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Right, okay. I went to my GP back in February and...

Right, okay. I went to my GP back in February and I've done physio, I've been referred to the breast clinic and my appointment is in 2 weeks' time! This is the NHS. Approximately, how far would you say I am? Or how close should I say? Which stage am I at blah de blah? Once I poked the GPs again after they were quiet for a while (6 months!) they were pretty quick in getting me into physio! (Less than 2 weeks!) and now I got my breast clinic appointment within a week of referral? A bit of enlightenment, please?


3 pages of uncompassionate dribble. I've been declined, what a waste of time!

Things that REALLY annoy larger breasted women!

1. People telling you "people pay to have boobs like yours!"
2. Having a bath and/or shower, forgetting to dry underneath and later on discovering the forgotten abyss that is under a large breast.
3. Becoming talcum power's number 1 sponsor.
4. seeing bra sizes in an average shop go to one size below yours and realising that...no no, you're simply too big for today's society (Victoria's Secret being an offender!)
5. The idea of wearing a bikini becoming a distant memory.
6. Not knowing where the breast ends and the nipple begins.
7. Seeing morbidly obese people with smaller breasts than you.
8. Eating a crumbly baked good knowing that any crumbs that fall into the region may not be discovered for some time yet.
9. Squares on a checked shirt turning into oval shapes when worn "snugly" around the chesticle area. (Likewise with stripes, ladies (and gentlemen)
10. Needing a particularly strong person to zip up a dress from the waist and upwards.

Aaah! I went to an Out-Patients' appointment today! I.e, a consultant surgeon blah de blah and for some strange reason, he was completely on my side!! He emphasised the risks and what have you but he said, I quote "I'm not saying I won't do it" and he's sent off for funding!! Woop! And when I said "I don't mean it to sound as if I'm wasting the NHS' money" and he replied with "the money isn't an issue!" It went so well!:O I was so surprised at how easy he was...oh oh and not to mention the fact he repeated "just leave it with me!" A number of times!!

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