Scar Seems to Show Up with Darker Brown Spots After Mole Removal to the Face - North Vancouver, BC

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I had some freckles removed by laser. The freckles...

I had some freckles removed by laser. The freckles seem to heal fine, however for my mole removal it seems like i'm left with brown/reddish burn marks. The mole removal used a micro-surgical techniques using high power magnification (6~8X Loupe) and very fine suture lines (Typically 7-0 size), "I don't really understand that".

I went for a check up and the doctor now says i have hyper pigmentation, there for it can take 3-6 months for it to fade? I look worse then when i came in. It's so embarrassing! my face was very clear beside little beauty marks and faint color freckles. I wish i didn't do this to my face. The doc also says it's very rare as he's done this procedure to thousands of clients. I'm hoping this will go away. If anyone has experienced this, please let me know if it has faded or what steps you took.

Thank you so much.
Dr. Choi

The staff are friendly and so is the doctor. They told me to check up and keep them posted.

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