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I'm 15 days post op now but wanted to share my...

I'm 15 days post op now but wanted to share my story as reading about you amazing women during my recovery has been really helpful. My breast size increased from a 34E/36DD during the pregnancy of my third child to a 34GG and the boobs just never went back down again despite returning to my pre pregnancy weight.
I'd always wanted smaller boobs even when they weren't quite so huge but decided quite on a whim to go ahead with it in May after meeting with my PS.
The surgery went well using the anchor method - internal stitches and steri strips on the surface. I stayed in overnight. I needed paracetamol mainly for a few days and some codeine when the pain felt a little worse. During the first week, I was quite able to perform light tasks - hang out the washing even - but I did take the opportunity to sleep as much as I could. The sports bras I'd bought were really uncomfortable around the band so I resorted to an ancient bra from my wardrobe which did the trick. The most challenging thing for me was the grogginess during the first week. My blood pressure was quite low and I felt light-headed and dizzy. This may have been due to the anaesthetic - the surgery lasted two and half hours.
Day 9 - I was feeling full of energy and desperate to get some new bras. Also I was really keen to know what size I was. I'd started to doubt that I was small enough. Having asked to be 34D, I was worried that -whilst much smaller in profile, definitely lifted and pleasing naked(!) - in clothes I looked the same from the front profile. In Marks and Spencer's (unable to to buy supportive bras in my size from there for many years), there was a huge choice and I selected two very comfortable soft cups. The 36 bands were too big and I seemed to fit both the 34DD and 34E. I bought the smaller size (vanity) hoping that swelling was increasing my cup size a little.

OLD BRAS - Hoping to be reassured, I tried one on and was dismayed to find that it wasn't as larger on me as I'd imagined. However, a wise old 30C-wearing friend put on one of my new 34DDs and pointed out that it wasn't much larger on her. I reasoned that I was now part way between a 30C and 34GG so not as bad as it seemed.

2 weeks post op - I met with the PS who was really pleased. I did tell him my fears about being too big but he said I was in proportion. Is he right? I'm broad shouldered, 174cm (nearly 5ft 9) and have curvy hips too. When I'm feeling reasonable I think he's right but I'm still struggling with it.
After the reading the reviews here, I was a little alarmed that he'd only taken 312g from leftie (which was originally much larger!) and 199g from rightie. He explained that with the reduction and uplift, the breasts become much denser. Do they lose that density in a few months and drop and fluff, as I've heard other reviewers say? My white M&S 34DD is fitting perfectly without any spill over - for now?!

I loved reading jerseyperson's review yesterday. She looks so beautiful and really articulated the many of the feelings I have about boobs!

I may be brave enough to post pictures later!

Photos! and Sore sides

Under the bust wounds were a bit sore in the night with maternity bra rubbing. Put on a post surgery bra from M&S but I think they're more designed for mastectomies. So ordered some different ones from Amazon as when I'm in bed the band of any bra presses the top outer sides of my incisions and it hurts a bit. Had a look at them and it appears to be where perhaps three sections have been sewn together and the wound is thicker there. Does this pain disappear? I don't know much about how wounds heal.

17 days post

Slept in a crop top (not very supportive) as was getting irritation from bra bands. Found the 100% aloe gel to be quite soothing. Will carry on applying that as PS said to wait a couple of weeks before using bio oil.

unsure again

In clothes, I think I still look too big busted!

10 weeks post

I've healed really well. I had one stitch at about 4 weeks that I couldn't pull out with the tweezers so I snipped it with scissors (disinfected first). The tiny sore/opening that was there afterwards, I covered with vaseline. Since then, I've been exercising - pilates, spinning, gentle weights classes, swimming in the sea. The scars are quite smooth but still pink. I've been putting cream on them everyday - light moisturiser and a cheap scar cream I picked up at the supermarket. Feeling a lot better about how my size now too!
I'm really pleased with how it's all gone - seem a steady 34DD in my M&S soft cups and 36DD in the sports bras. No new bras yet but looking forward something more glam soon.
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