30 Years Old, 5'4" Height, 163 Lbs , 38 DDD+ (No Kids) Northampton, MA

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I Recommend Everybody to research about the Dr...

I Recommend Everybody to research about the Dr before the first appointment and if is possible get a second opinion. This is my new profile due I have a new Dr, I wasn't comfortable with the other Dr and after research a lot I found the best, I had an appointment yesterday with Dr Topal and was worth it drive an hour to see her, I was approved for the insurance with the other Dr but now I have to wait they approve this one. I am really happy with this New Doctor she is GREAT.


A month and a half later and i am sitill waiting... Thinking why is taking so long if with the other Dr take 12 days to get approved, I call my insurance. Surprise ????... Kelly the person responsible for submit the application never sent it, then I call the dr office and ask Kelly what happen her answer was last time I call they said still in review but tomorrow (Friday) I will call and ask , Friday afternoon I call my insurance and tell them the dr office told me that they did send the document month and a half ago, the girl told me was a lie from Kelly because they got the letter Friday morning I am really upset cause I can understand a mistake but I don't like that she lie to hide her mistake. Now I have to wait 7 to 15 days that's the time the insurance take to answer they told me.


Yesterday 12 days after they submit the document, I got the authorization and now I have a date for surgery.... Will be September 21.

Tomorrow is the big day

The surgery is on 11am, I just wanted to share the link for the anchor silicone sheet and for the ice pad bra.
I will use Aquaphor ointment, take bromelain pills and I start taking arnica 2 days ago.
Take a look in makemeheal.com they have everything you need for the surgery.
Here are some pics.

Feeling great

Surgery was yesterday and I did not feel any pain yet, by the way Percocet make me itchy

1 week post op

Feeling great, did not have pain at all.

1 month post-op

Feeling great, I did not have pain and I was doing normal life since day 1 just rest for 4 days because the drains are uncomfortable...this is how my new boobs look today
Florence Plastic Surgeon

Excellent, ethical, professional. I recommend her 100%

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