelling is tapering off. Slept with 2 big fluffy pillows, and pain free!!!! Taking 2 antibiotics a day and "chillaxin" at home. I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Sweis tomorrow. I will keep you updated!!!

Post op visit at 2:00 today!!

Day 3, and my bruising is starting to fade. My swelling around my eyes are about the same. I will post my outcome with Dr. Iliana Sweis this afternoon.

Thumbs up, and my Brows, too :-)!!

My post op went well. Dr. Sweis examined my stitches and stated that my healing is going quite well! I'm still swollen, and should expect it to be noticeable for at least another two weeks. She applied ointment on my stitches and gave me a new , more comfy head wrap I am returning for my next follow up in 2 weeks.

Trust your face only to an expert like Dr. Sweis

Dr. Sweis is truly like an artist! She looks at everyone's face as a form of art. Her results are the most natural looking and longer lasting than any other doctors.

Six Days Post op

Dr. Iliana Sweis is true leader in the field of plastic surgery. I am now 6 days post op, and can see results thru all my swelling and bruising!! Dr. Sweis' priority is helping her patients attain beautiful and natural outcomes, using her many years of experience. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for her skills and artistry that she has applied to my many surgeries and fillets. Her results are always amazing!!

Seven days post op

It's now a week since my temporal brow lift. This is my first time wearing make up. The incisions are pretty well hidden in my hairline. Healing is coming along nicely. Still swollen and bruised slightly under eyes and forehead. I'm amazed how quick I'm healing!! Thank you, Dr. Sweis for another outstanding surgery, and as always , adding that little bit of "sparkle" to every procedure. ????????

Loving my new raised brows

Amazing how this procedure restored my youthful appearance. I'm so thrilled with my outcome. Healing time wad phenomenal.

Two and a half week post op check up

On my way to see Dr. Sweis for my 2 week post op check up. I feel as if all my swelling is gone, and there is no signs of residual swelling. Looking good, and enjoying my new more youthful face.

Conclusion of my Temporal Browlift!!

Dr. Sweis' attention to detail and her artistic talents are both exemplified through my results with my browlift. She is the perfect package of skill, knowledge and compassion. It is her kind heart, combined with her skill and desire to keep up with cutting edge technology, that makes me want her as my doctor.

My Happy Moments!!

Thank You Dr. Sweis for another iconic procedure.

Looking the BEST ever!!

There's hardly a day that goes by without anyone telling me how "great u look for your age" Dr. Sweis will blow you away with her talents!! She's a cut above the rest. If you want a caring, innovative, and passionate Doctor, who truly loves what she does....then go see her. She cares about your ultimate goals. She's a winning surgeon. You're guaranteed professionalism and "Sweis-ism" (a little bit of sparkle)

Three months post op

It's now 3 months since my brow lift, and I feel as if I look younger and more attractive than I did before the surgery. "Simply the best" doesn't even describe her, or the results Dr. Sweis achieves. It is her grasp of your anatomy and her extensive experience that is focused on you, that makes all your results very natural. It is the subtle improvements that have changed the way I feel about myself that makes Dr. Sweis a world class Doctor!

My Botox is fierce!!

It is now 8 days since my Botox injections, and I am in the WOW zone!!! It truly is an product, giving me a new refreshed look. Thank you Dear Doc Sweis.

Post Botox

This is an amazing product, giving me an amazing lift and wrinkle reducer on my forehead

Volbella..The new lip filler!!!

I've not had much success with Botox on my lips for my vertical lines. I heard about a new filler, Volbella, that's supposedly new on the market. It's made specifically for lip lines. I will post my after pic after my appointment.

I have been noticing that my upper lips had what...

I have been noticing that my upper lips had what is called "smoker lines". I have never smoked, and have not been using straws, per my doc's suggestion. Botox was not the solution. I heard from fellow Realself members , and my ps that Volbella is the product to help dissipate those noticeable lines!!! I am going to try this product and will post pix after my visit!!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sweis has always met my expectations and always delivers tremendous results.

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